My Vampire System
400 Vampire school
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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400 Vampire school

Walking through the forest, the group and the two vampires were now travelling together. Not much was said apart from their initial reaction. One because of how much of an urgency they seemed to be in, and two, because the others didn't want to say anything either.

At first, they were running through the forest, they were now not travelling up in the trees but by foot, and every so often they seemed to stop to check their position. This was good for some of the others, as they felt like they were outright sprinting just to keep up, rather than jogging, but soon they started to slow down as they got closer to their destination.

Without saying much more, the group felt like they had no choice but to follow the students in front of them. They all had no clue how the vampires' system worked, but one thing was clear, they were mistaken as students.

Vorden while looking at the others couldn't really blame them either. Apart from him, the others looked like kids, perhaps even younger. Especially Logan with his short body frame and small limbs. He was surprised he didn't get mistaken for a middle schooler more often.

The good news was that the group wasn't too far away from the location that they needed to go, but then while following Fred, he noticed that they took a slight detour. Right now they were not heading towards the large city at all, but off to the side.

"Come on, you slowpokes!" Fred said, annoyed. "I know we're nice to show you the quickest way and everything, but we don't want to be late."

Just then, as they had exited out of the forest, the trees started to clear and they could see what only looked like a regular school campus. Maybe regular wasn't the correct word, as it seemed like the building was built in an old Victorian style. There were a total of four separate buildings. In front of that was a large open dirt field. A couple of hundreds of students could be seen walking inside.

And off to the side of the main building, there were three old buildings to the right, some of the students were heading that way as well but far fewer.

"Well, we got you here." Snow said. "So don't blame us if you don't hurry it up."

The two quickly fled ahead and went to enter the school.

"What do we do?" Layla asked. "This isn't the main city, right?"

"By my calculation." Logan replied. "It shouldn't be too far from here, it should only be a few hundred meters to the right."

"So should we just leave?" Cia asked, as she continually looked at the students, although she had to admit most of them looked just like regular humans, but just as she thought this. She spotted a strange female student with wings and a tail on her back going off into one of the buildings. 'No they're not normal at all.'

"Maybe that's not a good idea." Vorden said. "We don't know the vampires' rules. Maybe all students around our age are required to go to school. If we were spotted around town, it would raise suspicion. Right now we know nothing about this world and it could be a good chance to learn more about it."

They knew Vorden spoke good sense. The humans had a drafting system themselves, and even in the past there were some countries that had laws that were different from others. The worst thing they could do is offend someone without knowing it, causing a big issue while they were here.

"But, won't they know we aren't meant to be part of the school?" Layla said.

"You can leave that to me." Logan replied. "There's bound to be a computer system somewhere. It's clear they use technology, based on the teleporters it might even be better than our own. Also, I think we all missed one big point. Fex was the same age as us. Surely he went to school as well. This could be the perfect opportunity to learn what happened to him, or what is going to happen to him. We can regroup with Quinn and leave this place later once we find everything."

With that said, the decision would be made, for now, they would pretend to be students learning about the vampire ways and world, also while trying to gather information on Fex.

"Oh, and one more important thing, I don't think I need to say this, but I thought so just in case." Logan said. "Remember to spray yourself, every four hours, the maximum limit is five, don't let anyone see you doing this unless you have to, and lastly, although the spray can cover up your outside smell it can't cover up what's inside you."

The girls looked a little confused about this.

"I'm talking about your blood, don't go causing trouble, don't start any fights. If they catch a whiff of our actual blood, I'm sure the whole place will know in seconds that we are humans."

They all nodded and understood, and it took a few seconds more for Cia than the others to pluck up the courage to start moving forward. But as long as she had Layla by her side, she knew she would be okay. As she turned her head to take a look at her, she gave a smile.

As the group walked towards the school together, they made sure to stay close. It wasn't much of a problem as kids often travelled in groups so it didn't look too suspicious, but suddenly as they entered the middle of the field they heard a scream.

"Ahhhh!" A group of shrieks at the same time was made.

As the group turned their heads to see what was happening, it was a group of five girls who looked a little odd. Some of them had tails, while others had more vampiric or demonic features. Even a bit of red skin on one of them.

'Did they find us out, this soon already?' Vorden thought as he started to feel his back sweating a little.

Then one of the girls lifted their hands and pointed at Layla while they continued to scream, and the next second they had rushed over.

"Oh my god, oh my god!" The girl at the front said. She was a blonde girl, with a fairly large rack and had her shirt open, revealing it as so. One of the most unusual features was the single horn on top of her head and the red tail that came out from her behind.

'Wouldn't you want to just stick your head in those and shake them about!' Raten said!

Vorden honestly, didn't have a response, and looked away from the girl, so Raten could no longer see. Although this didn't go unnoticed by the blonde girl in the front and she quickly moved over to the side, and started to go up Vorden's leg with the end of her tail.

"Please, don't." Vorden said having grabbed the tail before it could do anything else.

"Pft, you're no fun." the girl said as she went back to the other girls who had practically surrounded Layla and shunned Cia out of the circle. Cia was constantly trying to get in so she could stay close, but she couldn't in the end.

"I can't believe it." One of them said as she placed her hands and started to touch the two small bumps on her forehead. "They're real."

The group of girls continued to stare at Layla as if they were star struck, and Layla didn't know how to deal with this at all, as she continued to fidget, but didn't want to try to shove her way out of the circle.

"Are you really a Hannya?" One of the girls asked.

Layla knew what she was after Logan and Quinn had informed her. She then went on to do some research of her own, and she was indeed the Hannya thing that they were referring to.

"Uh, Yes I am." Layla replied, in a soft shy voice.

"Wow, so she really is one, I've never seen one, weren't they meant to be all ugly, but this one is so pretty." Another girl said.

"Come on." The blonde girl in front said as she grabbed Layla by the hand. She started to drag her off to one of the buildings located to the side. "We'll look after you, otherwise these scary boring boys will take advantage of you." She then quickly pulled her tongue out at Vorden, who's face had gone red at this point.

"Wait!" Cia shouted, but Logan quickly stopped her from saying anything else.

Logan noticed that the building they were heading to wasn't the same building that Fred and Snow had gone into. On closer inspection, it looked like different types of people were heading into different buildings.

As Layla was being pulled away, she had to ask.

"What's going on, aren't we supposed to go to the main building?" Layla said.

"Don't be silly." The blonde girl replied. "That's only for vampires, we're subclasses, you have Category A over there, then building B and us are in C. Looks like you didn't pay much attention to the information they sent to your home, but don't you worry, we'll look after you."

Layla then turned her head, as she continued to be dragged away from the others, with a concerned look on her face. She had been separated from the group.

But she wasn't the only one that was affected, as Cia too now felt like she was alone.


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    《My Vampire System》