My Vampire System
959 Strongest Teacher
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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959 Strongest Teacher

Chapter 959 - Strongest Teacher

After introductions were complete, students were to return to their dorms to find out where they would be staying and it was a chance for a lot of them to communicate with each other and get to know everyone better.

In the meantime, Quinn was getting a briefing from Nathan, about what classes he would be teaching and when his schedule would be. He was given all of this information on a tablet screen he could access.

"Its pretty rare for a head general to also be a teacher, but Oscar has said that if you need to attend to any duties outside, not just for you but the rest of your Faction, just to inform us as soon as possible and well find a replacement." Nathan finished explaining.

Looking at the schedule, Quinn noticed a couple of things. He had been put as a Homeroom teacher, so he had his own class that he had to look after, on top of that he was allowed to teach one subject of his choice, and before arriving he had chosen to teach the beast weapon class.

Having attended the class in the past himself, and Leo being the one who had taught it, Quinn thought he could follow in his footsteps quite well. Due to him learning Qi, he realised teaching the process on how to activate a beast weapon was quite simple, and he could also teach things like hand to hand combat when one wouldnt have a weapon.

Looking at the list of students Quinn had, he noticed a couple of things. The first was the fact that Sil and Chucky were in his class as requested. This was good because although Quinn wanted Sil to stop relying on him, it was important to take small steps.

With someone as strong and unstable as Sil at times, it would also be good to keep an eye on the person, and he was sure Chucky wouldnt be enough to do that.

The other thing that stood out though, was the students ability levels. Although the other students werent able to see their power levels right off the bat, Quinn did have a list of information that had been given from their previous school.

The main shock was, apart from Sil and Chucky, there were no ability level users in his class above that of level three. There were even some level ones, and even a student with no ability at all.

Did they stop handing out the earth books? Or did the student simply reject the offer? Quinn thought. However, his main concern was with the amount of low levels in his class. Back when he attended military school, there was quite an even spread in all of the classes.

There were times when classes would have events against each other, and this would make it unfair. Is it a coincidence? It cant be? Quinn thought.


At the same time, there was another person questioning Oscars very decision. Standing by his desks was his personal assistant, Jane. Her old position was testing all the new students power levels and she had even done so with Quinn.

She too had noticed that Oscar had done something with his class and had asked him the very same question.

"Dont you think it will be interesting?" Oscar replied. "Quinn who was once a level one and Peter, both of them weak, had gained a sudden strength out of nowhere somehow. So what do you think would happen if we put him in a class full of low level ability students.

"Do you think Quinn would be able to stand by and do nothing while the students in front of him are struggling with this world? We may even find out their secret." Oscar said, leaning back in his chair.


It took the entire day for students to have a tour around the school, being shown their living quarters and where every place was meant to be. Luckily, if they couldnt remember everything, their watches also acted as a 3D holographic map that would pinpoint where they were and would tell them where to go if needed.

After a full day of touring, it meant the next day it was time for the lessons to begin. Quinn had made way to his homeroom class which was labeled as 2A. As the head general he was technically in charge of all the classes labeled with a two at the front, but he was also the assigned homeroom teacher for 2A.

Looking at the door, he could see the digital number staring back at him 2A, and for the first time, he would be teaching. For some reason it felt a little more nerve racking then compared to some dangers he would face.

I guess the students have decided to play a little prank on me? I guess I can forgive them since it is the first day and all. Quinn thought as he placed the bucket on the front of his desk.

Some of the kids that were behind the prank were quite amazed, they had done that trick with their old teacher but he would be hit nearly every single time, but they didnt even see Quinn move and he was suddenly holding the bucket.

"Did you see what happened?" Venus asked.

"No, but maybe it has something to do with his ability that he didnt show." Swin replied.

Swin, and Venus were two boys who saw themselves as the trouble makers of the class. Unlike before where students were sent to different campuses so they wouldnt know each other, now that everyone was part of the same gigantic school there was more of a chance that one would know their classmates.

This was true for both Swin and Venus. Of the two boys, one with long hair covering the front of his eyes, one would think he couldnt see through them, which was Swin. While the other, who had his hairline so far back, he might have not had any hair to begin with.

Quinn started with the first task which was to take the attendance from the register list, making sure everyone was present in class. There were roughly fifty students in the class, and he noticed while calling their names the students were awfully chatty and at the same time werent really paying any attention.

This is nothing like when I attended? Quinn thought. Everyone was so strict and worried about what the other stronger students would do.

Thinking about it, Quinn wondered if this had something to do with their behaviour.

It would make sense. Vincent said. Something similar has happened like this before when I was a leader. I believe this is a similar effect of what happens to some vampires in the pooling area. They dont care about school, or rankings anymore because they are so far down the ladder. They have no hopes of ever climbing it. So they resort to pranks and messing around as they see no hope in their future.

Although Quinn thought what Vincent said made sense, he also thought they all couldnt have thought this way, or possibly some of them just needed a little push.

Would I have felt the same way if I had never opened that book? Quinn wondered.

At that moment, a pen was sent flying towards Quinn, as he was looking down at his class register list.

Out of instinct, as the attack moved towards him, he stopped it with two of his fingers holding it in place.

"Okay, so were done with the register here, now whos pen does this belong to so I can return it to them?" Quinn asked with a short smile.

The other students, for some reason, could feel something sinister coming behind this smile, and Swin, who was sitting next to Venus, had pulled away, making it obvious who it was.

"Now, before I send you off to your next lessons, here are a few things some of you need to do." Quinn said. "You have to select what classes you would like to attend, and I just want to let everyone know that I will be the one teaching the beast weapons class."

Some students were surprised by this, as they thought someone like Hardy would never teach a combat class.

"Just to show some of you what I can do." Quinn said, as he hurled the pen back towards Venus.

The other students started to rub their eyes, as this looked like something that wasnt possible, but they could see the pen there, stuck in the wall.

"I hope I can see some of you there." Quinn said.

The introduction class continued for a while, and both Venus and Swin looked at each other.

"Hey, maybe we should give that beast lesson thing a try." Swin said.

I think I might have this teacher thing down. Quinn thought with a smile.


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