Overlord of Sin
4 New Life-Edited
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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4 New Life-Edited

There was only complete darkness seen through a man eyes. His name and past life were no more. A new life was given to him.

"Kill the bastard! Kill him!!!" Chanted a loud crowd of rowdy male and female voices.

Drakos quickly opened his eyes wide and sees a knights-sword slashed towards to him, by instinct he swiftly dodged the attack by shifting his waist to the side. The sword's blade grazes his hair and slices a strand of hair, it cuts the top of his eyebrows and forehead. Fresh blood drips down

Drako's slashed eye. If he didn't dodge that sword slash, his head would've been cut off.

'It feels like my speed has been increased ten-fold. Back in past life, I would've never moved this fast-" Before Drakos could think again an under-cut slash of his opponent sword whooshed under him. In a flash, Drakos actually grabbed the blade of the sword with his bare hands! His hands shook as he tightly clenched the sword blade while he glared directly at his opponent with a hellish glare that pierced the soul of the one who was trying to kill him. His opponent was a young boy who wore knight armor without a helmet on. The boy's silver eyes widen with shock as he saw Drakos grip his sword's blade with his bare hands, his grip and strength were so powerful that the sword started to crack. Drakos looked down at the steel blade and saw his reflection, what he saw confused the fuck out of him. He had a young overly handsome face with beaming golden-reddish eyes like wolf eyes and white hair. He focused on his reflection more and saw that he was in the body of a young boy!

"How is this possible!? You are the weakest warrior in our village! You are a nobody! You are Drakos the freak of the village!" The other boy with silver hair and eyes thundered out with rage in his eyes as he grits his teeth and pushes down his sword to kill Drakos.

"Hurry up and kill him Seron!" Roared the crowd of villagers who were standing up in a type of Medieval Coliseum made out of stone and jagged rocks.

"The only weak one here is you," Drakos darkly said as he clenched his grip on Seron's sword blade and actually managed to crush it! Fragments of steel fell onto the snowy stone ground of the battle arena. Drakos punched Seron straight in the face with a right-hook punch on his cheek. Seron's body slid back and he immediately started to cough out some blood, some of the front teeth were punched out! Everyone gasped in shock of the raw power and strength Drakos had displayed, it was like he turned into a completely different person. From the village weakling to someone who stood up against one of the strongest young warriors in the Clan. Seron became furious after his most prized sword was easily destroyed by Drakos, his hatred for him had risen exponentially.

"You fucking bastard!!!" Seron goes to punch Drakos who easily dodges it. Seron then does a double jab punch. Some of the punches manage to land and hit Drakos on the face since he was still getting used to his new younger body. Drakos spits out blood from his mouth and onto the stone arena. He didn't know what he was fighting for, but he wasn't going to lose anyone. His eyes slightly glowed a dark red color like demon dragon eyes, his primal instincts were now rising on the verge of being unleashed. His bloodline was about to be seen.

Seron goes in for another punch, but Drakos predicted his moves from his past life knowledge of MMA fighting and he was able to dodge it and grabbed Serons in a powerful hold-lock.

"Let go of my arm you fucking freak!" Screams out Seron in anger. Drakos eyes started to glow even darker, he looked fearsome and wild. Like nothing in this world could stop him. His glare turned even more bloodthirsty by the seconds.

Suddenly a loud "CRACK!" sound echoed across the snowy skies. Drakos had cracked and dislocated Seron's entire arm! He showed the young boy who was more dominant.

"GAAAAAAH!!! MY FUCKING ARM!!!" Seron blasted out in pain as he fell to the ground and kneeled so helplessly.

"Brother stop!" Yells out a young feminine voice from the crowd of villagers who were now throwing stones and any sharp object at Drakos. They really wanted him dead. A girl of about 14 years of age with long flowing crimson hair and alluring bright emerald eyes, starts running towards the arena. She looked like a crimson angel, her face was beautiful and radiant.

"Kara don't interfere," Says her father with a deep stern tone as he blocks his own daughter from entering the battle arena.

Kara bites her tongue, as much as she disliked Seron, she didn't like the sudden change in her brother's behavior. It was like he turned into a monster. He wasn't himself anymore.

"I swear I will kill you!" Seron pulls out a dagger from under his knight's armor and with his other hand, as he goes to stab Drakos in the neck.

"BROTHER!" Screams out Kara with wide shaking eyes.

Drakos stands still unfazed and then bolts his fist forward at such a fast rate that wind current is formed behind him! His Heroic System had actually enhanced his body!

His fist punched right through Seron's metal armor and shattered it. Seron vomits out blood and his body flew across the battle arena and slams up against a marble wall. All of the villagers starting screaming in fear of Drakos.

"He is a MONSTER!" They all yelled with fright in their shaking eyes as they all start to panic and ran away from the tournament arena, some nearby knights unsheathed their swords. In this new world, every being had way more strength, speed, and heighten senses than the ones in Drakos past world. Drakos himself could feel that he was way more powerful and faster than ever even without using his system. So Seron was indeed a tough opponent despite his young age.

'This may be a young body, but damn am I powerful. Arrrrrrggh,' Drakos gripped at his own rib cage as he was slightly hurt after fighting Seron in a bloody battle to the death.

"That is enough everyone! I shall teach my son a lesson!" Drakos father stomps over to him, he was a Hulk of a man, his biceps were almost as big as an anvils!

Drakos gritted his teeth and he spits out more blood, he then wipes away his own blood from his mouth. Just by looking at his father he already knew hated him. What an insane welcome to this new world and to his new life.


[A/N: This chapter need edited. I already contacted my Editor. And don't worry I will go back to my fan-fics and take the number 1 spot once I am done with this contest. So wincest? As you can see this novel well have a lot of action and of course a lot 'fun' stuff. Like H-scenes and more, yes this is a Hentai novel. You know just the Harem God special. The harem will happen 'naturally' meaning there will be some time for feelings to develop. But I have a good twist that you guys will like. It's going to be a fun ride. I also found out what race and bloodline the MC will have. You guys can probably guess it after seeing the choices for his system. A Hellwolf does sound cool though. All of his powers will be seen in the next chapter. Its going to be epic.

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