My Vampire System
486 The great king
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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486 The great king

The sun had fallen, and in its place, the night sky rose. A city full of people and life, but there were no lights, no sign of any modern technology: nothing but torches and candles to keep the darkness away. Right by the city side was a cliff, and on top of that, Cliff stood a large castle. Making it the highest point and allowing it to be seen from everywhere.

Inside currently resided the king, one known as King Arthur. There was no king as popular with the people as Arthur was. He would regularly go visit the people in the city, check on their well being no matter what house they would have come from. Poor background, Nobel, or even if one had run away from another country. Arthur didn't care for that, and he treated everyone with a blank canvas as he met them.

He genuinely cared for these people, and in return, they cared for him. On top of this, he had protected the country as well as the city from incoming attacks again and again. And he was not one to shy away from the battle field.

He himself would often join the battlefield fighting by the side of those with him. Knowing he protected his people. Swinging his sword, but he never forgot the blood of those people he had killed.

Right now, an important meeting was taking place in the castle. Inside a large room, Arthur sat on the biggest chair at a round table. While his advisors, some of the smartest men in the country were there by his side to guide him.

"Another ship was spotted around the outskirts, and it looks like they have finally made enough preparations to start an attack." One of the men in robes said. While they dressed in robes, Arthur himself mostly stayed in his knightly armour.

"How many men?" Arthur asked.

"Around 100,000." He replied.

A worried look had entered Arthurs's heart.

"That's twice the size of our own," Arthur said.

A slam was heard on the table by a slightly larger man off to the side.

"We shall fight them off and protect this country as we have always done."

Some mumbled in agreement while others seemed to be concerned, about the size of the army.

"Is there not anything we can do to stop them? How about a trade deal of some sort?"

"They will just take our things and try to fight us anyway." Another complained.

It looked as if the room was split in a decision on what they should do with the neighbouring country that seemed to be preparing for an attack. Which meant the decision ultimately came down to the king.

"We have never faced an army of this size before. It's not that I fear we will lose if we confront them, but its the fact of, what we will lose. The people, they will be hit heaviest by this, and we must think of them first." Arthur explained.

The discussion had continued on for about an hour or so and it looked like no decision was made, in the end, Arthur had asked for all of them to leave while he would sleep on it for the night.

He sat alone on his table with candles lighting up each area of the seats including his own.

'What do I do?' While deep in thought, he saw several of the candle's flicker, as if a gust of wind had drafted in from outside.

He could sense it, something had come in the room with him. Immediately he had drawn his sword that he always kept with him by his side.

"I know you are there. I will warn you. Many assassins have been sent after me, and they now are unable to wake up and see the sun rise another day." Arthur shouted as he waited for a response. He knew something was there, but he couldn't see them at all. If only there was more light.

"That's okay, we never see the sun much anyway." A voice was heard, and finally, he could see three figures dressed in black robes, looking like monks standing in front of him.

"We are here to…" but before the vampire could say his words, Arthur had already come forward swinging at him.

A discussion was not needed for those that would come to him in the middle of the night. The people that often did only had one goal when seeing him. Death.

Seeing the object at the last second the roobed man was able to dodge, but the attack was faster then he thought, and it had hit the end of his robe, cutting it.

"How dare you try to hurt me, I should kill you!" But the other vampire stood in front, stopping him before he could say anything else.

"It was your fault for reacting that slow. Remember why we are here?" The other said.

"We have heard many things about you, Arthur, but we are not here to fight." One of the robed men said as he walked towards him. Arthur swung his sword again, but this time, the man simply held the sword with his two fingers grabbing it.

"Although you are certainly skilful for a human. It means nothing when compared to us."

Just then, glowing red eyes could be seen inside the hood. Arthur tried to pull his sword away, but his strength, his skills that he had been training for years were useless.

"Demons, why are you here?" Arthur had heard stories, and he had even slain a few himself from time to time, but he had never met ones that moved so fast or were so powerful. This was because Arthur had been fighting against regular vampires and not the firsts.

"Demons, those are for the weak of our kind, we prefer the term, Vampire." the man replied."It looks like you are in some trouble and perhaps we can help you, how about a trade?"

"Trading with demons like you, who give up your power and forsake our god. No thanks, I don't crave power so much that I would make a deal with the devil." Arthur replied angrily, and now he was using his full strength and slowly, the sword was starting to slip from the vampire's fingers.

'He certainly lives up to his name. He is an impressive human indeed.' The vampire thought.

"Arthur, you make it sound like you have a choice in the matter, but honestly you don't. When you can't control yourself, come looking for us by the cave about a mile out from here through the forest. I'm sure you will be able to smell us by then."

Arthur thought these people were crazy. Why would he seek them out for help, and what were they talking about, a smell? He understood nothing, and at that moment, the vampire had let go of the sword and started to walk away.

Seeing that there were three of them and looking like their goal was not his life. Arthur decided it was best to not attack further and risk his life. His people needed him alive. If he was to die, then the people had no chance.

"Eno, you may proceed with the ritual."

As another robbed man stepped forward, once again he could see the red glowing lights and the rest of the night from then on was a blur.

Outside of the castle, the three vampires were returning to the others.

"Are you sure it was a success, a lot of this is counting on you Eno."

"Yes I'm sure." Eno replied. "You will see, in a couple of days time, he will come out to us. Using us to do everything we can to help him. We will be his lifeline, we will be the hand that reaches out to him and helps him in his time of need and in return, he can then help us.

The next day had arrived, and when Arthur woke, he found himself in his bedroom. The maid had come into his room with a knock before entering as usual, and he was starting to wonder if what had happened yesterday was a dream or not.

Everything had seemed so real and fake at the same time.

"Why don't I just go draw the curtains for you, your majesty." Opening up the curtains, the bright sun started to shine through, and it gently went on the surface of Arthurs skin.

In an instant, he felt a slight burning sensation, and it started to feel itchy. The longer he stayed in it, the weaker he was starting to feel, and he was now starting to sweat.

"What is going on, what is happening to me?" Arthur thought.


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