My Vampire System
823 New faces arrive
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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823 New faces arrive

Three weeks had passed since Quinn had officially become one of the world leaders. The military schools had yet to be completed, It was taking longer than they originally thought as they were still figuring out and fine-tuning their new system as well as condensing their forces.

The Graylash family had been placed on the beast planets closest to the Dalki, waiting for an attack to happen, while Quinn wasn't really given any responsibilities.

It was clear that despite having the power to be one of the world leaders, not to mention the backing of the others to help him, they didn't really utilise him in that capacity. He had been put on standby to search for Mona and was free to carry on doing as he wished.

Maybe some who had finally reached this position would be annoyed, but Quinn was perfectly happy with this sort of arrangement.

All of this had happened since Kazz had been away, and there were still no signs of her. Making him wonder what was taking so long. The only thing he could think of was that both Peter and Layla needed more time to recover.

'The king seems to be a reasonable person based on what he has done with Paul's men. I doubt he would instigate anything with those two.' Quinn pondered once again. This line of thought had been what had calmed down his worries most of the time.

He could also always rely on Leo and Edward to take care of the others and it looked like his active skill of summoning Leo was still available. He had the feeling that the system would have removed the skill if he was no longer alive.

'Either that or perhaps it would summon over his dead body… What the hell is wrong with me having such sick thoughts?'

"What are you thinking about?" Fex asked, as they were in the middle of their training session. Before Quinn had a chance to say something, Sam rushed in to inform them that Kazz had finally returned, adn alone delivering some very important news for them.

While Quinn was making his way to the command centre, he was wondering what the news could possibly be, now that she was finally here, he wanted to desperately know what had happened to the tenth family.

'I didn't think I would feel so nervous. My hands are sweaty, did living my life as Vincent really make me have such a connection with the place.' Quinn thought.

When Quinn was in the Vampire World, he felt closer to the people there, and the memories were still quite fresh in his mind. Now that he was here, where all the humans were, he had managed to sink those feelings deep down about abandoning the vampires.

'What do I do about the others that have been turned? Should I inform her beforehand? According to Fex since I'm a Vampire leader as long as I give permission it should be okay.'

The doors opened, and Kazz was standing on the top platform in the command rooms round the large table that would be used as the digital map. She was constantly tapping her foot away as if she was in a hurry or rush.

"You're finally here." She noted sternly. Often in front of Quinn and the others she would put on a childish display, but right now she seemed more mature than before.

"What happened to the tenth family?" Quinn asked, hoping that the uneasy feeling from his chest had nothing to do with the news.

"You will be able to hear the story from the others yourself.' Kazz replied, while Quinn wondered what she meant by these words.

"I have a message to deliver from Dwight the Royal Vampire knight." Kazz said. "The tenth leader, Quinn Talen is to return to the vampire settlement immediately to attend the King's eternal slumber. Afterwards, a new king shall be elected. Dwight has requested that you and all those related to the tenth family come back immediately."

It was shocking news, Quinn had noticed the Vampire King had looked old, but vampires were supposed to live for hundreds of years. The old vampire surely had at least a couple more decades in him. Whatever the case was, Quinn was now having to step up to his duties as a Vampire leader.

"What if I reject..," Quinn mumbled. It was just a thought, but he had unconsciously voiced it out. After all, everyone from the Cursed faction he had to look after was here.

"Rejection is not an option, Quinn. You're a Vampire leader, so it's your duty to return to the Vampire World in these kinds of situations.' She reminded him.

He already knew the consequence of going against them. At one point Arthur had chosen to run away from the vampires, wishing to break off, but it had come at the cost of a Great War. War meant bloodshed, and Quinn didn't wish to get the Cursed faction involved in his Vampire life.

'Arthur couldn't protect them all, and he was much stronger than me, so what chance do I stand?' Clenching his fist, Quinn felt like he had no choice. "Okay, just let me sort some things out here."

Walking around, Quinn wasn't really looking for anyone, he had told Sam, to gather everyone who was a vampire or vampire subclass away from Kazz and into his personal training room. There were those that still hadn't been seen by her and maybe they didn't need to get involved.

But from their smell alone, Kazz would be able to tell who was a vampire, and who wasn't.

'If a new king is going to be elected, does that mean I will also have to vote? What if someone like the first leader becomes the next king? What will happen then? No, I can't let that happen, otherwise what will happen to all the people Paul was trying to protect? Will the deal that he set up from before even be honored?' The more he was thinking about it the angrier Quinn was getting.

After circling around and calming down, Quinn eventually entered his private training room. Sam had complied with his order and had brought everyone into the room. Including Logan and Sil, who were still human but already involved in all of this.

The problem was, Kazz was also in the room. "Quinn, I understand why you tried to hide this, I guess some things happened, but please understand, for the moment they are safer if you bring them to the castle."

Quinn didn't know why but when she spoke these words she sounded genuine about them. "How could that be the case? A lot of these guys have never been there and you know we are hated!" He shouted back.

"That is EXACTLY the reason Quinn! Remember what happened before, when they went after Paul? I'm sorry, but you know I can't say more than this." Speaking these words it felt like Kazz was struggling internally.

"Quinn I trust her, I think it's best for us to do what she says." Paul took her side.

"Quinn, do you know how many dangerous situations we've already been in? Just think of this as a field trip." Nate commented from the side with a grin on his face.

"Yeah, and with the shadow ability you've taught all of us, we should at least be able to protect ourselves!" Alex agreed happily.

This caused Kazz to twitch slightly.

'Did he really teach them all the shadow ability? That is supposed to be the exclusive ability for the Punishers… if the other leaders find this out… maybe they will be afraid that history will repeat itself like last time.' She thought. 'Then again, maybe they will try to eradicate them to prevent them. Should… should I talk Quinn out of taking them along, after all?'

Conflicted, she ultimately decided to bite her tongue and not say anything. The order from Dwight was to bring all the vampires from the tenth family and those related and that's what she would do.

"There's a slight problem." Sam said. "If we all go then who will run the Cursed faction? Who will run the ship?"

Before, there had been trustworthy people from the Cursed faction's top brass, but now they were very few as they had all been turned, and Logan and Sil were supposed to come along with them.

In the end they were left with only one choice.

"You can't be serious, you want me to look after the whole Cursed faction by myself?!" Megan was shocked.

Technically she was one of the Crows past leaders. She had been at the leaders' table for a long time, but since there had always been those more capable than her, she had simply left it to the others.

"We all need to go away on an important task.' Sam argued. "And don't worry, you won't be completely alone. Helen will be dealing with most of the hard stuff, you will just need to make sure everything will continue running as smoothly as it has been."

Rather than a request it was pretty much an order, as the others had no choice. Heading back to the private training room, the code was inputted, and the door behind Sam was shut. The teleporter from Kazz had already been set up and everyone was ready.

Most of them carried around flasks prepared with blood and other things they needed.

Quinn was ready to head back to the vampire world, but this time with some new faces.

Linda, Wevil, Dennis, Nate, Alex and Sam had never been to the vampire world before, and while they were worried they were excited, as for the others. There was Fex, Cia, Paul, Sil and even little Borden was coming along. After Borden heard that his brother was coming to a dangerous place again, he instead on coming, and it was easy to hide him on Sil's body, in the leg like toolbox.

'A new king, huh. Maybe I'll be able to see Vincent again.' Quinn thought as he stepped through the teleporter with the rest.


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