My Vampire System
416 I said Sit!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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416 I said Sit!

MVS 416

It was the middle of the night. Even though there was not much difference between night and day here, the students were resting away. The adult vampires who had better control and such didn't need much rest or sleep. But the young ones including Quinn still slept every day just like people did.

Resting away, Quinn was suddenly woken up by a few trees's shaking. At first it didn't bother him as he thought he could just sleep through it, but then he could hear the sound of one of the tents unzipping from his left side. Knowing who was staying by his side, he decided to check it out and unzip his own tent.

To his surprise, he could see the black rabbit that he tried to kill earlier leaving Rokene's tent and heading back into the forest. Just as it entered the forest Rokene was about to head back to his own tent, but not before he saw Buinn catching him in the strange act.

Not wanting to get in trouble, he thought perhaps he could explain to Buinn what exactly he was doing. Waving his hand towards him, Rokene invited him into the same tent.

As he stepped inside, there was a single bed on the floor and a few crystals by his pillow side. Sitting on the floor, he started to explain himself.

"So what were you doing exactly?" Quinn asked.

"Look, I wasn't doing anything bad. I was just using our spare time to collect crystals, and my familiar helps me. There's nothing wrong with that right. Just if Clark the instructor was to find out, he might tell me to stop since we're technically not meant to be doing these sort of things."

Seeing the crystals by the side of his pillow, Quinn was starting to understand. The rustling noises was the black rabbit coming back and forth. Most likely moving the crystals here to the cave that he found earlier, his secret stash. The real question though was: Why? Why did someone need so many crystals?

"Okay, don't worry too much, I won't tell Clark." Quinn replied.

"Thank you." Rokene said with a relieved look on his face. It seemed like if he was to stop doing what he was doing, it would have really affected him.

"But let me ask, why are you so crazy about beast crystals?" Quinn asked, thinking that maybe there was something he knew, or there was a use for it that perhaps he could use for himself.

"… This might sound stupid right but don't laugh.." Rokene said. "I'm trying to save up so I can eventually leave this place. So I can have a life outside. I don't want to be here with everyone else." This was something big on his chest, something he wanted to tell someone desperate for so long and finally telling someone it felt good.

"You know I'm from the fourth family, so you probably know we have the crappy ability to talk to animals and beasts. The other families always laughed at us, and there has never been a king selected from the fourth family. I hear there is even a human ability that allows them to control animals and beasts, so what's the use of talking to them?

"So you see, I'm not gifted or anything, the reason I could and always have been able to get a familiar is because of my ability. Because of this, the other kids who know about this chose to ignore me, making me feel like I'm someone from one of the tenth's family."

It was clear he had been holding in these feelings for a long time. It was perhaps the reason why he was always angry all the time. All these feelings inside were bottling up, and he was releasing it out by shouting all the time.

"You know it's funny." Rokene started again. "The hatred, the ignoring, always seemed to shift. At first it was the fourths family, then the tenths, and then because of what happened with Fex, now everyone seems to hate the thirteenth family. Why does there always have to be one, why can't we all just get along?"

The questions Rokene was asking now, Quinn himself used to ask the same questions everyday through his school life. It didn't make sense to him, and eventually he wanted to change all that. The other thing that Quinn was interested in was hearing the name Fex, but now was not the right time to ask about him. However, it seemed like what he had done had not only affected himself but those involved in his family based on Rokene's remarks.

The two sat there in quiet for a while, allowing Rokene to calm down a little. Quinn wanted to say things to comfort him, but once being in the same position before, he knew that the words would do nothing. No matter how much someone said they understood how you felt, it never felt real.

Suddenly, Rokene grabbed his neck, and he felt like he was slightly choking as he fell to the floor.

"What's happening, are you okay!" Quinn said panicking, not knowing what to do.

After a few seconds, it seemed like Rokene was now okay as he lifted himself off the floor and he could breathe again. He continually touched his neck where his collar would usually stay and a stunned look was on his face.

"My familiar!." He said. "Someone's killed my familiar."

With the link in place, even though familiars couldn't technically die as long as their partner was alive, they could still feel part of the pain and loss. It would be some time before Rokene would be able to summon him again. While thinking of the possibilities of what might have happened, a few boys' laughter could be heard outside.

Both Quinn and Rokene immediately rushed outside, and could see the three boys coming out from the edge of the forest. The one in front had a crystal in his hand and he was freely chucking it up and down, catching it as he walked.

"That felt great!" the boy at the front said." I thought it would be a bit harder but…"

"You!" Rokene shouted as he ran as fast as he could up to them. "You killed my familiar, and that's my…" But he stopped himself before claiming the crystal was his.

The loud noise had caused the others who were still sleeping to wake up and come out of their tents. Taking a look at the commotion that was brewing outside. Quinn, seeing that things could get nasty, especially since there were three of them and only one of him. Now, standing by his side, he felt like he could back him up. He didn't know why, but he wanted to help Rokene, perhaps because he reminded him so much of himself when he was younger.

The dreams he had weren't crazy or far-fetched, he just needed people by his side to prove that they could happen.

"Oh yeah, so do you have any proof that I did this?" The boy said as he continued to laugh with the other two behind him.

The student that was laughing was called Siryus, and he was one of the few descendents that nearly all of them knew. A direct descendant of the first family. Quite possibly the current strongest family out of all the thirteen. Not only that, he had a reputation already for being a serious troublemaker, and not one like Fex who would just get into mischief.

With his eyebrows furrowed and scorning at him, Quinn could see Rokene wanted to do something, but he was holding back. Placing two fingers in his mouth, he blew. At first Quinn thought he would hear a whistle but could hear nothing. Then in the next second a bird flew from the forest in the direction that the boys had come from and landed on the top of his head.

"Did this person kill a little black rabbit?" Rokene said, pointing at Siyrus.

"Kaw!" The bird squawked and flapped its wings.

"Haha you idiot, just cause you can understand them doesn't mean we can as well." Siyrus replied.

"One Kaw for yes, two for no, do you understand?" Rokene asked.


"Is this person a boy?"


"Is he a girl?"

"Kaw, Kaw."

"Are there four boys in front of me?"

"Kaw, Kaw."

"I think you get the point, this bird is a lot smarter than you. Although your brain might be bigger, it doesn't mean it's better." Rokene said.

At this point, the confrontation had gotten too interesting for the other students that they were now all out of their tents watching what was going on.

"Hey, as long as your bird doesn't speak English, you can't prove Jack. For all we know, you're using your crappy ability on it."

For a brief second, Rokene looked around hoping that anyone, maybe someone would come to his aide but why would they. Clenching his fist, he hated that he couldn't change the situation he was in. Then the sound of a few footsteps from his side was heard pressing against the grass.

"Tell him, did you kill his familiar, the little black rabbit?" Quinn asked, walking towards them. With each step, his heart was pumping and his blood was boiling. The type of people in front of him now, he hated the most.

"Who the hell are you?" Siyrus said, as he was about to laugh at his friends at this joker coming towards him.

"You'll listen to what I say….�� The next second his eyes glowed red as he shouted his command. "Sit!" In nearly an instant, as if his body had lost control. Siyrus was down on the floor, sitting down.


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    《My Vampire System》