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1398 Battle of Daisy Part 4
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1398 Battle of Daisy Part 4

So far, none of the attacks the group had done had worked on the five spiked Dalki. The situation was beginning to feel similar to when they faced Slicer; however, Sil didn't have stronger abilities, unlike before.

If they couldn't hurt Graham now, then how else could they hurt him. The most important thing to do was to increase their attack power. The idea had occurred to Nate when he had blocked the small stone from Graham. He could feel the energy that was collected in the shield.

That's when he realized why does the attack have to be from the enemy? Which was what eventually brought them to the situation they were in right now. Layla almost collapsed on the ground again. This was because of Qi Depletion. She had already partially given her Qi to Sil before, and she had given him, even more, this time.

The problem was, Sil's power probably would have increased by far more if he had some idea how to use Qi himself in order to power up his attacks, but because he didn't, it meant that the charge was only partially increased.

Nevertheless, even though Layla had used most of her energy, there was still one more thing she needed to do. She could feel her body reverting to normal as the energy around her was disappearing; however, she threw out several more black balls towards Graham at her last strike. Wrapping him in chains once more while Layla finally was back to her ordinary self again.

Now, with Graham's movement somewhat restricted, the group gained confidence that the attack could work. The shield lit up, causing it to shine blue. Nate gritted his teeth and held onto the shield as hard as he could.

Then, a large blast of blue energy came from the shield. It was too strong for Nate to handle, and he could feel himself being pushed back, skidding across the ground, until someone came for support, holding him from behind.

It was Sil. Supporting Nate from behind as the latter continued to fire the energy in the direction of Graham, and a few seconds later, the assault finally had ended. Still on guard, they quickly went to look at the condition of Graham and found that almost half of his body was missing.

The chains hadn't held out, and he was able to move somewhat from the attack; the right side of his body was missing, and almost half his chest was gone. Blood was oozing, spreading across the surface.

'Damn it, if only I could have held onto the shield a bit more, then maybe I could have directed it and finished him off, but he's nearly dead now, we can do this. I can get Sil to hit the shield again, and we can use this as an attack.'

'As long as we can hurt the Dalki, we can win this fight!' Nate thought.

Although they knew that Dalki got stronger the more they were injured, this looked like a critical blow, and judging from Graham's condition, it was.

However, he suddenly leapt up in the air, jumping out from the crater-like area even in this condition. Sil, seeing this, was ready to run after him, but the other Dalki, who had been watching everything from the sidelines, moved and stood in his way.

"Wait, Sil! Take the shield; it's useless in my hands right now. You're the only one who can fight!" Nate said, handing it over to him. He knew that it was pretty likely that Sil wouldn't be able to hurt Graham, and they needed to finish him off somehow. Working together had worked once, but now it was all up to Sil.

However, in that short timeframe, they had allowed Graham to do something they should have never allowed. Opening his mouth wide, he had bit the Dlaki's head off next to him, consuming it in an instant.

Then, the Dalki to his left, he bit their head off as well. Within seconds, his body began to heal on the spot. The green blood stopped, and his limbs started to regenerate.

'This….is bad..' Helen gulped. Seeing this, it was time for her to make the tough decision.

"Peach. Inform everyone, I want everyone to get out of the Shelter now! Head to one of the other planets, just tell them to leave this place, and you guys as well. We can no longer protect this place!" Helen decreed.

She had the same bad feeling in her guts which she had earlier. She figured that not only was eating his fellow Dalki healing Graham, but most likely, he was getting stronger as well.

Sil, using his speed, had caught up to him. Graham's other arm was still in the middle of healing. Sil then proceeded to hit the shield powering it up with his own attack, but before he could, Graham had moved from his spot and grabbed onto Sil's arm.

"Not again," Graham smirked.

Kicking Sil in the stomach, he sent him back to the crater with all the others. Feeling the kick, Sil knew that Helen's hunch was right. Graham's attacks had gotten stronger, and he was even faster!

If it weren't for the buff he got from the demon tier shield, then perhaps Sil wouldn't be able to get up again.

What the others didn't know was that Graham wasn't done yet. As his arm had finished healing, he looked up to the sky.

"I would have never thought, in a place like this, I would be injured in such a state," Graham said. "I can't take any more chances, and I won't underestimate you."

It was then that something started to happen to Graham. His body started to change slightly. The Dalki was already large, but he could be seen growing even larger; his face began to stick out a little, and his teeth sharpened more than before.

Strangely, the scales on his hand were turning slightly, changing into something else.

"All of you, get out of here!" Helen shouted. "While he's transforming, Sil can use his super-speed to get you all out of here."

The others knew that this was a lost fight and that they could do nothing else, and it looked like Graham was about to get even stronger.

"Don't tell me you're thinking of staying here!" Layla shouted.

To which Helen responded with a slight nod.

"I will slow him down; I still have a lot of tricks up myself, so don't worry about me," Helen said. "But once he finishes transforming, there's a good chance he might even be able to catch up to Sil."

It was then that Layla noticed that the vines that had covered the Shelter walls, the plants that were placed all over the Shelter had begun to move towards Helen; it seemed like she really did have some sort of plan.

Hearing Helen's words, Sil, decided to grab Nate under his arm and quickly zoomed towards Layla as well.

"What are you doing? Put me down! If we leave her here, she's going to die!" Layla shouted.

"And if we all stay here, we are all going to die!" Sil said; he looked over to Helen one more time, and she nodded.

It was then that Layla pulled out her sword; if she tapped it against Sil, she was sure that he wouldn't be able to use his ability, and that way, they would have no choice but to fight. Helen didn't know what the girl was trying to do but felt that Layla might do something reckless.

"Stop, don't do something stupid like that! How in the world did I lose out to you." Helen shook her head. "I don't know what he sees in you, but he should have picked me. Do you remember the bet when we had that fight? Whoever won can request something from the other, right? Well, you owe me a favour, and I'm going to call in that favour right now. Leave this place and make him happy."

The strength in Layla's arms started to give after hearing these words, and tears began to flow down her face. Without wasting any more time, Sil left, and Layla could only see Helen, bravely standing there surrounded by plants, about to go against the strongest Dalki in existence.

That was the last time that Layla would see Helen.


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