My Vampire System
498 Unexpected problems
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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498 Unexpected problems

Before Quinn would start the ritual, he made sure to talk with Edward about it first. Quinn had become more experienced now with turning people and the last three times, weren't exactly the best they could have been.

There was always the risk that one could turn into something difficult. But with Edward here, he did feel a lot more confident. What better place would there be to turn someone then in the tenth castle, the vampire world where they could get all the things they needed. Quinn even had Edward one of the most experienced vampire knights by his side.

So Edward had decided to gather a few things, just in case things were to go wrong. However, there was a look of concern on his face when he saw that Edward had come back with a strange crossbow. It looked to have been modified to fit in special bolts and was powered by the blue crystals he would often see.

"What's that for?" Quinn didn't really want to ask, but he knew he had to.

"As you may know, there are some evolutions that are less favourable than others." Edward replied. "I would hate for these beautiful girls to turn into something…unfavourable, but we must prepare for the worst." A clicking sound was heard, as the crossbow was sprung back and loaded with a black looking bolt inside.

But the two girls still didn't seem to be backing down and were ready to be changed. Quinn prepared them both, and was ready to start the ritual one after another. It was best to do it this way, just in case there was a problem with one of them. Maybe even both. He had cut his hand and activated the system part, ready to turn the two of them.

Closing their eyes, they lifted their heads and opened their mouths. As Quinn walked past both of them, he realised he had grown a bit in height since he had first met Erin. The evolution really did change his body.

The first one to start the process was Erin. The blood dripped down her throat, and the burning sensation feeling over her body was felt. She started to grab at her chest and knelt down, as her insides felt like they were burning.

"Control the pain!" Leo shouted. "You have gone through worse things than this. This is nothing compared to the torment you were put through. This is just physical pain. Concentrate your mind just like you do when focusing your Qi, and it will help."

She did as her teacher had told her, and she started to focus her mind. It allowed her to suppress the pain a little, but it was far worse than she had imagined. Seeing Erin's face in pain like that, was something Quinn didn't want to see.

However, after a few moments, the pain had died down, her skin had become fairer and as she lifted her head and stood from the ground. There was a big change that Quinn couldn't help but notice. That was her hair.

Before Erin, was considered a blonde-haired beauty, but now her beauty was the same as before, but her hair colour had changed to a dark brown and as for her blue eyes, they now had a tint of orange in them.

"A halfling," Edward said. "Sometimes a normal vampire for once from these things isn't such a bad thing."

But, seeing the hair colour change, Quinn wasn't so convinced Erin was just a halfling, his or the others hair colour hadn't changed.The system message that soon came up had confirmed it as well.

[Congratulations, the blood ritual was a success]

[4/10 Cursed Family members]

[You have created a Dhampir]

It was something Quinn had seen mentioned a couple of times, when the system was explaining but didn't really know what one was. Still, he could tell why Edward had mistaken her for a halfling, an evolution before a regular vampire.

Because, even standing this close to her, she felt no different from a vampire. The smell, the aura, everything was the same that was emitting from her body. With Peter and Layla, there was a difference.

If Quinn remembered correctly, a Dhampir was one of the ones that belonged to category A. They were able to go through the same evolution change that he went to, but would gain certain special skills attached to them.


[Dhampir: A Hybrid creature which is a mixture of a vampire and a human. It's hard to determine whether they are more vampire or more human. They have all the strengths of a vampire, super strength, super speed, faster regeneration. Yet at the same time, are able to withstand sunlight. It is said that some are able to adapt to the situations they are in, if they are with vampires, they will imitate and appear to be one of them. If they are with human's, their form shall revert back to what it once was.]

Reading all of this, the A.I too could see what Erin had become, he too thought she was only a halfling until he saw the message. "Quinn, don't tell the other vampires or Edward what she really is?" The A.I said.

"Why?" Quinn asked.

"Because there is another name we use for the Dhampir. We call them... Vampire hunters." The A.I replied.

And it would seem what the system said had some truth for it, as Quinn continued to read the description and abilities of the Dhampir.

[When fighting against vampires, a Dhampir's stats will increase. The Dhampir base stats are determined by its creators to start with, but then must get stronger on their own.]

Quinn started to wonder if he decided to reveal what Erin was, would Edward try to use the crossbow on her? But this didn't seem like a bad result for Quinn. If anything, it was good. Erin wouldn't have to shy away from the sun, and had gotten stronger as she wished.

Immediately after being turned, she had drawn her blade and gave a single swing in the air. The sound was so sharp, the moment was so fast. She had paused as soon as her sword was about to hit the ground.

"It's perfect."

Putting her sword away, she walked back over to where Leo and Layla were standing by the side.

One was out of the way, and finally, it was time to turn Cia. Standing in front of her, she now looked nervous, not as confident as before. Perhaps because she had seen how much pain Erin was in, and Cia didn't know how to use Qi so it would be far worse for her.

But she closed her eyes, and opened her mouth waiting for the blood.

"Here goes." Quinn said, as the blood dripped into her mouth.

The same feeling as Erin, started all over Cia's body, but her body was far weaker, and instead of going down to her knees, she had collapsed down on the floor and was scrunching up in and out screaming in pain.

The screaming continued and continued, and it sounded like she was going to rip her voice out.

"It wasn't this bad when I did it right?" Layla said, worried at just how hard Cia was screaming. She would continue to scream and every so often stop to cough and when she did, a few specks of blood from her throat could be seen with it.

"Come on Cia. I know you can do it!" Layla shouted.

Seeing how much pain she was in, Leo decided to come forward. He placed his hands on top of her and started to concentrate, putting a tiny amount of his own Qi inside her. It was the same thing he had once done to Quinn.

The reason for him doing this, was so he could control her pain a bit more. Maybe he could use the Qi inside her body to calm her down. Holding on to her tightly, it seemed to be working slightly. She wasn't moving about as much, but the screams continued.

"What is going on here?" Vorden said as he entered through the doors into the dining room. Behind him, was Peter, and Logan. They had rushed over once they heard the screaming thinking that maybe something was wrong.

At that moment, the evolution had stopped, and at the same time, the screaming did too. Leo could feel he had done all he could and let go of her, moving back in place to the others.

The three boys who had entered had moved along to the front to see what was happening.

At that moment, Cia suddenly stood on her two feet. Her short hair but long fringe was covering her face, and they were unable to see her eyes.

That's when a sound was heard….

Cia gripped both of her fists, and at the top of her lungs, let out an almighty scream. A scream so loud the others thought their eardrums were going to burst, and they were sure anyone who was in the castle would have been able to hear it.

The scream wasn't a short little burst like before and instead, it was one large one. The ones being affected most by this, were the ones with sensitive hearing. The vampires and the subclasses. They all could hardly move and had gathered hands placed over their ears.

As for Edward, he had the crossbow in his hand, with the bolt already loaded, and before Quinn knew it, he had already pulled the trigger firing off the bolt towards Cia.


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    《My Vampire System》