My Vampire System
277 Upcoming Even
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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277 Upcoming Even

Hearing the shocking news that Fex had just failed, Quinn was busy pondering what to do. There was always the chance that something like this might happen. Perhaps a high level would see them, and they would be unable to deal with it in the usual way.

This thought was always on the back of Quinn's mind. When he thought about it, again and again. The ending that played out in his head was always the same. He would have to kill them.

It was too risky to leave something open, and while he was still in military school, there was no chance to run away or escape. While looking at Cia, images started to flash through Quinn's mind of the possible ways he could do this, and a certain disturbing image entered his head.

One of him holding Cia in both hands with blood dripping from his mouth. And, by her neck were two puncture wounds.

"Hey, why don't you try to clear her memory?" Fex said. This suggestion might have seemed out of the blue before, but right now not so much. Fex had his reasons.

After witnessing Quinn fight against the king tier beast, he knew that his speed was already of that of a vampire Noble. Fex wasn't sure if Quinn had evolved and gone to the stage of vampire noble just yet, but there was still a chance his charm was stronger then his.

Coincidentally, when Fex had made this suggestion, Quinn thought the same thing. Were his current charm points higher then Fex's? He felt a great increase in speed once his points had reached above thirty.

If his charm skills didn't work currently against Cia. There was actually a good chance that it could still work once his charms skills had reached above thirty.

"It could work.. but if it doesn't..."

Before he could even make a decision, Nathan had already started to make an announcement.

"Listen up, everyone", Nathan said as he raised his hand in the air. "There is no need for the students to stay here any longer. Feel free to head back to your rooms, and in the morning we shall inform you of your schedule next week. We might even send a message out tonight so keep an eye out for it on your wristwatch.

"As for all homeroom teachers, I would like you to stay behind for now."

As soon as Nathan said those words, the doors to the portal hall were opened wide, and the students already started heading back to their dorm rooms. They were tired, defeated and just wanted to forget about the experience they had gone through.

When looking around, Cia had already gone. It was now night time, and the curfew for the students to stay in their rooms was just about to pass. For now, he would have to trust Layla to keep an eye on her, until he met up with her the next day.

All the students promptly left the room, and the teachers remained along with the sergeants and Nathan.

"First, I would like to tell you the whole planet has been evacuated of military personnel for now. We will no longer be required to explore the planet and a special ops unit will be sent in the future to figure out whether the Dalki already has inhabited the place or not." Nathan explained.

"Wait, I don't understand?" Del said, a little frustrated. "I thought we all left because we knew the Dalki were there?"

"Our information sources say they might have been chased away or even something else. The reason why I am saying this, is due to their base still being full of blue crystals. If the Dalki really had taken over the planet already, they would have taken all the crystals with them already."

Although Del didn't have any wishes to continue the mission alone, he thought they might still have a chance to complete it with Leo and Fay by his side. He knew what the military was like; he had been with them long enough.

Because this expedition had been cancelled early, they would soon ask them to go on another one. If they had finished this one, they might have been good for a whole year.

"This information would have been passed onto you all later on anyway." Nathan explained. "The real reason why I asked you to stay behind is due to the upcoming inter military base event in two weeks."

"What does that have to do with us?" a female teacher asked. "Usually, all the second years take all the places, right?"

"Yes, usually that is the case, but this year they have decided to do something different. Apparently, there are a few strong first-year students from the other military bases that wish to take part in the event.

"So this year, they have decided that each class must select at least one student for the three main events. Ranged ability tournament, Fighting tournament and the crafting tournament. You all should have a list ready for me by the end of the week of who you think will participate.

"Paul has stated that this inter military tournament is an important event, so you must select your best. If your students do well, this will reflect on you, and you shall be rewarded for it. Not all of our positions are based on strength, and soon one of our oldest sergeants will be retiring. Does anyone have a list of the current ranking of students?"

Hearing what Nathan had just said, Del started to have a slightly worried look on his face. Not only did the students think Del's class was one of the weakest ones, but the teachers did as well, and Del was aware of this.

In his head, he was trying to think just who to pick for the event.

A soldier from the side walked up to Nathan and handed him over a tablet. On the tablet was a list of every first-year student with a score beside their name.

"Well, well, this is a surprise." Nathan said. "It seems like Del's class has the most top-ranked students currently."

Hearing this, his jaw nearly dropped to the floor. How could it be, he thought, then suddenly. He started to remember what had just happened. Leo had awarded the group with the most points for the outing. That group belonged to his class, not only that but in the last assessment, Quinn and his group didn't do too bad either, scoring around the mid-level.

With top scores in one and middle scores in the other, it positioned Quinn's group and teammates relatively high on the current ranking.

"I shall be expecting some good things from you." Nathan said as he looked at Del. "Now go get some rest everyone. I will update you with what is to happen tomorrow."

At another military base, it seemed like the group of teachers were having a similar meeting. However, this one was a lot more formal. All the teachers had gathered in a meeting room.

There were a total of ten teachers, including the sergeant that sat at the head of the table. One of the teachers was sat upright, stiff and still listening keenly to every word being said.

"Does everyone understand?" a relatively large fat man said at the front.

"Yes, sir!" Silver replied the quickest and was most responsive.

"Why can't you guys be more like her." The man said. "Not only does she always look stunning in the morning, but she works hard and is responsive and she's the new one. Keep this up." The man then turned off the presentation as he left the meeting room.

The other teachers followed, leaving the room one by one, when a male student named Justin noticed that Silver still hadn't left from her seat. She had been in the same position the whole meeting, and even with it having ended, she stayed there firm.

"Hey, Silver the meetings over are you coming back?" Justin asked.

Silver turned her head and her silver hair with strands of black as tossed across her face. As Justin saw this, he felt like he was watching one of those shampoo commercials in slow motion. Everything seemed to slow down as he appreciated her beauty.

"I'm sorry my mind was on something else." Silver said as she stood up from her seat and walked straight past Justin out of the door ignoring him.

"Wait!" Justin called out. "Maybe I can help, do you need anything?"

Silver lifted her hand and wafted it about in the air. "I don't think I would even ask for your help with boiling an egg. Just stick to teaching."

As she walked off, her head was still filled with one thought. In the meeting they had mentioned the torment was coming up, there every single base would travel to base one to participate. The largest military base of them all. Here, she would finally meet the person she was looking for.

"I can almost smell you Fex." She said as she licked her lips.


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    《My Vampire System》