Overlord of Sin
1 Prologue: Shadowblood
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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1 Prologue: Shadowblood

Power is what every living being desire. It drives them wild. Makes them mad. It makes them lose their souls. It is what changes the persona of one's soul. If only they knew that power would only lead to their fall. For every king has its reign until darkness rises.

In the Olden Times, there were 7 Great Races, all with whom desired to rule all. They forged relics of unimaginable powers. Know as Phantasm Relics. Weapons crafted from Ancient Magic and Spirit Beasts that surpassed all the Rulers and even Gods of Zareth. These relics were to create peace amongst one another. And peace did happen. But it would never last...

For there was one who desired to obtain all 7 relics to conquer the Mortal and Immortal Realms of Zareth. One that was consumed by rage and darkness. A being that surpassed all.


In the darkness of the woods, there are four cloaked men and three young women chained up.

"So these are the ones the Royals were talking so much about? Quite the pretty lot huh?" Derik places the tip of dagger under a young woman's chin, her head starts shaking in fear. She had a pale fair-faced complexion, bright alluring aqua eyes and long curly snow colored hair that looked mythical and flawless. She was wearing a sparkling white dress with no shoes on, she looked like an angel. The moonlight shone over her pale face.

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"Yes, it is a pure maiden," Said another man who was against an oak with his arms crossed. He wore a black cloak with a hood on. Two Great-Swords were strapped on his back. This man was indeed a Witcher. A Witcher is a hunter who hunts down any beasts or being with Chaos and advanced weaponry that is fused with Chaos energy.

Chaos wasn't exactly magic, no, it was something far more different. Only Witchers knew how to use this type of powerful sorcery which was a magical force fueled by darkness.

Derik walks in a circle around the three young women who were presumably maidens. Derik was a Ranger who was hired by the Order to acquire Maidens who were used to create mana cores know as Divine Hearts which could heal any living being from deadly diseases, wounds, and even grant immortality.

"So who will it be? I wonder. What do you think the Great Witcher of Clan Basilisk Fang, Renzen Mountur? " Derik unsheathes his long-sword and points the tip of the blade towards the three shaking chains up to the young woman that was just captured by Derik and his group of Rangers. They all begin to shake even more.

"Please just leave us alone! We will do whatever you tell us!" Cry out the three maidens.

"That is enough Derik. We have done our job," Said Renzen as he gripped the handle of his onyx Great Sword that was forged with Xaloron steel and Basilisk fangs. It was a legendary weapon that had slain many powerful beasts and even the greatest 'evils' in Zareth.

"Tch you always had a soft spot for woman Renzen," Derik spat on the darkened grassy ground below and picked up one maiden, it was the one with snowy colored hair. They were in the Forbidden Forest, a place where most escaping criminals would go into. A sea of ash-colored forest trees spanned for miles on end, it was tough for anyone to spot any being in this forest. Unless you had a Witcher hunting you.

Renzen angrily gritted his teeth, he knew Derik wasn't a man he could trust. A sick man he was. But he was only doing this mission because his clan was being threatened by the Order and the Phoneix Kingdom.

Next to Derik was another Ranger who had a more bulky and taller body frame, he was built like a gorilla. His name was Steelarm and he looked serious as hell as he pulled down his dark green Ranges robe from his head. His medium-length army cut golden blonde hair flowed with the wind and his sharp emerald eyes were focused at the task ahead. He was a born warrior.

Derik was the Commander of the Vanguard Rangers. The ones who protected the 7 Kingdoms. But now he was working secretly with the Order. Steelarm was his apprentice.

"I can sense that two of them are half-bloods," Said Steelarm as he unsheathed his knights-sword and walks closer to the so-called maidens. The silver blade of his long-sword glimmered and shined with the moonlight above the starry night skies.

"What are you waiting for Renzen tell us who are the false maidens are," Derik said as he clenched the steel handle of his long-sword.

Renzen was reluctant to tell them. He could see the fear in these woman's eyes. The fear of death. He senses that they were all sisters, he could see their aura-flow patterns all matched, however, there wasn't any Holy Light radiating from two of the sisters. They weren't pureblood maidens.

"Renzen! Fucking tell us already!" Derik gritted his teeth, veins were popping out from his forehead.

Renzen bit his tongue and pointed at the two women who weren't pureblood maidens. His fingers trembled with anger, his oath of protecting the people as Witcher was broken. What would his lover back at his clan be thinking of him now? Renzen had always been a good man, one who fought for his clan. He protected them all from the dangerous bloodthirsty beasts that roamed about in Zareth. But now the only beasts before him were his own kind.

Derik nodded his head and licked his lips, "Good...Good. I guess we can have some fun with both of them," He starts to unzip his pants and walks over to the three shivering women who all had white hair and glimmering aqua eyes.

"No please! Spare us!" Screams out one of the half-blood maidens as she tightly gripped Steelarm's forearm and begs for her life.

"Get your filthy hands off me!" Steelarm quickly slices off her arm and fresh warm blood splattered into his furious face.

"AAAAAH!!!" Screams out the woman in pain as she falls to the ashy ground and starts rolling around in agony.

Steelarm hated those who were weaker than him and most of all he hated those who would dare touch him. His 'god complex' knew no bounds. After all, he was born into a family of pureblood legendary warriors known as Hyrules.

Renzen clenched his fist, he was about to fight back and save her life, but it was too late.

Steelarm plunged his knight-sword deep into the heart of the screaming half-blood maiden. She was quickly silenced.

"No! How could you!?" Renzen slashed down his Great-Sword towards Steelarm who swiftly blocked the strike with the base of his steel blade. Renzen's Chaos aura blasted out of his body, it was a dark shadowy color. This dark chaos energy was burning up Steelarm's clothes and steel blade of his sword.

"Their lives don't matter. In this world they mean nothing, the Order doesn't care what we do to them. All half-bloods are just filthy mongrels wasting the air we breathe, besides they were banished by our Kingdom as traitors who would not heal the King and Queen. You have grown soft Renzen," Steelarm pressed his sword harder against Renzen and actually pushes him back despite the size difference. Renzen was way taller and stronger than Steelarm, however, things have changed in this world. He most have modified and cultivated his body into a Saint Warrior form.

Derik walks over to the two last remaining maidens and aggressively picks up the half-blood maiden who just saw her sister die in front of her very eyes.

"Now it is time for some fun. I want you to watch closely Renzen, there are no such things as heroes in this world. The only thing that matters in this world. Is power," Derik rips off the young half-blood maidens white dress exposing her half-naked curvaceous milky body which trembled in fear and sorrow as she screamed for help, it was hopeless. Her white corset bra and panties are quickly torn off and she was pinned against a tree by Derik. Her luscious melons bounce and jiggle everywhere as she is pinned against the trees. Derik waste no time and takes off his baggy pants and whips out his erecting cock. The pureblood maiden sister watches in horror, her young pale face was full of shock.

Renzen is still being held back by Steelarm as they clashed their swords more with a fury of sword slashes.

The young half-blood maiden accepts her fate and goes on her knees. Derik grins a sicking grin, "That's more like it. Make yourself useful and I might just keep you as my pet,"

Suddenly the half-blood maiden has a wide toothy smile planted on her face, razor-sharp dragon teeth started to protrude out from her mouth, her eyes started glowing a demonic red. Long demonic horns started to grow out from the top of her head.

"What the fuck!? What are you!?" Derik's eyes widen, in a flash, the now demonically transformed half-blood maiden bites off Derik's erected cock and testicles. Blood splatters all over her demonic draconic face.

"GAAAAAAH!MY COCK!MY FUCKING COCK! YOU BITCH!!!" Derik screams at the top of lungs as blood drips out and gushes out the are where his cock once was, not there was only a bloody hole. Derik holds area of his beaten off cock with both hands, his eyes were shaking with fear and overwhelming pain. He kneels to the floor.

"You humans are all the same, such vile and worthless creatures who are controlled by lust and power," The half-blood demonic draconic maiden licks the human blood that was around her glossy lips. She then quickly bites off Derik's head! Her jaws had retracted at sight an ungodly way that she was able to eat his entire head with just one chomp!

"Derik!" Shouts out Steelarm with a shocked face as he gripped his swords handle with rage in his emerald eyes.

Renzen is also bewildered and shocked.

Suddenly the half-blood maiden that was killed by Steelarm started to rise up from the ground like a zombie. Had she been reborn? Or was she immortal!? Her eyes were glowing a dark blood-red color.

"Tch you humans are right about one thing. Power is all that matters, he was weak so he died," Echoed a dark voice that was hidden in the forest trees. It was a man wearing a black and red hooded cloak with an emblem of a Wolf's head with dragon horns on top of its head. Some type of Wolf Dragon creature. It was unknown Clan and Kingdom Sigil. Steelarm and Renzen have never seen it before in their lives.

"You bastard!" Steelarm roars as he rushes toward the man in a black and red robe. He had a feeling that this man was the one who had tricked him and his comrade Derik. This man had planned out everything and Steelarm and Derik look like complete fools.

"Should I take care of him Master?" Says the demonic draconic woman with snowy hair with a sinister bloodthirsty grin. Blood still covered her mouth after bitting off Derik's dick and balls.

"No. He is all mine," Darkly says the robed man as he awaits the brutish Rangers attack.

Steelarm slashes down his knight-sword at the robed man. In less than a second, the robed gripped Steelarm's sword blade and actually crushes and cracks the steel blade into thousands of fragments of shattered steel.

'That speed and power? It can't be... No... This whole world is in danger!' Renzen though to himself as saw Steelarm outmatched by his opponent.

"That is impossible!" Steelarm thunders out.

"Nothing is impossible when you are like me," The robed man swiftly punches Steelarm in the stomach, his punch was so fast that Renzen or Steelarm couldn't even see the robed man move a damn inch when he landed the punch. An after-image and outline of his punch were seen from how fast he punched!

Steelarm vomits out blood onto the snowy ground below and his body flew backward past several forest trees from the sheer force and power of the robed man's punch. A swarm of shadows surrounds the cloaked man's body.

He had easily defeated Steelarm who was one of the most powerful Rangers in the Vanguard Rangers and the Phoenix Kingdom.

"This is only the beginning, the Order will fall," The cloaked man walks away into the distance as he picks up the pure-blood maiden who was going to be captured by Commander Derik and Steelarm. His loyal summons followed him as he walked away an army of skeleton zombies followed him, each of their bodies was covered in a sea of shadows.

Renzen tightly gripped the handle of his Great-sword, "Gods of Zareth help us all..." He muttered to himself.

The cloaked man disappeared into the shadows of the night. The blood of Derik and Steelarm seeped into the snow below. Who was the cloaked man surrounded in shadows...


[A/N: I need to edit this chapter and might need to rewrite. Let me know of any grammar mistakes. This is just the prologue so this may have happened in the future or past of the Story Arc. Who knows... Also he was the cloaked man? The first chapter will introduce the MC. If you have any questions just comment and let me know. This is just the intro of this world. I will go in more depth with the next chapters about Witchers, Rangers, and a whole bunch of classes, powers, and legendary weapons like Phantasm Relics. Hope you all enjoy it and yes there will be lots of H-scenes and action. I mean who doesn't like that... You will get to chose the MC's class and powers next chapter and I will soon put up a rank list and other information in an AUX chapter.

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