My Vampire System
322 Finding power
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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322 Finding power

In the middle of Fex's explanation, after hearing and learning that the matter had something to do with Quinn, a particular person had found out that he could be in trouble. In the dark backroom of Vorden's mind, Sil had stood up and was interested in what they had to say.

Most things seemed uninteresting to him, and with nothing happening so far that relied on Vorden using him, he had remained quiet.

He listened carefully while standing by Vorden on his left side and Raten was thier on his right. The explanation had just finished as Fex asked Vorden to gather Quinn's blood.

"Well...of course, we're not going to agree to that right?" Raten asked. "Hey, I know I'm crazy, and I'll fight anything, but do you remember what happened last time? He turned into that bald-headed monster. Sorry, but I'm not fighting in this one."

"Raten, didn't you just say you would fight anything?" Vorden replied back, annoyed.

"Sorry... I refuse to fight anything that's that ugly with no plus side. At least when fighting a beast we get a crystal out of it. A human, well that's just fun, but that."

After hearing what Raten had to say, Vorden was concerned and was hesitant whether or not to agree to the plan. Quinn was definitely strong. If it was the Quinn from a few months back, then maybe without Raten's help and a strong ability, he would be able to knock Quinn out and gather some blood.

Right now, he would need at least two strong abilities to increase his chances. It wasn't just a question of winning such a fight, but being strong enough to overpower Quinn to the point where he could win without having to badly hurt him.

He could always try to find an excuse to ask about the blood, but he couldn't think of anything right now and needed a backup plan in case that didn't work.

It looked like Fex's suggestion of beating and knocking him out was the best one. The question was whether he could do it without Raten's help.

"Say, we'll do it,��� Sil said all of a sudden.

This response came as a surprise to Vorden. The whole reason they had gotten close with Quinn in the first place was due to the way Sil saw Quinn.

"If we don't do this, the bad people will take Quinn away, right?" Sil asked.

It seemed like he had understood more than he thought. Vorden felt bad for underestimating Sil. Maybe he was slowly getting better. His mind returning to what it once was.

"Yes, you're right. If we do this, then the bad people won't take Quinn away."

With Sil agreeing to help and fight Quinn just in case, they decided to take the job and get the flask.

Vorden asked Layla to head back to her hotel room and prepare whatever she thought might help. In her room, there were still a few items she had from Pure that should be able to help block out the cameras around the place. The truth was, Vorden just wanted Layla to leave him alone while he made some preparations of his own. He didn't actually expect her to have some useful things.

If there was the chance he was going to fight Quinn, then he needed the strongest powers he could find, and he knew just the place to get them.

Inside her hotel room, Layla went under her bed and pulled out what looked like a small metal box. On the front was a keypad where she proceeded to input the code in her mind. Soon, the small metal box was opened, revealing the black ball that was usually in there.

This time though, the black ball looked a little different than before, as a blue flashing light was blinking on the front. This indicated that there had been a message left on it. Placing the blinking black ball on her bed, she chose to ignore it.

'No, I am no longer a part of Pure or that life.' With her palm faced towards the ball, she started to concentrate. Slowly, components of the black ball were being pulled out piece by piece. They were gradually lifted away from the black ball and eventually, the ball stopped blinking.

Inside the box, there were still a few more things inside. She quickly grabbed them and placed it in the pouch around her waist. They were special tools that she had been trained with her whole life, although she hadn't used them that much since it was her first mission and she hadn't really been given any tasks.

She quickly went to leave the room to meet up with Vorden at their designated spot. But before doing so, she turned around one more time and took a look at the black ball. As she closed the door, she muttered,

"Goodbye, Agent 100."

Most of the students were still outside enjoying the atmosphere, checking out the stalls and playing all the games. It was busier than the first day because the public had also been invited to check out the place as well. It wasn't too late, and everyone was filled with excitement.

However, Vorden was not one of these people. He continuously looked around the area to see if he could find the person he was looking for. Eventually, on his way to his destination, his search had led him back to the Block, Block game Quinn had played the other day.

There were more people stationed outside, and there was even a large queue. It seemed like the video had made the game go viral. While looking at the line, he could only see students making up the majority of the queue. There were some with high levels on their wristwatch, but he couldn't tell what their abilities were just by looking at them.

It was a shame that Berg, one of the Sunshield fire users, was taking part in the fighting tournament. The strongest students currently in the school were all underneath the arena and were in that event.

This meant Vorden only had one choice, but had no idea where to find them. However, it looked like luck hadn't given up on him yet, for the girly looking man who sat by them today, was also by the gaming area.

'Wasn't he one of the four leaders, the leader of the Graylash family? Owen, if I remember correctly?' Vorden thought.

Owen was wearing what looked like a fairly large traditional-looking gown. It covered him from his shoulders and went all the way down to his feet. It was white in colour and suited him well, but only made his girly features stand out more.

While Vorden was looking in his direction, the two pairs of eyes seemed to catch each other, and the man gave a wink.

Owen had left the booth of the game he was watching and decided to walk over towards Vorden. Seeing this, Vorden strangely chose to walk away from the premises, up to the ledge where there were next to no people.

'Oh, he wants me to follow him, huh. Well, this should be interesting,' Owen thought.

Owen decided to play along with whatever games the student had, remembering that both he and the other one had reacted strongly after witnessing the video. He had returned to the gaming area tonight, expecting for the student to perhaps return, gaming for he was the one in the video. The other students thought of the same thing, but it looked like that wouldn't be happening.

All the other students seemed dull and boring after witnessing the video.

As soon as the man had come over, without saying a word, Vorden had gone in for a quick and unsuspected grab. All he needed to do was get in a single touch, and the powers would be copied.

It was truly unexpected. Owen had expected that the student only wanted to talk, but his reactions were far quicker than the boys. Releasing that Vorden's intent was not to hurt him, he quickly thought that there must have been some other reason for this strange attack. There was no power behind this strike, and it was too sudden in front of too many people.

Owen quickly opened up his gown, and from his waist, he pulled out a metallic fan. He quickly spread it open and blocked Vorden's fingers from touching him.

However, Vorden was persistent and tried again with his other hand, but that too was knocked away. Not knowing Vorden's true intentions, Owen stepped back and initiated a small spark in his right hand. It was out of sight for others to see since his body was blocking most of it, plus he had purposely made it very small.

It was a warning. If Vorden tried to strike again, he wouldn't hesitate to use his powers.

'I have no choice,' Vorden thought. 'This is for Quinn.'

The look in Vorden's eyes suddenly changed, even being felt by Owen. He had never felt such a strong presence come from a student before. He thought that he was right to think those kids from before were interesting. Using the fan, he covered the bright smile on his face. Never before had a student made him feel this way.

"My name is Vorden Blade from the Blade family. Using my name, I request you to stand down. Answer my request and give me your hand."

Upon hearing the words spoken from the student, he now knew it was no laughing matter. The smile he had before dropped in an instant, and as quick as the smile had dropped, so did Owen with his request and gave Vorden his hand.


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    《My Vampire System》