My Vampire System
691 Three strong teams
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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691 Three strong teams

As Quinn walked off, there were many that were questioning his decision. At the same time, they couldn't really say, the one he had made was completely wrong either. There was a good chance that disputes would continue to happen based on their previous relationship, if Mantis wasn't truthful in working under the Cursed faction.

Based on his underhand methods to try and stall Quinn from coming back, Quinn felt like it was enough to not work with them. After all, soon they would be going to try and take over other planets, and it was a time when they didn't need internal fighting.

It was unlike when the Crows had joined the Cursed faction. They were willing and felt like they owed Quinn and the others. As for the Parasites, some wouldn't accept this fact.

It was a shame because of all the resources they had, but stripping the Parasites of everything was basically a death sentence to them in the way the current world was.

"A bold choice," Hector commented as Quinn walked past.

"Thank you for coming," Quinn replied respectfully. "And thank you for the information about the Blades before, I hope Owen is doing okay."

If it wasn't for Owen relaying the information of where the Blades' island was, they perhaps would have never found Vorden. The information they had given was vital in allowing them to pick the perfect time to save him.

Hector looked towards Sil for a second, who seemed to be surrounded by others who were curious about his ability. They now knew why Fex was complimenting him so much, and they were wondering how it worked. However, his face was flushed red, and Sil didn't know how to deal with the sudden interest.

"That boy, he's a Blade, correct?" Hector asked.

Quinn didn't know how to answer at this point, and he didn't know if he even should answer.

"Don't worry about it; I just hope that you came to an agreement with the Blades rather than made an enemy out of them. You have made quite a good group for yourself here, Quinn. As you get stronger, there will be more eyes on you." Hector said, looking in the direction of Helen. "A message from Owen. There's an open space for you where you can become a major powerhouse in this world. Us coming here today was betting on you becoming it. We hope our relationship in the future can continue."

With that, Hector and his men were off, leaving Quinn with a lot to think about.

[New quest received]

[Become recognised as one of the big three]

[Quest reward ????]

Maybe this is what Quinn needed to finally level up to the next evolution.


A couple of days had gone past since the event had happened. There were no disputes between the two factions, but at the same time, there were no chances for any disputes to happen. The Cursed faction had still put quests on hold until the Parasites eventually left the planet.

What Quinn didn't want was for them to use his people in any sort of way. In the meantime, they were in the command centre discussing their next move - taking over the unclaimed planets.

"At the moment, Daisy has a total of four planets, Pure have three, and are currently in the middle of taking over their fourth." Sam started to explain, showing them a part of the area of space the Crow's planet was in. The actual Cursed ship was still located nearby earth in the Graylash area. "Daisy has managed to get the other factions to submit by making deals or showing their outright strength, making it easier for them.

"Whereas Pure has been met with resistance everywhere they go. Still, even though this is the case, they have taken over the planets at a fast rate. We have confirmed that their leader has not been seen. Just as Layla and Cia reported, it is a smaller team, still they have brought with them some strong members.

"At the moment, six unclaimed planets are left nearby that have a few small factions hovering around. I have made a route, going from one planet to the next, even if we are able to beat them quickly, it's most likely that we will have time to only claim three planets by then and the other two claiming the majority.

"If this is the case, it will be a hard struggle to defend the planets we have, or convince people over to our side. "

"I think we're not being aggressive enough," Quinn said. "You said these factions weren't that strong, right? Then why do we need all of us to go there? How many factions out there could deal with an emperor tier beast. We have many past leaders here who I think could lead a small team to victory. I'm not saying to risk the lives of those that don't want to fight, but with the king tier crystals we have, with Sil and Peter, I think we have a chance."

"Are you prepared?" Paul said. "I'm not saying what you're proposing is wrong, but going about it this way will ensure people will die. You can't save everyone."

Paul was honestly surprised; surely Quinn wouldn't have suggested such a thing? He had always wanted to protect others.

"If we don't do this, then what happens?" Quinn replied. "We get taken over by Pure, or Daisy and are forced to fight. Like I said, I'm not forcing anyone to fight, I want everyone to be well aware of the risks they are taking. At least this way, we are giving people a choice, and not treating them differently for choosing not to help.

"If I have to fight alone and take on the burden for everyone, then that's my choice.'

Paul smiled, thinking Quinn sure had grown a lot. Slowly Quinn was finding his answers through all these different experiences.

With much talk, three different attack teams were made. One with Quinn taking charge with him being the main attack force, along with Paul, Kazz and Fex. In all honesty, Quinn was pretty much a one man army anyway. Blip would be leading another force. Behind him would be Dennis, Nate, and Linda. Finally, the last force would be Peter, Sil, and Borden, leaving Megan and Sam as the only two leaders left on the ship.

Quinn knew Sil would have wanted to go with him, but Sil and Quinn were too powerful. It would be a waste to put the two of them together. Sil was happy to accept though, as soon as he knew that Borden would be coming along with him.

Enough trust had been built between the members to the point where Quinn could now trust the old Crow's. Especially Sam, since being one of his turned, had to follow his orders anyway, but he didn't think Sam would do anything like that.

There was risk with their plan, all of their attacking forces would be out taking over planets as fast as they could. Meanwhile, leaving only a small team for defence on the ship. Another suggestion was made, they would move the Cursed ship through the space station and allow it to be placed near the Crow's planet. It would be a deterrent for other factions that were thinking about attacking the place.

And on top of this, the only people closest that would attack them were the Graylash family which owned the planets behind them. Based on their actions and words, Quinn thought it was unlikely that they would attack them.

With the plan all set, now all they were waiting for was for the Parasites to leave their planet. When asked what their next move would most likely be, Sam guessed that they would head to one of the planets where Daisy were located on. If they were close enough to contact them like that, then it meant Mantis at least had an in with Helen.

When the meeting had ended, everyone left the room to do their own thing. Going from the command centre across the bridge, Linda was about to go off and do her normal duties when she felt someone grab her by the wrist.

Her heart panicked for a second, as fear went through her mind.

'Is it….'

When she turned around, she could see it was her brother, calming her back down.

"Me and you need to talk sis, you can't keep running away from me. You need to explain to me what you did in that fight." Blip said.


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