Overlord of Sin
65 Fated Meeting Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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65 Fated Meeting Pt.2

Drakos brings up his Harem System and buys a healing magic potion to heal The White Dragon's wounds. A glowing glass vial forms on top of his palms and he snatches it quickly midair in a cool motion. Inside the vial was a glowing greenish liquid that looks like condensed mana. This known as Earth Mana, every mana has a different color glow to it. For example, red is fire mana and blue is water mana, both element mana.

"Here drink this," He calmly says as he brings over the vial to the injured Dragon Girl's mouth. The sexy white-haired Dragon Girl pushes away the vial and mutters with a cute blushing face, 'Get that away from me. I don't need your help," She looks away from Drakos and coughs out blood onto the snowy ground below.

"You are going to die if you don't. Just drink it," Drakos persisted as he once again brings the vial close to her luscious pink lips. He was still blown away by her breathtaking beauty. Amethyst was again angered that Drakos was looking at another girl, a white-haired Dragon Girl Goddess that is.

"I won't die! Nothing kill me!" The White Dragon thunders out and then she coughs out a jetstream of blood from her mouth.

Drakos quickly cleans her mouth with furrowed eyes, "Just drink the dam potion," He goes to give the Dragon Girl the potion.

'Hmppph! Where does he find all these girls! I should be the only he looks at!' Amethyst growls and huffs as she stomps her little feet. The succubus loli really was mad, a jealous devilish type she was.

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"Just stay away from me!" The White Dragon snarls as she gritted her draconic teeth and clenched her powerful fist and pushed away the healing potion Drakos was trying to give her.

'Dammit! I don't want him to look at me like this! I look so weak! Uggggh! That cursed Slayer! And the Phoenix Kingdom! I swear I will slaughter everyone in that kingdom for making me look like this! ' The White Dragon bite down her bloody lips and turns her head away from Drakos. She didn't want to look him the eye. Not like this. Her true emotions were rising as the one she once had feelings for and is now in front of her. 'My lord he is so...So good looking! I can't take my eyes off him!' The White Dragon lustfully bites her lips and looks away, a lock of her stunning snow platinum hair goes over one of her seductive ruby eyes.

Drakos sighs, 'What the fuck is up with this girl? Whatever I have to heal her wounds she is too stubborn,' He quickly dips one finger in the healing potion and then places his finger right into the Dragon Girl's mouth without her noticing. Her maiden face quickly turns a bright beet red color and she looks extremely flustered.

"Mmmmph!" She yelps out with ana embarrassed look on her face as she sucks Drakos's finger. At his fingertip, the magical healing liquid from the potion drips down her soft spongey throat. Her sexy ruby eyes widen with shook and disarray, her heart begins beating faster and faster! This was too much for her to take it in all once. Lust overtakes her. She starts to suck and lick Drakos's fingers for a long time with her serpentine split tongue, the taste of his finger drove her wild. Her primal sexual urges were rising!

"Okay..." Drakos quickly takes out his finger from her mouth, the Dragon Girl's sticky saliva drips down his fingertips. Even though he enjoyed the feeling of her sucking and licking his finger had other important things to do. But also he wanted to ask her many questions, there was a reason why the crystal was glowing on his neck. And there had to be a reason why he felt a strong connection/bond to this Dragon Girl with long flowing snow-white hair. Could she be a distant relative of his? Or someone else? He felt like she could be the key to understanding and solving his True Bloodline*.

The bloody gash wounds scattered around the White Dragon started to slowly close up and heal itself. Even though the White Dragon was an immortal dragon her body could not withstand damage from the attack of a Phantasm. Not everyone is born with a Phantasm like Drakos and his family as well as the Phoenix Queen and the Slayer Steelarm. Only a few could truly be born with a Phantasm and only a few can use a Phantasm let alone master one. A Phantasm was the most powerful force in the world of Zareth and if you can master it, then you will be deemed to become a Legend.

Steelarm really injured the White Dragon and almost killed her if she didn't transform into her Frost Dragon Form. As deadly and dangerous the White Dragon was, she still could be killed and so could Drakos. No one in this world is truly immortal, the Great Mystery of Zareth was... Who really was in power? The Gods or Mortals? Demons or Beasts? No one surely knew, but one thing was certain, that they were many powerful kingdoms in this world and there was also something else...

Soon all of the White Dragon's wounds were quickly healed up by the healing potion Drakos bought with his Harem System.

"T-thank you," The White Dragon cutely mutters as she wipes her blood off from her lips and slowly stands up, but she quickly stumbles and falls. She wants to show Drakos how strong she was, but she also wanted to ask him so many questions. And she wanted to 'thank him for saving her life'.

Drakos swiftly grabs her by her slender well-toned waist and saves her from falling," You need some rest," He said with care in his voice.

The White Dragon faces turns extremely flustered red, she was about to faint from how close she was to Drakos. It was rather adorable and ironic to see such a powerful bloodthirsty fearsome Dragon Woman who slaughtered and eaten many humans blush over a young boy like Drakos.

Drakos actually is flustered a bit too, looking at such a beautiful exotic powerful woman like the White Dragon made him feel kind of uneasy. He had never seen anyone as beautiful as her, and he had never seen a Dragon Girl with such long dragon horns and along scaly dragon tail before!

Suddenly Out from the shadows of the misty forest out comes a barrage of blackish glowing kunai and razor-sharp daggers. By his demon instincts and his demon senses, Drakos unleashes his Phantasm Scythe [Storm Slayer] and slashes down the incoming attacks to protect the White Dragon from the lethal attack.

He turns his around and faces a literal Ninja Catgirl. It was a girl with short raven hair(shoulder-length, the hair is cut in front so you can see her forehead kind of like a sexy female bowl-cut), who had furry black cat ears and a long black cat tail, she looked like a fierce panther with fearsome gleaming golden eyes which glared directly at Drakos. She was wearing ninja gear and had black scarf similar to the wolf girl assassin Drakos sucked into his Void Eyes.

"Give me back my comrade!" Says the ninja catgirl as she wielded two black katanas which had black misty flames bursting out of them!

"Aggggh! Drakos gripes his right eyes in pain and the wolf girl he trapped inside his Void Eyes escapes out from his dimensional eye powers and she does a skillful backflip out from his eyes and lands on a snowy hilltop.

"Let's take him down once and for all," Says the Wolf Girl with an angry fanged snarl. The Ninja Cat nods and gripes her weapons tightly.

"You won't be lying a single finger on him!" The White Dragon ragefully stomps down her feet and get in front of Drakos to block out the assassins from even getting close to Drakos.

Now the ninja catgirl and wolf girl point thier weapons at the White Dragon and Drakos. The White Dragons growls and gritted her very sharp draconic fangs, she didn't want anyone to ruin her moment with Drakos. Things were about to get ugly.

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