My Vampire System
648 The village elder
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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648 The village elder

Taking a break from the fighting, Logan was allowed to be placed in one of the many servant rooms in the castle. It was chosen by Brock for him to stay here, they still couldn't trust him a hundred percent, and at the end of the day, there was the chance that they would have to silence him. Although he wished there would be no need for that outcome.

If Logan did try to escape while resting for whatever reason, he was confident the servants could deal with him. Brock was sure he had seen the extent of Logan's power when fighting Vicky, but there was something else nagging on the back of his mind.

"Enjoy your time here and rest up," Brock said as he went ahead to close the door. "If you need anything, then just ask one of the maids, and I will personally come and collect you when we need to speak again."

The door was closed, and Brock looked to the two female servants that were standing by either side of the door.

"Let me know if you notice anything strange happening." The two nodded, and he was off.

While walking down the hallway, Brock looked at an item in his hand, it was a strange-looking mask. Usually, he would have thought nothing of it, what it did or if it was just an accessory, but after touching Logan, he had gained his ability.

Although difficult to use, he could still use it slightly. He had learned that this mask was definitely a communication device.

'Is he lying about coming here alone? Maybe there were others with him in that submarine after all?' Brock thought.

Once returning to his office, Brock looked at the mask again.

'You're a nice kid Logan, but if you're lying to us, then that means you are planning something. I hope that's not the case.'

A call was made, and on the other end, a young-looking man with blonde hair picked up. He wore armour over his body that was covered in fur by the joints. It was sleeveless, so his bulky muscular arms were on display, which happened to be covered in scars.

"Duncan, today the system picked up three identified objects that landed on the island. From one of them, there was a strange person. It's probably nothing, but do you mind checking and looking if there is anything you can find, specifically signs of another person in the other locations?" Brock asked.

In the background, a village could be seen. It looked as if the people were practising using their abilities, fighting with each other, and joking around and playing.

"Will you guys shut up!" Duncan said in anger shouting at them. "If one of you hit me, I swear, I will flatten you like a pancake."

The others were silent for a second while looking at Duncan, but then started to laugh and just continued.

"No one respects me around here," Duncan mumbled.

"Sure, anything to leave these ungrateful little brats. Tell me, did you find anything about the little person I asked you about?"

"Little person?" Brock paused for a second, trying to remember.

"Yeah, remember I told you there was this strong little guy, a little bigger than my foot. He was going around the island, and I haven't seen him since, but he is a big threat. He might be trying to take on the Blades!"

"Oh, the little person. I have asked around but other than you, no one else has seen this little person…" Brock paused and had this strange look as he said little person again. He just couldn't believe what Duncan was talking about. "Are you sure this person exists?"

At that point, the call ended. Duncan had hung up.

Duncan looked at the information of where the other two locations were.

"Why is everyone treating me like some crazy person? Ever since I came back and started talking about that little person, they look at me like I'm some kind of alien. I'm not an alien, that thing was an alien. That little person was real!"

Looking at where the other two locations were, he noticed one of them was on the other half of the island where the beasts lived. With the anger controlling him, he felt like blowing off some steam so decided to head towards there.

"Hey where are you going boss, are you trying to find that little man again?" One of the younger village men asked who was with a group of boys.

"He was really strong. If you're going out, you should take some abilities with you."

It was clear the group was mocking him, but he decided to turn around and head towards the largest building in the village. If he met that little man again then it would be best if he did have some abilities, he did last time, and it was the only reason why he survived his encounter, but this time he would be ready with better abilities.

The village acted as the first contact to intruders on the island. A small force of people that rarely had to act, but recently against Truedream, they had done. Because of this, rather than heading all the way back to the castle to touch a few Chained, there were also some Chained left at the village.

Mainly, the three elemental abilities. Earth, Wind and Water. There were some others that they could practice with as well, and last time Duncan had met the little man he wasn't using the elemental abilities. Duncan was able to hold two abilities at once and in the end, decided to take the earth and wind. Wind was his speciality, and Earth was always handy to have as a defence type.

Heading to the location on the marker, it wasn't long until he found part of the wreckage from the submarine, but that wasn't what he was looking for. Eventually, he found large footprints that had been placed in the mud.

Of course, this could have been made from one of the people on the island, but no one went to this part of the island unless they wanted to become beast food.

"Ah, I found it!" He shouted. Seeing something else, Duncan seemed to be more excited about this than the large footprint. Moving a leaf out of the way he could see it, what looked like two little feet walking with the larger footprints.

"I knew I wasn't crazy, just everyone wait! When I bring the little man with me, then we will see who is laughing." Duncan said.

Following the footsteps and tracks, it got harder to find them as time passed and Duncan wasn't exactly an excellent tracker. However, there was something that he was coming across while following what little tracks he could find.

Dead beasts. Beasts often fought with each other on the island, but they rarely did to the death. It would happen on occasion, but the way the bodies of the beasts had been killed and how many dead beasts he was finding, it was clear it was done by someone.

'Did the little man save whoever crashed?' That was the only conclusion Duncan could come to. After all, the little man was strong enough to fight toe to toe against him, and there weren't many in the world that could do that.

The chances of someone else accidentally coming onto the island and being that strong didn't really enter his mind.

He paused for a second and thought it was best to keep Brock updated. Lifting his hand on his digital watch, he started to make a call back to the base.

"I'm near the place that you asked me to check out," Duncan said.


"I found the little man," Duncan reported.

Nearly, dropping his whole upper body on his desk, Brock was starting to wonder if Duncan needed to go for a mental evaluation. Perhaps something happened to him recently.

"Just you wait, I'll bring him back and prove to you he's real." With that, the call was ended, and Brock had no clue whether or not another person was discovered. He attempted to call him back, but all his calls were ignored.

"Why do I have a bad feeling that something is about to happen?" Brock said to himself.

Still searching, Duncan had eventually run out of places to look. The tracks ended, and the bodies of dead beasts seemed to stop as well, but he had no clue where they went, and footsteps were heading backwards and forwards.

"Where are you!" Duncan shouted out in anger.

Suddenly, the leaves to his right ruffled, shooting out from the leaves, something had wrapped around Duncan's arm.

"I am not in the mood to deal with you," Duncan shouted. Pulling with all his strength, he yanked the creature out from the leaves and the beast could be seen.

It was a strange-looking creature that was down on all fours, similar to a large dog. By the side of its mouth, it had two tentacles green in colour one of them was attached to Duncan. On it a large snout nose, but from what Duncan could see, there were no eyes on the creature.

Lifting his other arm upward the ground raised and suddenly hardened around the beasts lega. After with his hand again, with a little flick, a slice of air came out cutting the beast's tentacle. It started to scream in pain.

But that was only for a short while, because the next second Duncan was by the beast's side and using his two hands held its snout shut.

"Shut up. Don't you dare make any noise. You're giving me a headache!' Duncan shouted.

It tried to open its snout, but when it did, Duncan used more strength pushing its upper and lower jaws together now grinding its two sets of teeth. When it stopped resisting, Duncan did as well.

"Good, now, me and you are going to make use of this big nose of yours. It should come in handy. There are people I'm looking for, and you're going to help me find it." Duncan said.

Riddled with fear and under its sheer strength, Duncan climbed aboard its back and was now riding it through the jungle. He had no ability to tame the beast, or to communicate with it, but through his own methods, it had chosen to listen to him.

"I can't wait to meet you again, little man!" Duncan said with a smile, and the beast was heading straight for the foot of the volcano. Not because it wished to listen to the man, but because there was a stronger beast there. The beast wanted to make the man pay for what it had done to him, and he knew just the beast to solve his problem.

"Come on, move quicker!" Duncan said, digging his foot into its side.

The beast certainly did move quicker, hoping to see the death of this man.


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