Overlord of Sin
78 Overlord
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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78 Overlord

Aeros goes to shove his erect cock deep inside Reza's virgin pussy, suddenly a loud dark demonic laugh is heard.

"HAHA! You actually call this is an illusion!? You are so fucking pathetic!" Drakos grins his Akuma Eyes start glowing a dark blood-red and instantly shatters Aeros eye illusion powers. Shards of imagines of his naked sisters and dead mother all cracked and burst into million mana fragments. Aeros had used a magical illusion on Drakos, some type of eye power much like the Akuma Eye, but much weaker. Drakos had seen it all in this world of Zareth. All the trickery, deceit, magic, and cultivation powers. He knew not to trust or believe what he sees in Zareth, that everyone here was lying bastards but his own family.

'Gaaaah! How is that possible!? No one is able to break out my Eyes of Domination!' Aeros gripped his golden right eye that was now bleeding. A pyramid glyph with an X-shape in the middle was seen glowing on Aero's right eye. That was the symbol of his Eyes of Domination that made its victims experience the worst events and nightmares ever, these eyes dominated its victims by showing them their worse fear and breaking apart their minds! But that was nothing compared to Drakos Akuma eyes.

In Drakos's past world he had fight for himself in crime-ridden cities at a young age, had endured brutal wars as a solider, and also he remembered being part of a secretive program, a program designed to make him a highly skilled killer... A war machine...Slowly but surely Drakos memories and past knowledge were coming back to him. Seeing his mother(Katarina) being killed and his sisters being touched by another man must have sparked and awakened his past self. But now Drakos knew it was an illusion, he figured it was an illusion cause his Harem Seals had alerted him that his sisters and mother were not even around this area. His tattoo seals weren't glowing around his forearms and biceps, meaning his sisters and mother weren't in danger. Drakos was also sure that his family was strong enough to protect themselves from anyone, epically his powerful warrior and highly skilled assassin mother. As well father Logan who was a legendary warrior of the Hell Wolf Clan.

A blast of demonic-qi swirled around Drakos's body as he was now back to 100%, his Qi, Mana, and demonic aura was all back in full force. Aeros's plan had backfired on him, he didn't know that Drakos's hate and rage was the source of his Primordial Demon power and Harem System. Which now was evolving into a new system.

[Harem System evovled to [Ovelord System]!

Drakos darkly grins as he feels a spark of demonic qi blast within his body. He felt stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever. In a short amount of days, he was able to evolve his system three times! All of his battles, cultivation, and dual cultivation sessions had all combined together to form the Overlord System. He was now an Overlord of Sin.

"I will show you true power," Drakos easily breaks out of Aeros unbreakable chains and fiercely grabs him by the neck. Drakos demonic strength had doubled in power! It was like he had the strength of a god!

"IMPOSSIBLE! NO ONE CAN BREAK MY UNBREAKABLE HOLY CHAINS!" Aeros the Harem Lord shouts to the top of his worthless lungs.

Drakos then quickly uses his Akuma Eyes on Aeros and shows him the darkest and most sinful nightmares from hell. All of Aeros's fears, sorrow, and pain all fused together into one very powerful realistic demonic illusion.

Aeros sees his mother being stripped naked by Drakos, he sees Drakos fucking the living hell out of her pussy. His mother was getting fucked in every position possible. He also sees Drakos fucking all of the girls in his harem while Aeros watches in horror with his tiny dick pathetically dangling down, his tiny dick looked like a toothpick. Aeros also sees all of his treasure, money, and every woman he has ever know taken away by Drakos.

"I will take everything from you. All your women will belong to me. I will leave nothing for you to hold on to. Your life will be forgotten and when everything is taken from you I slaughter you!" Drakos thunders out inside of Aeros's mind.

"MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!" Aeros pukes and pisses himself and falls down on the snowy ground below.

"What the fuck is going!? Get a grip!" Steelarm looks at Aeros who now looked pathetic as fuck.

Gilda's golden eyes widened, 'Who is this boy? Such power...Such...Everything... Why is my heart beating so fast just by looking at this boy!? Is this true love?' Her sexy mature face starts to blush as she erotically touches her busty body. She was extremely turned on by Drakos's power. A wave of sin shrouds her entire body as she starts to have dirty and sinful thoughts about pleasuring Drakos with her mature voluptuous body. She starts squeezing and rubbing her giant watermelons, she really was in heat. She wanted to pounce on Drakos like a wild cougar!

Bell looks at Drakos, "Holy crap he is powerful! I have never sensed such a powerful dark aura in my life! Wait... Why does he look so much like me?! Can he be my long lost brother!?" His eyes start shaking with hope.

Drakos lets go of Aeros neck, "This is only the beginning. I will win the Clan Battle and take all of your women and every women in the Phoenix Kingdom. By the way, I had an amazing time fucking the Phoenix Queen in her virgin pussy. I am about to do the same to your hot mother. She is practically getting wet just by looking at me. I am going to have so much with her," He whispers into Aeros ears.

Aeros bites his tongue and angrily clenched his fist, "I will kill you before you do anything! Steelarm what are you waiting for! KILL THIS BASTARD!" Aeros points his finger at Drakos.

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Steelarm lifts up his phantasm trident, "Way ahead of you! There is a bounty on your head after all!" He tosses his trident right towards Drakos. Steelarm knew that Drakos was somehow related to the demon clan, if he slew a demon his reputation will be even higher and he will gain a new rank. It had been years since a demon had been seen after the 'Great War' many demons were slaughtered and the few that had survived had hidden somewhere deep inside the darkness of Zareth.

Drakos just stands still with a dark grin. He knew that no one was at his level, because when he was at his 100% there would be no mercy for anyone. "Now you both die," Drakos goes to summon his Phantasm Gun to kill Aeros and Steelarm.

Suddenly everyone is frozen in time.

"It seems you have passed our test. We have been expecting you. Drakos. Or should I say... Young Demon Lord..." An old man around his 40s with grey hair and a shaved beard walks over toward him.

"Aragon is that you? Or is it Renzen?" Drakos says with eyes furrowed. He remembered these were the two old men who told him that they could train his demonic powers and teach him chaos magic. The legendary pyromancer and the Witcher.

"No. We are the founders of The Order. It is time we talk. For your future is at hand and the fate of Zareth," A lifeless voice says. A voice of utter power.

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