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1210 The Amulet Part 2
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1210 The Amulet Part 2

The second Quinn touched the amulet he could feel that it wasn't like any of the other beast gear he had received before. The others were just pieces of equipment until the user tried to activate them, but the amulet itself was already giving off a strong energy, as if it was alive.

Whenever Alex would mix his blood into making beast gear it would usually dye the equipment red, although when using higher tier crystals like the Demi-god tier ones their original coloration would stay. However, for this Demon tier crystal, Alex didn't use his blood, since it wasn't to be forged into a weapon and Alex was worried about the outcome if he did try to do so.

It had a strange design for the amulet with its colour being half black and half white. Together they resembled the shape of the upside down marking that the Demon tier tree had given out to the Marked.

Unfortunately, Quinn didn't have much time to use his Inspect skill to figure out what it could do, as he needed to deal with the situation inside the Shelter first.

'After everything I did to protect this place from the Demon tier tree, now the Dalki are rampaging all over…' Quinn lamented the situation. As a Vampire Lord his nose was filled with the heavy smell of blood that spoke volumes about their own death toll.

'At least there are enough of you for me to do this.'

[Soul Weapon 'Item type' activated]

A great pain ran through Quinn's body as the energy from inside him got unleashed. The blades from his item started to pierce through the skin in his arms, running up and down them, drawing out his blood.

Swinging out, both of the bladed chains closed the distance to the Dalki in front of him, its severed head flying through the air. Not even a second later the now lifeless heads of its companions joined in.

'The Dalki that everyone was struggling with… Quinn's managing to defeat them all so easily… It doesn't look like I'll have to worry about him, and he seems to have figured something regarding the Demon tier Amulet.' Alex thought and with that he ran back to the forging room.

He had to check how Andrew was doing. He hadn't known the other forger for too long, but it was the first time that Alex had ever had something like a teacher who showed him the ropes and genuinely praised his talents. He had accepted an invite from a nobody forger like himself, and because he had stayed to help him finish crafting the amulet, he had sacrificed his own life.

Making his way through all the halls, he eventually reaches the forger room, only to find Andrew lying there on the floor with a pool of blood underneath him. Rushing to his side he could see he had been punctured several times, his guts partly spilling from his stomach, but his eyes still had a bit of life in them.

"You've… come back? How... long has... it been?" Andrew spoke softly, each word costing him a bit of his limited remaining lifespan. Once the Blood fairy had fled the other Dalki had quickly followed after the source of the immense power they had felt coming from the amulet, but not before making sure that Andrew would pay for getting in their way.

"This is all my fault!" Alex sobbed, as he looked into Andrew's eyes. He grabbed a small blade that had fallen to the floor. "You still want to live, right? You can't just die yet! Not before you've seen what we've managed to craft! I promise I'll let you live! I've seen Quinn do this a few times, and the others told me what needed to be done!"

Making a cut, Alex started to draw a strong symbol underneath the forger, who lacked the energy to accept or refuse what the other was doing. It wasn't the same way Quinn would do it, but back in Vampire World, Alex had seen others do this a few times. Finally when the special symbol was drawn underneath Andrew's body the Blood fairy squeezed his hand, dropping several drops of his blood into the forger's mouth.

"Please, come back!" Alex shouted at Andrew.

The wounds didn't start to heal, making the forger question if he had made a mistake. But soon enough Andrew's body began to toss and he let out a blood chilling scream. More followed at a volume that even those on the walls could hear them.

"I'm sorry. We all had to endure this, so I know how much it hurts, but I promise once you get through this, you'll be back to your pride!" Alex held on to Andrew's hand, hoping it would take at least some pain away.

Unsure if the words had gotten through or not, he continued to stay by Andrew's side until the other shot up, his eyes a glowing red and the next second something sprouted out from his back.

Two large red blood-like wings even bigger than Alex's.


When Quinn had put the amulet around his neck, the first thing he did while fighting against the Dalki was try to activate it. However, he didn't feel anything change, like would be usually the case when he benefited from additional stats.

After seeing how much the Demi-god tier equipment improved his other stats, he had been looking forward to his first true piece of Demon tier equipment, but its performance so far was underwhelming. He hoped his Inspect skill would give him the information he would need like it did for the other items, but first Quinn needed to deal with all the troublesome Dalki who had made it into the Shelter.

Fighting against the Dalki with his Soul Weapon they were no match for him. Soon the strain form using his soul weapon was felt on his body, and he had placed it away.

'I already dealt with over half of them in the Shelter, now to deal with the ones at the gate!' Quinn ran off in the direction of the gates where the Dalki were seen coming in. At one gate there were around twenty of them, and jumping through the gate, Quinn grabbed the head of the first Dalki and slammed it to the ground.

[Weapon active skill activated]

Using the silver coloured gauntlet he started to drain the energy from the Dalki. The power he had lost and the effect of using his soul weapon were fading away. Another came close to Quinn. He fired out a Blood shotgun with the palm of his hand.

A concentrated version of the blood spray. The blood attack didn't spread out as much and the damage was more concentrated in one place. The Dalki was seen being thrown back, and at the same time Quinn had received another message.

[The opponent has been poisoned]

'What? It can actually poison them without me having to directly hit them? It still works if I use my blood skills? Is it because the blood attacks go through my gauntlets? I guess things like a Crescent kick wouldn't have the same effect.'

The gauntlets were starting to get better as Quinn used them more and more. It also showed the importance of equipment.

After regaining his energy, Quinn was fighting once more. He chose to fight with his Qi more than his blood abilities. Thanks to the gauntlet he could regain the energy that he had lost. His blood powers he would use them sparingly.

After clearing out all the gates, the Dalki inside were also dealt with. During the fight though, Quinn had noticed something. Meeting up with Linda at the north gate, there was one Dalki left, and before it could do anything Quinn slammed his Blood drill through its head.

'It was a two spiked Dalki, if I use my Qi too much I start to lose control of the balance in my body as well. I need to find a way to increase the power of my blood as soon as possible.'

Then, what had been happening ever since Quinn had obtained the Demon tier item had happened once again. From the dead body, strange glowing small little particles lifted, and came straight towards Quinn.

They weren't heading towards him though, instead they had entered the inside of the amulet, and a notification screen had appeared.

[The Demon tier Amulet has now consumed enough energy for use]

[0/1 Slots are now available]

[Continue to supply the Demon tier Amulet with energy in order to unlock more slots]

With no context whatsoever, Quinn had no clue what the Demon tier item could exactly do. Now that the fighting inside the Shelter had settled down, he could finally take a look.


It took a while for Quinn to read all the information that the Demon tier Amulet provided and when he finally had figured it out, a large grin appeared on his face.

'With this, I might actually be able to complete this Quest!!!'


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