Overlord of Sin
2 Heroic System
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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2 Heroic System

A spiral of darkness enveloped around a young male's human body.

"Where the hell am I?" Alex said aloud to himself as he looked at his hands which were covered in a shadow black mass of tentacles which start moving! His body jerks back from the instant shock of such a ghastly sight.

'Is this some kind of nightmare? But everything feels and looks so real? One minute I am at the college lab doing an experiment and the next I am here? Did I die? Why can't I remember anything? The only things I can remember are some random past memories but all of it is jumbled up and fragmented like shattered glass. Is this even my real body?' Alex clenches his fist and by surprise, his fingers disappeared through his palms!

'What the hell!? I am a ghost!?' Alex then touches his face and lord behold hands go right through his face.

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'I just have to wake up from this ridiculous nightmare. Just open my eyes!' Alex opens his eyes widen and nothing happens. He doesn't wake up from this hellish nightmare, more tendrils of darkness wrap around his body.

'Let go of me!' Alex kicks the tendrils and spirals of dark mass that were wrapping around his body like some kind of symbiote creature!

"There is nothing to fear. But fear itself," Says a dark demonic voice within the shadow realm.

"Who is talking?!" Alex demanded and pointed his fingers, in his soul form which was similar to a ghost his facial expression could still be seen. It was odd though since Alex looked like a kind of shadow-ghost.

Not like the white ones portrayed in horror movies or the strange holiday known as Halloween.

Suddenly the sea of darkness starts sparking and black electric bolts wrap around Alex's forearms and entire body. Eyes started to glow a blood-red color as sparks blasted out of his eyes.

"Aaaaaah! What the hell is this surge of power!" Alex gripped his forearms and gritted his teeth, but he realized he was a fucking ghost or some kind of soul.

"How can a ghost feel any pain!? I am in purgatory? " Alex tried to hold back his pain, in his past life he used to be an MMA fighter and also used to be in the Military, but this pain was something he had never experienced before.

>>Heroic System scanning Human Potential<<

*Echoes the dark demonic voice from before*

[ Muscle Mass, Body Frame, Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Intellect, Charisma, Human Feats]


"What the hell is this?" Alex looks ahead, in front of his was a floating black holographic screen displaying a simulation of Alex's entire body, inside and out. He could see all of his veins, muscles, heart and even his own brain.

"You shall decide your own destiny. Reclaim all Thrones and become a Harem God!" The dark demonic voice echoes away into the darkness.

'Wait this must be some kind of system. The ones which are overused in cultivation novels' Alex touched the holographic which actually responded to his touch! It was like the system was bonded to him. Like the Heroic System was a construct and link of his own soul.

>[Analyze complete]<

%40- Power

% 60- Weakling

"What the fuck? Is this system even accurate!?" Alex snarled.

[Heroic System]

[Name: Chose*]

Cultivation Tier: 1- Unknown Hero- Rank will be determined after you are reborn and prove your power.

Race: [Will be chosen once you are reborn] "What that is not fair! What can bullshit is that!?" Alex snarled. He was thinking of many other races then just a boring human. 'Who the hell would want to be as a human again? When you can be anything else!' Alex thought to himself in this shadow realm.

Class: Chose*- [Huntsmen] [Archer] [Knight] [Healer] [Mage] [Necromancer] [Warroir] [Assassin] [Beseker]

Bloodline: Unknown

Magic: 1

Qi: 1

[You can boost only 3 attributes by 10+ points]

[STR- Strength,DEF- Defensive, AGI- Agility, STM- Stamina, INTEL- Intillegence, KAM- Karma]

STR: 10

DEF: 10

AGI: 7

STM: 7


KAM: 1

[Augments]: Create any power for your eyes or other augmented powers to boost your body with Magic and Qi.

Body type: Customized your own body type.

[Phantasm]: Chose your own Soul Weapon. [ A manifestation of your weapon will be formed and be summoned by magic and your own soul] - A Phantasm can evolve based on your bloodline and its name can change based on your power.

[ Soul Form]: The soul of your Spirit Beast will be summoned and power-up your entire body. Only through trial can you gain this power

>> You will gain more augments and powers as you cultivated and become stronger in the new world<<

"Well this it! There is no turning back now! I have to maximize all of my attributes if I am going to survive in this new world this demonic being is talking about!" Thundered out Alex.

'This is kind of like an RPG game, but what world will I exactly be reborn in? And how the hell did I die? Whatever it is time to start a new life. I will become a legend!' Alex was eager to see what fate awaited him. But he didn't know the truth of brutal the world he was going to be reborn in.

>>You are being reborn<<

"Shit! I have to hurry and chose the most powerful options!" Alex quickly chooses his options as a blackish thunderbolt zooms down from the darkness above and strikes him on his head.

In a flash, his body transmigrated into a new world. What awaits this mortal?


This chapter will be edited. I will contact my Editor or if anyone wants to help me just comment.

[A/N: I wanted to skip the MC's death cause it is redundant, but I guess I add some mystery to his death. Anyways yes this a Harem novel and will have lots of harem themes but done differently. I am mostly using this story to get back on the original writing game and I planned to release another story after I gain some 'knowledge' after writing this one. I am doing a different approach in which the MC will have common sense and be shameless at the same time. The next chapter should clear up everything once he is reborn into the new world. So guys don't worry about his past life, what matters his new life.

IMPORTANT: Chose his name(A cool one), Class, Guess his Race/Bloodline, chose his augments such as which Phantasm weapon he should have(Kind of like Fate anime), chose his Spirit animal it can be a Wolf or Dragon etc he will have to go in extreme trail in order to get his Soul Form( Let me know of a better name), and lastly give me any suggestions regarding a harem. There will be many sexy princesses, elves, demoness, queens, maids, maidens, and just about every harem trope out there for the MC to conquer with some dark themes. Grimdark that is, surprised that isn't a tag. Anyways I hope you enjoy this new project I am working on and I look forward to improving it.

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/kXdsfa

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