My Vampire System
1071 An intruder
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1071 An intruder

Chapter 1071 - An intruder

With war having been declared, all of the planets that the human race lived on were on high alert, especially those in the Graylash area. The Dalki had been making very strange movements from what they had been able to monitor.

Bit by bit, they would be testing the waters, as small scuffles between certain spacesh.i.p.s, as well as on orange portal planets had occurred. There was a reason why the human race wasnt so quick to give up the beast planets and were still hunting for beasts daily.

For one, they acted as the fuel for the powerful Mechs that would be used by those who werent strong ability users, giving them a fighting chance against the Dalki. The second reason, which was true for both sides, was they would be used to power their spaceships weapons.

The large sh.i.p.s created by both sides were strong and resilient enough that only a Demon tier weapon would be able to harm. As such, the most common way for a fight to occur in space was to send out fleets of smaller sh.i.p.s, in order to eventually invade the larger ship from the inside.

Alternatively, smaller fleet sh.i.p.s would act as a mothership and land on the planet, forcing the other side to protect it. The weapons on board were to destroy these smaller sh.i.p.s.

In the current situation, Bonny and Void had decided to go and film the fights up close. After all, they were war reporters and the best ones at that. Humanity needed to know what was happening and they couldnt be scared.

At the moment the two of them were on board one of the larger Graylash sh.i.p.s, led by one of the top Graylash members named Hermes. It was a ship with a force of a hundred thousand on board. Thirty thousand of them consisted of those from the Graylash family and their follower factions, while the others were from one of the military groups given by Oscar for Owen to command.

The reason they were on this ship rather than the one Owen was on, was due to the latter acting as an important figure in this war. He himself wouldnt get involved in fighting unless he had to. Yes he was a powerful person, but that was also why he couldnt be the first one to charge in when there was trouble.

As such, Bonny had made the decision to go on board another Graylash ship that was more likely to experience combat first.

In one of the training rooms, the Graylash were currently on their next course of actions, figuring out the best way to protect certain planets in case the Dalki would attack them. They also went through drills and more. There were even teams that would be sent out form the ship, to the faction basis on the beast planets just in case they were needed to help with a hunt.

"As you can see behind me, everyone in the Graylash group is working diligently to protect our front line. So far there have been a total of four skirmishes between us and the Dalki. For now we have claimed victory, as we have successfully been able to defend all of the planets. We will continue to bring you news as it develops." Bonny reported, ending the recording there.

Void gave a nice little thumbs up, noting that they were off the air.

Bonny gave a sigh, as she went to sit down in the corner of the room with Void, there was a little bar refreshment area that would serve snacks and drinks for the team every time they were done with training, or had a tough meeting.

Since the meeting was still going on in the main area, Void and Bonny were sitting on their own.

"Do you think what were doing is right?" Bonny suddenly asked her colleague.

"You mean about the report we just made?" Void wondered as he was checking the footage back from his camera. He also had a strange set of glasses that were green. They would be linked to a few drones around the Graylash ship. So he wouldnt miss if anything big was going on.

"Yeah, although I said we successfully defended against their attacks and its good to make sure that the people dont panic, the truth is, there still hasnt been a level of attack similar to the one on Planet Caladi!" Bonny clarified.

"Yes, it was a good thing Quinn was there at the time. Otherwise that would have been a loss, but I dont think what youre doing is wrong to answer your question. We have been in this business long enough to know that. Currently, there is nothing to panic about. Speaking of, did you hear the Cursed have managed to hunt down a Demon tier beast? It seems like we might have picked the wrong thing to film." Void replied.

Hearing this, Bonny did regret that they chose not to follow the Cursed, but at the time she had no clue what they had been up to. Besides, it just felt a little awkward between the two of them, ever since the last time she had tried to interview them, almost as if she was afraid they would have proven to be a nuisance if they had followed them.

"Dont worry, my instinct is telling me something big is going to happen here."

Just then, as she said those words, the ships alarms had sounded. The whole ship broadcast a special announcement for everyone to hear it.

"Attention everyone. A large main ship has been seen heading to Planet Genentech. They have sent fleets to the beast planet and it looks to be a force of around two hundred strong."

Two hundred, thats four times the amount of Dalki that have been sent to Planet Caladi. Why are they moving this many Dalki for one beast planet? Is it a distraction, to send an even larger force to defend the planet while they attack somewhere else? Bonny couldnt help but think, but that wasnt her job, she was sure that the Graylash had already gone through every scenario they could think of.

"The main Graylash ship is the closest to the planet, and due to the size of the force, our family head Owen Graylash himself has decided to engage in combat, sending out a strong force. He wants us to stay on standby and act as we see fit if there is no response from his end."

This was it! Bonny could tell that this would be the first great clash of the second war with the Dalki race. Although Quinn had participated in the first battle that started the war, it was hard to call that a battle. However, with how strong a force of two hundred Dalki represented and depending on how many spikes there were, there could be many lives lost in the battle.

"Come on Void, lets take the ship, and make our way down to that planet." Bony ordered in a rush.

Void quickly packed his things, and was already calling his drones to return to him, but then he had seen something devastating on one of the drones in his glasses. Down one of the hallways, a person covered in blood could be seen.

Trying to find them, Void looked through all the drones possible and could see what looked to be a human walking in blood, in the ships docking area. He then walked up to the leaver, and looked at the drone directly. His face and clothes covered in blood, something was chilling when Void looked at this person who didnt look human. The one thing that was noticeable about them more than anything, was the red piercing eyes.

He knows Im filming him. Void thought as he stood still in fear.

"Whats wrong? We have to go!" Bonny hurried him.

"No." Void replied. "We need help, we need to hide!"

The man with the red eyes who was being filmed pulled the leavers and soon the bay started to open, allowing several small fleets of dark black sh.i.p.s to land inside.

"The Dalki, they have boarded this ship!" Void shouted.


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