My Vampire System
665 Twins special skill
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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665 Twins special skill

"Sis, since you got your go at the last one, do you mind letting me deal with our younger brother?" asked Pai.

"Ten minutes tops, after that, I'm joining in," Vicky said, as she went to sit down on top of a large rock just by the edge of the village and near the jungle.

Hearing the name, Raten, Quinn had no clue who this was, but could only assume it was one of the other personalities. If he had taken over, there had to be a reason. Quinn didn't understand exactly how the Blade's ability worked, but he knew Vicky had used a total of three different abilities. While Duncan had used two.

For Vicky, Earth, water, and he was sure of it after his blood bullet had missed, there was a third one that allowed her to dodge his shadow scythes as well. Not only that, each time she used one of the abilities it was incredibly strong.

It was like Quinn was fighting three vampire leaders at once with how powerful the abilities were and how frequent they were able to change.

However, Quinn had also seen Vorden use three abilities before as well. As long as the sister wasn't joining in and Vorden could deal with the brother, then they had a chance. More than anything, Quinn needed to heal up.

His blood bank was empty, he did have his flask filled up after killing Duncan, but he wanted to keep that for something else.

"You managed to hit me before brother, but that was because I didn't expect you to have improved so much; that won't happen again," Pai said.

Raten hadn't moved, but his body had disappeared and reappeared directly behind Pai. Now Quinn had an idea of what the ability was and why his attacks couldn't hit Vicky. Instant transportation, or a teleporting type of ability, similar to what the bone claw could do.

Raten threw a punch, but instantly, Pai used the teleport ability to move as well. Soon the fight became a chase of each one of them chasing after each other. Throwing hits but none of them connecting.

But then, Pai was the first to change his tactic, as he teleported further away, yet for some reason, Raten didn't follow him this time.

This was because Pai had more MC cells and three abilities stored. He was able to teleport further and use it for longer compared to Raten's two abilities.

Then from a great distance, he threw punches in the air. It looked like that was all Pai was doing, just punching the air away. However, Raten wasn't stupid and quickly started to dodge the so-called attacks. Soon, loud explosions could be heard and little ripples in the air could be seen.

However, the punches from Pai sped up and so did the attacks, until eventually, one of the invisible explosions had hit Raten, and soon after a few more.

When Quinn went to look at Raten, he could see his skin was almost a silver colour. He had picked up a hardening skill. The blows hurt, but the damage was lessened.

'Damn, it looks like I was able to do nothing. With him using his abilities like this, I can't fight!' Raten complained. If Pai was going to focus on fighting with his abilities, then there was one person he needed to switch with.

'Sil, are you ready?'

Suddenly, a change happened, the attacks continued to hit Ratan's body, but now it was no longer jerking him back. The hardening shine around him looked even stronger. He was resisting the attacks.

Seeing him inching forward, Pai knew what the change was.

"Sil, you finally came out then? I didn't think we would meet you so quickly." Pai now looked almost nervous.

Vorden, who was in the dark room, knew why, but In truth, Pai had nothing to worry about. The reason Pai was afraid was because they knew the old Sil. The Sil that was able to hold six abilities at once. No one knew that the Sil now was only able to hold three.

Right now, they were bluffing, and Vorden didn't really want to use this card which was why Raten had taken the seat first.

Vicky then stood up from her seat, even though the ten minutes hadn't passed yet, and she teleported by her brother's side.

"If it's you Sil, we're going to have to fight together," Vicky said, at that moment the two of them held hands.

This was what Vorden was afraid of, that the two of them would fight at there full strength against Sil. However, it was clear Raten wasn't able to do anything against Pai.

There was a reason that the two twins, were the only people to ever clear the event together. This was because they had a unique skill to them that none of the other Blade's had. When touching each other, they were able to share their abilities together, and also combine the power and ability levels.

This was what gave them the potential to be just as strong as Hilston. The fact that they could hold six abilities at once. This was also how they won the event during their time.

However, Sil was always considered better due to him being able to do so without the need of the other. If they were to be split up, then so would their power, and it greatly restricted their movements as well. It was something to be done when they wanted to finish someone off using ability alone.

"Ha ha ha," Laughter could be heard from the side where the villagers were, and it was coming from Jazz. "Vorden is screwed, he could have run away but now he stands no chance because he tried to save you."

Jazz then walked up to him, Quinn had freed him, but he still hated the fact that he was used by this group of people in the first place. If word got out to Hilston about this, there was a good chance he would be dead. Kneeling down, getting to the point where the two of them were eye level.

"I just wanted to see the scared look on your face." He was taunting Quinn, inching his face closer.

"Thank you.' Quinn replied, and the next second, his teeth had sharpened, and his fangs were lodged into the side of Jazz's neck. When consuming blood using his teeth, it entered his body a lot faster as he sucked as hard as he could.

It had been a long time since he had taken blood directly like so, his body started healing on the spot, and when he stood up, he looked at the twenty or so villagers.

"I didn't want to hurt you guys, but I need your blood."

Quinn wasn't able to go easy on some of them and eventually, he had to kill most of them, but not before having a taste of everyone's blood there. He then had to hurry with his plan.

Moving away, he took out the flask and placed it on the floor.

"Vorden!" Quinn shouted, not knowing who was in control.

Sil turned around to look at Quinn. "You're going to need this."

Vorden, Sil, and Raten were confused, and Vicky was wondering how the boy was standing, how the wounds had healed. When she looked behind, she could see all the villagers had been killed.

"That monster!!" She shouted. "We might need to get rid of him first."

Using his hardened nails, Quinn started to scratch at certain places in his body, none of them fatal wounds, but the main goal was to allow the blood to drip out of him.

One time, he had seen someone do something similar. One would have to be fully healed first to make sure they wouldn't die, then they would have to drain themselves of blood.

The meter on his system was going down fast, and then finally, it had reached the number.

[0/100 HP]

[Transformation begin]

It was the only thing Quinn could think of to get out of this situation and survive.


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