My Vampire System
1174 Too much Qi Part 2
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1174 Too much Qi Part 2

The energy he could control, the amount of Qi his body had, had been getting larger by the second. This was all due to the beast crystal he could now absorb with the power of the gauntlet. At the time the energy he had gained when using the active skill on the dragon only had a temporary effect on him, so he was unsure if it would be the same with the crystals. However, if he was to meet Agent 2 and the rest again, there would be a need to have a stronger Qi output.

In the middle of absorbing the crystal though he had to stop. The only reason he had stopped was because his bond had made him aware that something had happened to Layla. Placing the rest of the crystal in his system he had rushed off towards the battle.

Quinn had arrived just before the three had gone all out. Aware that he had to stop their suicidal charge, he had appeared in the middle, and given them a taste of his improved Qi. Of course he had paid attention to not overdo it for Layla and the humanoid beast, not really caring about Agent 2's fate. The power was far greater then he had imagined, that just using the first and second stage, it acted more like a powerful third stage of Qi, hitting their bodies so strongly. He had never expected it to work so great, but that was wherein the problem was.

Quinn hadn't really considered the consequences of his actions and had created an imbalance. His body's Qi was overflowing with power, but unfortunately this had started to affect the red vampire energy inside of him. Before, he had been able to use the Qi to enhance his vampire powers, but now one was far stronger than the other and it seemed to be trying to either expel or absorb the other type.

'I need to lower my Qi output. Around seventy percent should be fine, without affecting my body too much, but then that also means I won't be able to make use of my power without experiencing this live torture. I need to find a way to fix this problem in the future. Vincent, is there a way to increase my vampire energy in a short period of time?'

'Although I understand your train of thought, Quinn, a body can only hold so much power. I'm afraid if you intend to recklessly consume beast crystals and increase your vampire powers, your own body will tear apart.' Vincent cautioned. 'You might be a Vampire Lord, but that makes you powerful, NOT invincible. Even you should have limits. If you push them too hard, your current pain might just end up a joke in comparison.'

Quinn could follow Vincent's logic, but he hadn't forgotten the system's Quest. There appeared to be something beyond a Vampire Lord and at least his system was convinced Quinn had a way to become whatever that was. Maybe that new form could hold the creator body, or pushing his body was the way to that next evolution.


Agent 2 had been unable to get up on his own. The other Pure agents had to pull him out. Their leader's skin was no longer red as the fourth stage of Qi seemed to have come to an end.

Looking in front of him at the one who had appeared out of nowhere, he recognised the Cursed faction leader. Agent 2's anger only grew at this. He touched his face that was still hurting from the burns he had suffered. The one responsible for such an injury that would likely never heal, was sitting in the distance peacefully, apparently helping Longblade recover.

"So, Pure is the only one to suffer a loss here?" Agent 2 asked nobody in particular as he placed his hand on one of his subordinates who had helped him out. The poor man held on to his superior's hand and begged the single digit Agent to let go.

He could feel his energy being sucked out. He began visibly aging, his skin and muscles were losing their vitality, his hair was whitening until he eventually fell to the floor, his body lifeless, like a dried out corpse.

Before any of the Pure Agents could flee, Agent 2 grabbed on to the next one.

"You want me to win, right? Then this is the sacrifice we must make. Pure thanks you for your service. I shall make sure that you will be hailed as heroes back at the base." Agent 2 solemnly promised.

Not everyone seemed too willing, but with each one consumed their leader finished the process in a faster time. With the Qi of all of them Agent 2 felt stronger than he had ever done before. If he were to make an estimate his strength had at least doubled from his peak performance. It was a strange phenomena but with each heartbeat in Agent 2 had, everyone could feel the wave of energy leave him.

'This energy level is beyond Chris, but what is going on?' Quinn thought.

Agent 2's look of triumph had just as quickly changed to one of horror.

Quinn was still in the middle of trying to balance his energy, as he dispelled some of the excess Qi that had spilled from his Qi centre, and was now trying to allow the vampire energy to balance itself like before. He was just about to finish, but he was now faced with this.

Then something strange started to happen.

Agent 2 eyes started to bulge, getting bigger by the second. His muscles started to go out of place, with his right arm becoming twice the size of his left.

"What is…" Agent 2 needed a bit to understand what was happening, but once he finally became aware of the situation, he started to laugh maniacally. "So that's why Zero told us to never use this. My body can't handle all of their energy. My only regret is not being able to enjoy this a little longer, but all of you will have to accompany me to hell!!" Agent 2 shouted.

Sensing the energy inside, Quinn had an idea of exactly what was happening. This should be what Vincent had meant when he had warned him about going over his limit. The Pure leader's body couldn't contain all of this Qi as he was a human at the end of the day. His attempt to go into the fourth stage had just made the situation exponentially worse and all of that Qi was about to explode.

"Quinn!" Longblade shouted, no longer caring about keeping up appearances. The next second his blade was being chucked over to the Cursed faction leader, who instinctively grabbed onto it but when he saw it was a sword he wondered what exactly the man wanted him to do with it?

However, as soon as he touched the sword, Quinn realised that his Qi was gone. It didn't feel like his energy was being consumed by the sword, just where Quinn's hand was touching the sword no Qi could be produced as if he never had the ability to use it in the first place.

"Use it!" Longblade screamed.

Agent 2 had already ballooned up to almost twice his size. It was obvious that an explosion was imminent, so Quinn had to act fast. His shadows alone couldn't contain a blast at this magnitude. Using the shadow he changed the armour on his body to the wolf set.

Fortunately the cooldown period was over.

[Activate skill]

[Nitro accelerate]

With all his stats focusing on speed, there was no need to focus on skill. Quinn rushed forward and drew the blade. Using his speed and power, the weapon sliced through the balloon man like a knife through hot butter and in doing so, the Qi was being negated, yet it seemed to only affect the places the sword itself cut.

'Faster, faster, I have to keep cutting him until all of the Qi is gone!' Quinn hyped himself up, as he continued to slash at him as if he was carving out a pumpkin. The others watching couldn't believe what they were seeing, heck some couldn't even perceive what was happening. They just noticed the newcomer turn into a blur and the bloated man started to disappear.

Quinn continued to slice, not letting up, consuming every bit of Qi energy he could find until eventually the time on his active skill for his armor set had run out. Now in front of him, there was practically nothing, but as Quinn turned around huffing and puffing his silver armour was now mostly scarlett, covered in the late Agent 2's blood.

Seeing this sight, even with a world full of abilities, people who had superior powers and having learned of vampires, they felt like they were looking at some type of god of war. Quinn looked at the sword in his hand. He couldn't believe such a thing would have a skill to dispel Qi.

'Huh?' Quinn was surprised, curious as to what level the sword was at and what its powers really were. Now that he had time he used his Inspect skill on it.

[Current Quest line active]

[Learning more about the Talen family]


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