Overlord of Sin
76 The Decision Pt.5
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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76 The Decision Pt.5

Far off in the distance of the Phoenix Kingdom forest… Near Drakos's current location...[ Nightfall]

"Move this way! I can sense her draconic Qi nearby! I won't let you get away you little fierce white dragon! You are my prize! My treasure! As I the greatest Slayer alive in all 9 realms of Zareth I will make your head mine!" Steelarm thunders out as he raises his blazing trident phantasm high in the air as he rides his pearl white horse that looked like it had been summoned by the heavens itself. The spearhead of the trident was covered in phoenix flames Steelarm was pumped up and ready to fuck shit up and slay the White Dragon, he was so close to killing her until she transformed into her full Dragon Form, however, what the Slayer didn't know was that the White Dragon had another form, one much darker and sinister than he can ever imagine, there was a reason she was holding back her Dragon- Powers, if she didn't everything and everyone before her would cease to exist! She was a 'World Eater' a race different from a pure-blood Dragon.

An adventurer near Steelarm nods his head at his leader's commands, "Y-yes Commander Steelarm! I will make sure we capture the White Dragon and bring justice to the Phoenix Kingdom!" Shouts out Bell who was his trainee who does a hopeless and subtenant salute to his superior(Steelarm), he followed every order of Steelarm without any say/hesitation and respected Steelarm and all of his epic accomplishments as a true hero and legendary slayer. Bell looked up to Steelarm, he heard that Steelarm was powerful enough to slay a single dragon and high-level Spirit Beasts with his just bare hands! Bell was a very outgoing adventurer and he knew that being under Steelarm's wing that he would become a great hero! All he ever wanted to be was a hero that saves everyone from danger and keep the world safe! And he would do whatever it takes to become one! He had light snow-white hair and big wide red eyes he kind of looked like Drakos... Except his hair was much whiter and his eyes were more like a ruby red rather than a demonic gold/red of Drakos's eyes.

"Shut the fuck up little shit. I don't give a flying fuck about justice. Justice is a joke and a lie. I only care about killing that fearsome dragon beast the one who is powerful enough to destroy kingdoms and realms! Her voluptuous well-defined goddess body is just my type, she is strong, sexy, fierce, and hot as her dragon breath! I like a woman who can fight back when I pin her down and have my way with her. Maybe I can have a little fun with her huge tits and plump ass and tight virgin pussy as I slit her pretty throat and disconnect her head from her spinal cord! Hahaha!" Steelarm licks his lips and then licks the White Dragon's blackish draconic blood that stained the bladed edge of his golden trident phantasm. "Taste so fucking delicious," He nastily grins with teeth covered in blackish dragon blood, he was in complete bless of the taste of his soon to be greatest catch. He was truly an egotistical slayer.

"Umm-uh okay Commander Steelarm!" Bell shouts with a big smile he erases the horrible and vile words what he just said from his mind and still looked up to Steelarm as a true hero. Bell's cheery navie smile brightens up the night. He really was a true hero spirt.

"Stop smiling. It makes me fucking sick. There is nothing to smile about in this world. A God doesn't smile when it smites the mortals it has created, there is nothing worth smiling about in this bloody world. Survival of the fittest. My only pleasure in this world is to be the strongest man alive!" Steelarm fiercely slaps Bell in the face so he can move on. He insults and curses him some more so he can stop having such weak ideologies.

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"What did I do wrong Sir!?" Bell pleaded as Steelarm lifted up his hands to smack Bell around like he was a dog.

"I said shut the fuck up! I can't concrete with your annoying voice barking about like a fucking mutt! Now hurry and pinpoint the exact location of the white dragon again so I can pick up the draconian scent," Steelarm snarled with a pissed off fierce lion-face.

"Right on it!" Bell shouted as used a sapphire-colored mana stone that was shaped like an orb. This mana stone picks up the aura and mana of the White Dragon, it was called a mana-tracker.

"Ssssh shut your mouth already," Steelarm put his huge palms over Bell's mouth to make him shut the fuck up when he sees the orb now glow a reddish color, signaling that the White Dragon was nearby.

"Tch, I don't see why you brought this weakling with us, he will only slow us down," Aeros said as he combs back his perfect long flowing with his hands in a flawless style. He was the same Harem Lord that Drakos bumped into back at the Phoenix Queen's throne room.

"Hey I am not weak," Bell angrily growled, he was tired being pushed around.

"Ha, you think you are a hero? Do heroes lend over their own women?" Aeros darkly smirked.

Near Aeros was his harem of stunning maidens, he only accepted human beauties into his harems, other races would disgust him, he hated lower beings. His love for the goddesses of this world was more profound, he only wanted the best beauties of this world. That is why he was enraged when he saw Drakos with the Phoenix Queen, he could sense that he had tainted her goddess body. That the goddess of fire was defiled by a filthy devil. 'That bastard, who does he think he is being with the goddess that belongs to me! A Harem Lord like me takes what he wants! All women and goddess belong to me!' He gritted his teeth at the thought of Drakos touching his fire goddess, the one who had always had his eyes on, Hestia herself. The only other women he loved more was his own mother.

"What's the matter, dear? Is something bothering you?" A gorgeous jade-skinned beauty with long flowing golden blonde hair and seductive golden eyes rubs Aeros's chin with a vexing smirk. Her breasts were extremely huge and beyhond 'well endowed', they were the size of watermelons and perhaps bigger than Double Ds 36DD-38DD(90cms). Insanely enough her breasts were all natural! Her breasts were just as big as the White Dragon's!

"Not right now mother," Aeros slowly smacks away her hand, her buxom boobs bounce about perfectly. Aeros wasn't the type of person to show his emotions, kind of like Drakos. But even right now he couldn't deny the beauty of his own mother, he wanted to kiss her right now. Her name was Gilda and she was a goddess of beauty, every man was at her fingertips even her own son. However, Aeros was going to claim his own mother very soon there was a reason why she was with him right now, if he obtained the White Dragon with Steelarm they will be held as Heroes of the Phoenix Kingdom and the prize of every dragon is the powerful core that dwells deep in their inside their bodies in a hidden location, every dragon is born with a core other known as a Spirit Stone which contains vast amounts of qi and mana.

"ROOOOOARRRRGH!" The White Dragon screams out in the distance. This was the time when she was battling Drakos one on one and when he was firing his Phantasm Gun and about to use the Void Eye on the White Dragon.

"I have finally found you White Dragon! Time to finish our battle! Follow that explosion site and the glow of the mana stone! " Steelarm points his trident ahead and whips his white horse to rush forward. Aeros, Bell, Gilda, and about four more other Rangers and Knights follow Steelarm's steed. A new enemy approaches Drakos.


[Reza, Kara, Katarina, and Logan POV]

"Did you just see that!? Can that be Drakos!?" Katarina shouts out with widened eyes, her motherly instincts were now kicking in.

'I can sense brother's Qi nearby. What is he doing!? I thought he was here with us!? How dare he ditch me and lie behind my back! Does he know how much I care about him!' Reza angrily gritted her teeth. She was going to have a 'word' with Drakos once they meet again! 'I also have to tell him the truth...About how I feel about him...' Reza grips her chest tightly, her heart always beats faster when she thought about Drakos, her privates would also get soaking wet as she thought being touched by her own brother in a sexual pleasurable way. She quickly snapped out of her daze, 'Gosh what is wrong with me!? Such lewd thoughts!' Reza smacks around her face to wake herself up from such taboo fantasies. She looks down her neck and sees a blackish tattoo mark glowing, it was Drakos Harem Seal, she could sense him nearby. Drakos could also sense that his sisters were close by, he gave them harem seals so he could always know where they were at to protect them for others who tried harm them.

"That surely is big bro's Qi! Nothing one can create a blast that big!" Kara shouts with a snarky grin. Her adventures side was quite clear at this moment she wanted to be with her big bro and fight off many powerful beasts!

"We have to find Drakos now!" Katarina says as she turns her head towards the direction of the explosion.

Logan is completely quiet like he was plotting something. His eyes were narrowed and serious as he whipped his stallion to stop moving. He knew someone was nearby.

"We have found them. Our plan is ready," Four black hooded shadow figures said as they grip their daggers and clamp their hands over Drakos's whole family... Without any of them noticing, they used very powerful stealth magic to hide their presence. Who were these people? Was it the order? Or someone else...

"Mmmmmmph!" Scream out Drakos's mother and sisters as their mouths are covered and dagger-blades pressed against their necks.

Logan closes his eyes as if he was praying to God. "So it finally begins,"


Drakos looks at his bloody hands and suddenly he senses and hears footsteps approaching his position. He was ready for what comes next. Three different factions. One destiny.


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