My Vampire System
1175 A grand return
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1175 A grand return

The sounds of alarm sounded out from the lab-like facility, informing the rest of the Shelter that something was going on. Logan and the humanoid beast stood side by side, aware that their situation was getting worse by the second.

'The army still has a gripe with the Cursed faction, so they will use this incident against us. I can't let them catch me on top of that, otherwise everything will be against us.' Logan analysed his situation. 

Although Logan's training meant he was more skilled than the average soldier now, getting out of a military place with countless ability users, especially without killing or injuring any of them too much would pose quite the problem. He was just glad that the beast by his side seemed to agree that they had to work together.

The first one to attack was one of the soldiers in the front by using his telekinesis ability to throw a heavy black ball, a beast weapon, towards the duo. Lifting up his Dalki arm, Logan easily grabbed the ball, stopping its rotation without breaking a sweat.

"Remember, you were the ones who attacked first without giving me any chance to explain myself." Logan stated as he looked at his spiders that had been recording the whole situation. "Everything I do now, is just an act of self-defense."

Taking a small step back and pivoting his other foot, he pitched the ball back at a speed faster than the telekinesis user had chucked it at them. At that moment, another soldier came forward, this one with a hardening ability, that he used to intercept the ball. The force behind it made him slide a few feet back, but otherwise he remained unharmed.

Logan had used this time to inform his partner in crime about his plan. A little spider had hopped on to the beast's shoulder, and had whispered a few words to it through its microphone. At the same time Logan had summoned many of the spiders to his position and was covering his whole body in a defensive armour as the soldiers came towards them firing off their abilities and drawing their bladed beast weapons

The humanoid beast by his side was quick and light on its feet thanks to its wind-like powers. It was able to move around the place avoiding the attacks, and was great at utilising Logan's suggested hit and run strategy. Even better for them, the majority of the soldiers had prioritized the beast, aware of its importance to the scientist. 

However, there were still some that focused on Logan. With his whole body covered in a special defence gear he was confident in fighting off that number. His experience fighting against Brock several times turned out to be very helpful, as Logan was getting better at predicting their next moves, avoiding their strikes. 

When the opportunity presented itself, he grabbed one of the soldiers with his Dalki hand. Logan didn't like doing this, but his situation wasn't exactly one where he could abstain from using such dirty tactics. Since they were allies the other soldiers hesitated attacking Logan and his human body shield. 

Unsure what to do, some of them circled around him, attempting to attack him from multiple sides, hopefully rescuing his hostage as well. Alas, Logan would summon his laser firing towards them to incapacitate them. This made the soldiers freeze up, as they were unsure what to do.

Although busy with his own set of soldiers, the spiders kept Logan up to date in regards to the beast's situation. Two thirds of the soldiers had gone after it and had managed to somewhat trap it at the back of the room.

"Now!" Logan shouted into his helmet that was covering his head, and the little spider forwarded it to the beast. Putting their plan into motion, the Cursed faction member chucked the one he had held in his arm at the group of soldiers in front of him to create an opening. His suit started to change from the defensive type to the speed type starting with his feet.

Running ahead, Logan had a little surprise for them all. Using his soul weapon, he turned some of the terminals into little Mech soldiers of his own to hold them back. At the same time the giant tubes and machine from above were attacking them all. 

It came as a complete shock and they were unaware if there were people piloting these little Mechs. Using this moment of confusion the beast used its wind powers to propel itself on to the side of the wall again. Using its strong powerful legs it pushed itself off the wall and started to spin. 

Both the beast and Logan were headed off in the same direction, towards the exit.

They had managed to reach the exit, and when turning around they could see all the soldiers that were mostly still at the back of the room. This had been part of Logan's plan all along. Perhaps they could have lasted against the soldiers for a while with their skills, but fighting so many of them at once they were bound to lose, and being chased around the facility wasn't a good idea either. 

Placing his hand on the terminal, the door started to close. A few soldiers with a speed ability ran around the small mechs that Logan had built, but the King tier humanoid beast dealt with them by firing off strikes of air. On a closer look it looked to be a little different to just a person having a wind ability.

With its beast -like body, being a humanoid and elemental type, it had all the traits of growing into something strong if it continued to evolve up the ranks.

The door eventually closed, and Logan had naturally changed the access code.

"It will be a long time until they get out of that one, but I'm sure there will be others outside and inside this place trying to get to us." Logan said. 

Fortunately, he had left behind some spiders in the hallways of each floor, allowing him to keep an eye on how many people were moving where, when and how. At the time, Logan had been too busy fighting the King tier beast so he failed to notice the soldiers who had entered the room first, but now he could use half his screen to observe the situation.

"We should escape into the tunnel. I've overheard those humans speak about another one of our kind that has escaped. He is supposed to be far stronger than me and seems to be on his way to reach his next form." The beast shared its opinion. 

Hearing this, Logan could only assume that this beast was talking about the formerly Legendary tier beast that had evolved and escaped. Did the two of them know each other? It wouldn't surprise Logan too much if the scientists had brought both types together to see how they would react.

"My team should currently be looking for him. Maybe we should just find a place to hide until we can contact them?" Logan suggested. He didn't like going into the tunnels, as he didn't have enough information on them. There was also the possibility of them missing Quinn and the others.

Even though the beast trusted him for now, Logan wasn't sure how long it would take for him to realise that it wasn't one of its kind. For now they remained in a tough situation together, so he was hoping the beast would agree after seeing the success of his last plan.

Getting out of the facility wasn't exactly the problem with the use of Logan's spiders and the beat's wind ability. There were a few times where they had to move through a certain area with great speed, and the beast helped Logan by taking him on his back and rushing through some areas. At the same time, Logan was able to slow down those in the facility, not just by watching them, but messing with their systems locking them in certain rooms. 

Eventually, they exited through an emergency door and headed towards where Logan thought Fex would be, on the roof of the main military base. Unfortunately, Fex was nowhere to be seen, only the remains of the coffin, yet without Agent 11. On top of that, although the soldiers seemed to be busy dealing with them at first, they soon were moving towards a particular station for some reason.

"The one you mentioned doesn't seem to be here. It might be better for us to part ways here." The beast said, ready to move out. "While the humans are distracted I will be able to escape easily."

"Wait!" Logan shouted, as he looked in the distance and could see it. Using his helmet, he zoomed in a distance to see what was happening, and that's when he could see Quinn, Longblade and all the others exiting one of the tubes.

The beasts wondering what was going on, stood on the edge and looked out. It had great eyesight and could exactly see what the commotion was. Then the next thing that happened had shocked them both, for after the two of them had come out, a mud like humanoid figure came out after all of them.

Seeing this, the humanoid King tier beast realised that he would have to change its plans, while Logan was smiling on the inside. It looked like they had succeeded.


Quinn and the others had arrived at the transportation area. They were in the first vehicle while at the back the Mechs were following them being transported on some type of rail system. As long as the robots feet weren't injured, they could attach themselves to the rails and travel upward as well. 

Seeing the vehicle and through the glass who was in it. All the soldiers started to cheer thinking that they had successfully captured the beast. For the time being,  Fex had tied up the beast with his string, so the Earthborn group would believe they had captured the beast. Letting Raten accompany them without it, would just be a recipe for disaster.

Exiting from the place, the people cheered, yet Longblade was quickly taken away to be treated. Just as they were about to take Longblade away, he gestured for Quinn to come over.

"We will have a meeting about your request and what you plan to do with the Demi-god tier beast when I am back up and running. It shouldn't be too long, but in the meantime Rafer will look after you."

When their group stepped off from the transportation vehicle though, all of a sudden a group of soldiers surrounded them. The Sergeant who had been left in command drew his weapon towards the Cursed faction. 

"What is this crap?!" Raten grumbled dissatisfied. "What's the point of tying me up, if they were going to attack us anyway?"

"Sergeant Till, what is the meaning of this!" Rafer asked. "Did you not hear what Colonel Longblade just said? I am the one in charge of them until he gets better. Put your weapons down and explain yourself at once!"

"No can do, Sir!" Till refused to comply. "Not until we figure out why one of their own broke into our research facility and freed that special beast we had left. Worst of all, we have reports claiming that the one responsible had displayed traits similar to a Dalki."

"We already know the V and the Dalki are working together, so this case seems no different! They are the ones who have killed Head General Innu! They could be doing the same to us right after helping complete this task!"

From the sounds of it, everyone could tell that the person that had been described could only be Logan. They were wondering what exactly had happened while they were away.

"Don't point your swords at my brother! you will regret it!" Sil shouted at the men who were coming in close. 

This comment only worsened the already hostile situation. Quinn had been looking forward to catching a break after having nearly been blown to bits. Who could have imagined that he would have to sort out such a situation before he could even take a single step on the surface.


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