Overlord of Sin
16 New Life Pt. 2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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16 New Life Pt. 2

Drakos sits down and eats his simple breakfast of bacon and eggs, he then drinks some nearby ale.

\"Aren't you too young to be drinking!?\" Reza shouts as slams her palms down on the wooden table.

\"I am sure I am pretty grownup after what I did yesterday,\" Drakos said to Reza with a wink. He said this right behind Logan's and Katrina

Reza immediately blushes and bites her sexy glossy pink lips, \"Y-you filthy pervert,\" She cutely mutters as she bites and tears off a large chunk of meat from her roasted pork legs like a savage.

She was stilling feeling hazy and confused about why she let Drakos sensually groped her entire body and he even touched her holy virgin hole. But she did enjoy and lusted after Drakos' touch as her body experience pleasure like never before by the hands of her own brother. She wanted his massive rod inside her after seeing how big it was. Drakos diffidently changed before her very eyes into a 'full-grown man'. She yearned for her brother embrace once more, but she knew it was 'wrong' to think of such things. It was clearly taboo. Yet her heart was beating fast when Drakos was close by her side.

Kara as well felt the same, she still was processing what happened in the shower with Drakos, but she herself now felt a strong bond with him.

Reza who was the older sister was going to eventually confront Drakos and talk about the incident in the shower, but for now, she stood up and went to her to change into her Knights Guard armor.

\"Where are you going? Let's all eat together like old times. I have been gone this long and this is how you greet your lovely mother?\" Huffed Katrina as she places both her hands on her concave sexy waist.

\"Ugh fine,\" Reza rolls her aqua eyes and sits back down in the kitchen table far from Drakos.

She was still feeling on edge when she was next to him.

Drakos' Harem Seals arrow tattoo marks start glowing and pulsing. Every time a Harem member was nearby his seals would glow and pinpoint the location of the woman's whereabouts if she was in danger. It was odd that it was glowing when no sense of danger was nearby. Unless Drakos' father posed a threat, but Drakos thought that Logan wasn't truly a bad father, even after they both fought each other to the death, he was just a ruthless father who was stubborn and hellbent on doing things is own way. Kind of like a Lone Wolf.

Drakos covers up his Harem Seals with his long-sleeve black jacket. He didn't want anyone to see them. Nor did he want anyone to know that he had a Heroic System. If anyone figured out he had such power in this world, then they would surely try to capture him and try to take that power away from him. As far as Drakos knows he could see that no one else had any kind of System.

He told his Heroic System to scan his entire family's stats and the results came out with only the Phantasms his family has. But there wasn't any trace of stats or numbers seen over his family's heads. So he came to the conclusion that he was the only with a system in this family.

Drakos looks in the mirror of the kitchen and sees his young face, there was still a sword-slash scar on the top of his eye from when Seron slashed his face in the Knights Tournament.

'Why are all my wounds heal but this one?' Drakos touches his bloody scar, he could feel the dry blood on it.

\"What's the matter you haven't touched your food? Want me to feed you? Open wide,\" Katrina smirks as she lifts up a fork with bacon towards Drakos' mouth.

Drakos accepts the offer. Who wouldn't? When your mother was as beautiful and kind as Katrina. That and well you didn't want to get on her bad side. The people who did were most likely killed.

Logan looks at Drakos with a pissed off face, \"That is enough! He can feed himself!\" He slams his fist on the table.

\"Hmph what has gotten into you?\" Katrina said with furrowed eyes. Her eyes were a dark scarlet red color. Kara's was emerald and Reza aqua eyes, each eye color symbolized one's persona, Qi and Mana energy. Each Phantasm is formed from the very essences of one's soul and bloodline.

That's why in the Hell Wolf bloodline only different types of wolves were seen in their Soul Form. A Soul Form is also Called Soul Force. Every being in the world of Zareth starts off as a cultivator who uses Qi as their base power, and later on in their life, they chose their own Class based on their Ranks and Strengths. For example, someone who is proficient with their mana and spell casting would most likely become a Mage or Mancer. Someone who is proficient with Qi and Hand-To-Hand combat would become a Warrior or Arch Cultivator. So most beings in Zareth are comprised of both Qi and Mana energy. Some bloodlines and races have stronger affinities with magic/mana while others are more battle-typed with Qi/Cultivation. Drakos learned all of this because he tried many times to sleep last night, but he couldn't so he ended up reading some books in the house library. Zareth was a diverse brutal world, and the only way to survive was to cultivate and become stronger than everyone else.

\"Nothing has gotten to me. It's just Drakos is about to undergo an important event today, have you not forgotten what day it is Katrina?\" Logan stands up from his wooden kitchen chair and pours himself some ale.

\"I haven't forgotten. I know Kara and Drakos will be strong enough today to endure anything,\" Katrina said with pride in her eyes. But Drakos could see a flicker of sorrow in her scarlet eyes. He sensed his mother was worried about him and his younger sister Kara.

'What event is she talking about?' Drakos leans back against his chair and scans his the powers of his Heroic System.

\"Did you know that Drakos defeated Seron in the Knights Tournament? He was able to finally awaken his Phantasm, but his powers aren't that of a human\" Logan said in a gruff tone as he chugs down fresh ale from his wooden cup.

\"I have heard about it. That is why the Armored Titan and Queen's brother showed up from the Phoneix Kingdom. They wanted to execute my son. Tch I would like to see them try,\" Katrina clenched her fist, her hatred for the Phoenix Kingdom was clearly seen on her angered firey face. Ever since the Phoenix Kingdom gained power over the Northen Regin where the Hell Wolf Clan and Snow Leopard Clan dwell they have forced strict unjust laws upon both clans. Katrina saw so many of her people suffering, she wanted so badly to take down the Queen and King of the Phoenix Kingdom.

A Raven had told Katrina about the 'news of the demon child in the Knights Tournament' Aragon had informed her during one of her assassination missions. Katrina immediately made a mad dash back home to protect her family.

\"They will surely send for more reinforcements to take away Drakos,\" Reza said with a low-pitch growl. Everyone in the family was against the Phoneix Kingdom, but they knew if they fought back they would all be slaughtered. Queen Cerri was an extremist and whoever she deemed a threat to her Kingdom she would slay them without any shred of mercy.

\"I won't let anyone take away my brother!\" Kara snarled out as she angrily claws at the table with her tiny hands.

\"So what should we do?\" Reza asked her mother. She actually did care for Drakos, he was her brother after all.

Katrina was about to reply, but Drakos stopped her, \" Its simple I lay low for a while and if they want to kill me, then let them. But I won't go down without a fight,\" He coldly said as his sharp golden eyes flickered with killer intent.

\"You have a lot of guts for a youngling, but that won't help you against the power of the Empire,\" Logan stressfully rubs his forehead, he knew how big of a situation this was.

\"There is only one thing we can do now. Logan come with me, we will speak with the Queen ourselves. Drakos and Kara go to your Academy, and Reza be at their guard, \" Katrina instructed her family with a serious face.

Reza nods her head and suits up in her Knight armor which had the Hell Wolf clan emblem of a blue firey wolf head with crossed swords in the middle of its head. She was heavily armored and ready for anything. She had chain-mail on her chest and stomach and armor steel shoulder plates. She was a Knight of high caliber and prestige, she wasn't going to let anyone take away her brother.

\"Here take this my son,\" Logan walks over to him and hands over his son a razor-sharp combat dagger that was forged with Hell Wolf and Dragon teeth infused with all sorts strong metals like meteor-steel. The dagger's blade was a blood-red and Oynx-black silver color.

Drakos takes the weapon and conceals it under his belt buckle. \"Can I also take one of the swords on the armory wall?\" Drakos asked.

\"No.\" Was all that Logan said as he walks out the door with Katrina.

Before Katrina left the cabin house she walks over to her son, \"I will always be here for you my son,\" She softly kisses Drakos' cheeks and smiles, \"You truly have gotten stronger and bigger. I am proud of you my son,\" She turns her back at him and takes a bunch of weapons like daggers, spiked knuckles, Kauni, and two katana's strapped on her back. She really was prepared to face the Queen.

Logan just takes his big as hell Great-Sword which kind of looked like a Buster Sword and sheathes it on his back. They get on top of Black Horses and ride off into the snowy forest ahead.

Drakos was now alone with his sisters the Scarlet Twins. But he had only one thing on his mind.

Should he join the Order?

\"Come on brother looks go to the Academy!\" Shouts Kara as she cutely jumps up and down.

\"Master Drakos, would you some coffee before you go?\" Out from the shadows of the house, a dark-skinned Elfen-Maid with long flowing snow colored hair that was tied up in a ponytail holds a tray of coffee and cookies. Her alluring bright violet eyes glimmer and look over to Drakos. She was perhaps one of the most gorgeous and mystical women Drakos had ever seen. Next to the Elf-maid was another Elf-maid but with pale milky skin and golden blonde hair.

'Wow they look beautiful, come on focus, ' Drakos held back his primal demonic urges, but his lust was only rising more just by looking at the sexy Elves wearing black and white French Maid outfit dresses with long black fishnet stockings with shiny black high heels.

\"Yeah I don't mind some coffee,\" Drakos said with a sly smirk as she stares at both Elf-Maids plump juicy thick butts and busty pillowy breasts like a hungry wolf. 'Chocolate and Vanilla,' Drakos thought to himself as he imagined fucking both of them.

\"Stop staring and let's go to the Academy already!\" Both jealously pout Reza and Kara as they stomped their feet.

Drakos wanted to know more about his sisters, but he also wanted to know more about these lovely and sexy Elf-Maids.


[A/N: Here is a longer chapter. So I got contacted by WN. But I don't want to go premium just yet. I haven't even reached the big arc yet or 50 or more chapters. So with that being said I am going to release a lot of chapters to reach that point. So two more chapters coming out today and so forth. And on Sunday there will be a huge mass release and I will tell everyone to join in and vote power stones to reach the top! If I am at the top 20 or 10 you get 10 chapters I promise. I am stocking up chapters for Sunday and all past and future chapters will be fully edited. I plan to get as much chapters out for you guys as a Thank You. All you need to do is vote power stones! More action, Kingdom Building, and R-18 coming. I plan to develop every female character and the main character. And the magic and cultivation powers will be more described.

IMPORTANT: I changed the Phoenix Queen's name to Cerri instead of Serra because it will conflict with another female character I have. Also chose names for the Elf Maids and let me know what other races you want to see in this world. Also slight spoiler there will be a lot of mythology and legends in this story. So be prepared for some epic stuff. Oh and this will be the last authors note. So if you want to ask questions ask away. Because now I won't spoil anything or interrupt your reading. Also if you are confused about anything this is the time to let me know. I going to put up a Aux chapter today with everything about this story.

NOTE: I will be editing all chapters and adding some new things to them. So on the side of each chapter should be a note saying Edited.


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