My Vampire System
439 For and Against!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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439 For and Against!

As Jin continued to run through the tunnel as fast as he could, the last thing he saw was the backs of the two boys, and a few seconds after, the tunnel had sealed up once again.

"Damn it!" Jin shouted in frustration as he tried to look around and figure out what part of the tunnel he was in. First, he tried his own combination that the tunnels underneath his castle used. It was a long shot, but he was going to try anyway. As expected, it was useless, and the door remained shut.

"Which family does this combination even belong to, and how did they even know it in the first place. Is someone really working with the punishers again? Is it the thirteenth family, but then why would they give us access?"

Staying by the door, Jin waited until more people arrived and the first to arrive was Sunny, leader of the fifth family. Just from the look on Jin's face and the sealed door he was standing in front of, she knew something was up.

"Did they get away then?" She asked.

"Yeah, and they went through there," Jin replied. "Do you have any idea where this leads to? I don't even know the combination and all of the thirteenth area locks should have auto granted access right now."

"I'm sorry, but I think its best if you ask Muka." She replied.

Right now, the two boys would have been long gone, and it looked like it would be a while before any others arrived.

"What about on your end?" Jin asked.

"Fex has safely been transported to the main castle." Said Sunny. "No one tried to intervene, and everything went as planned."

Hearing this, Jin was wondering what their goal was. Why they needed to save the Wight and at the same time, why did Fex try to protect the Wight's creator? Jin thought for sure they would try to also save Fex. But judging by what happened, everything was all the actions of a single vampire.


t would explain why no one had gone after Fex.

Knowing this, Jin wished he would have been less cautious, if there wasn't any others helping with the breakout, then he had nothing to worry about.

With nothing else to do, the two of them decided to return and pass on the information onto the others. Once again, another meeting had been called between the leaders.

Inside the council room, they had all been updated on the current situation of how Peter, the Wight, had been rescued by the punisher. It came as quite a surprise to a lot of them. They thought that the two matters were unrelated, and it started to cause great confusion amongst the leaders.

After everyone had been updated, the ninth leader of the Fortuna family stood to speak. The Fortuna family were the ones who were in charge of the underground tunnels as well as keeping the prisoners locked underground at bay.

The person who stood up, was the leader, Muka. He had heavy black armour that covered his entire body from head to toe and was built like a thick brick house. He was wider than the others but not short either. As for his weapon, it looked like a giant club on his back. There was nothing special looking about the club. It was plain and blunt, the top half was thick, while the handle area was thin.

"We have looked into where the tunnel the two boys went to leads to, and it looks like it belongs to the tenths family castle," Muka explained.

The others started to mumble and talk to each other, and a few of them even looked at the empty tenth seat, while the torch above still shined brightly.

"But then how did they know about the combination?" one of the leaders complained. "And why did the punisher choose to save that boy!"

Most of the leaders had the same thought, and they were looking to Muka for answers, mostly since his family were ones who knew the combinations to all of the locks in the tunnels. There were only a few possibilities they could come up with after all.

"Could someone be planning another uprising?" One of the leaders whispered at just the wrong time as everyone went silent.

In response to this, Bryce slammed the cane down, making the bickering stop.

"There is a simple solution to this all," Bryce said. "We shall enter the castle area and search every area until we find the two of them. No one shall be allowed to enter or leave in the meantime."

After making this suggestion, the room fell silent. It wasn't a suggestion that was welcomed like one might have suspected, and the first one to speak was Muka himself.

"I'm afraid I will have to disagree with this proposal," Muka replied. "Each castle area and its outer area is governed by the family leader. Without permission from the leader themselves, we can not enter."

This was the reason why the others remained silent as well. It wasn't only a great offence to enter a family's residence without permission, but quite possibly a war inducing one as well.

"Don't be ridiculous." Bryce snapped back. "There is no current leader governing the tenths home. Who would we get permission from?"

Although words won't spoken from the other leaders just yet, they all looked towards the flame that continued to burn above the tenth's seat. Bryce realised his mistake, there was, in fact, a 10th leader, they just didn't know who or where they were.

"Although I wish to catch the punisher kid, I wholeheartedly agree with Muka," Jin said. "If we break the rules and allow for this to happen, then what happens when it becomes a matter involving our own family. If we are not present then will you invade our own personal areas as well?"

After Jin spoke these words, there were quite a few in support of what he had said, while there were also others who had agreed with Bryce, the first leader.

"But, this is an important matter involving a possible traitor, sometimes there must be exceptions to the rule!" One complained.

"Very well," Bryce said. "Then we shall put it to a council vote. Those against the idea of invading the tenths castle area and those surrounding it, in search for the punisher and traitor...please raise your hand."

At the same time, six of the leaders raised their hand, this included Muka, the 9th leader. Jin, the 4th leader, Sunny, the 5th leader, Lee, the 13th leader, and the very last two were the 2nd and 11th leaders.

As for everyone else, including Bryce, the first leader, they were for invading the castle. "A split decision. Bryce said. I believe that gives me the final say, right?"

"Not Quite." Muka interrupted. "I believe although the tenth leader is not here, they would have a vote as well, and considering it would be his castle, we were invading. I believe it's safe to say he would be against the idea. Either way, When a vote is split like this, then that means it would fall to the king, not you, Bryce. Although you may act on his behalf and are his messenger from time to time, please do not let that get to your head. You are not the king."

The hands that were both placed on top of Bryce's gain tightened, and the veins could be seen bulging out as the grip tightened. "Very well, I think without the tenth hear it's impossible to cast his vote for him, So I shall go and ask the king for his decision. In the meantime, a team shall be placed in the surrounding area of the tenths castle. Keeping an eye on those that enter and leave."

The meeting was over, and the leaders had all left the room. However, they had a feeling for some reason this wouldn't be the last meeting, and soon they would be meeting up once again.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Peter had finally made their way approaching another circular door. The system told them the code to the door once again, and they had finally exited. This time, when exiting, they appeared to be in the middle of a strange alleyway. Walking out from the alleyway, the two of them looked around cautiously.

They could see a few people walking past on the streets, But Quinn recognised that there wasn't nearly as many as before when walking through the main area of the city. Just one or two people.

"Here take this," Quinn said as he opened up his void and pulled out one of the masks that Logan had created. He then proceeded to take off his own as well, he ripped part of his sleeve and wrapped it around the bottom of his face. Although it might look strange, it was better than them seeing what Quinn looked like.

Due to Peter being caught, many of the leaders knew of Quinn's appearance, as for Peter. He had now transformed his face into the student known as Pio. Here no one knew who Pio was. So if they saw him, they would think he was just like them.

"What should we do now?" Quinn thought as he didn't know where to go. The connection with Layla could still be felt, but it was quite far away to meet up with the others, and he still had no information about what was happening to Fex.

"For now, head to the tenth castle. I think we might be able to ask for some help there." The system said.

"To the castle, what makes you so sure that they will help?" Quinn replied.

"Because I used to be the leader of this castle, Quinn…. And now you are their leader as well." The system finally gave the answer Quinn had been waiting for.


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