My Vampire System
215 Peaceful plane
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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215 Peaceful plane

On planet Biolotmare, a medium-sized shelter stood in place just along a clear blue river. A tier four shelter with a population of around 20,000 people. The shelter wasn't owned by the military or the big four but instead was by a secret benefactor who would hire out Travellers, or Traveller factions to guard the place.

It was unusual for a shelter because usually, they would publicly declare who they were protected by to avoid any confrontation with other groups but not this one.

The shelter was surrounded by hilltops and long green fields and it seemed like the area was completely void of beasts. Standing by one of the portal entrances was a young man who was tapping his foot on the ground.

As he was waiting he watched the children and families happily play with each other on the street, while others were even swimming in the river.

"So peaceful." The young man said. "They can live their lives out here all happy, but they're unaware of what is happening back on earth, and on the other planets. Everyone should deserve something like this. Not just you guys."

A strange sound was heard by his side and when he turned his head, he could see the space next to him becoming distorted. Warping in and out, suddenly, a bright white circular portal appeared and dropping out of it, a snow white skinned female with blond hair.

She braced herself gently as she landed on the floor but for a few moments stayed completely still. Little drops of water hit the floor and finally when they stopped, she lifted her head and wiped her face with the sleeve of her arm.

The man walked up to the woman and looked her up and down before saying anything. She was wearing the school uniform as described to him by agent 100.

"An angel flies high in the sky." the young man said.

"And has its wings torn down and falls to the ground," Erin replied. Before leaving, Layla had informed her, if someone was to approach her they would speak a certain phrase. This was a code so agents could tell who was who between each other.

"Looks like you're the right one, follow me." She followed the young man for a while as they walked through the shelter.

While looking around she noticed how calm and peaceful the place looked. It was different from other shelters, but it also reminded her of the shelter her own family protected when she was younger, before the Dalki attacked.

'If I remember right, the others borrowed this from Sergeant Leo, maybe this is where he used to live?' She thought.

Following the young man, he was eventually leading them both out of the shelter. Before stepping out Erin turned and took one last look at the peaceful place. A thought crossed her mind that maybe she could run away and stay here. It might be a better option than going to Pure.

But then looking at the peaceful town, images appeared in her head of the houses on fire, the buildings destroyed. She suddenly remembered why she wanted to get stronger in the first place. For something like that to never happen in her presence ever again.

If Pure was able to help her, for now, she would comply. There was always the option of contacting Logan and the others in the future with the wristwatch.

When looking at the boy she noticed that he seemed to be wearing quite a decent level of beast gear. On his back was a single long sword, the hilt was black a scale like but was as wide as his shoulders. From looking she could tell holding the thing would be heavy and a regular human wouldn't be able to wield such a large sword.

He also wore metal plated armour that seemed to mix in beast parts here and there. Such as blue fins near the shoulder pads, and scaled parts over the shin part of his legs.

Finally, they had reached the top of the hill. From the top looking down, they were still able to see the river flowing through the valley and the shelter just form the other side.

"This should be far enough." the young man said standing near the edge of the clifftop. The man started to walk around as if he was looking for something on the floor until he eventually a ping sound was heard. "Here it is."

The man started to dig down at the spot with his bare hands and although he was tearing pieces of the ground away, he made it look like he was just shifting piles of sand away.

"Hey pretty lady, are you just going to stand there or are you going to help me?" The man asked.

Erin looked at the floor where the man was digging and then looked at his hands which were covered with dirt. At least he was wearing a pair of gloves, but her, the only thing she managed to bring with her was her sword that always stayed around her waist.

Unwillingly, she took a step forward, although she didn't want to get dirt on her hands she thought it would be best if she made a good impression with the people she would be staying with for maybe a couple of years.

Just as she moved forward, a loud screeching sound could be heard in the air. At first, it looked like a small little black dot in the sky, but it started to get bigger and eventually Erin had a clear view of what it was.

"Watch out!" she shouted. "It's a beast." While seeing how peaceful the town was, she had forgotten about the fact that this still wasn't earth. Dangerous beasts lived on these planets.

The young man turned and slowly drew out his large sword, as if what was happening was somehow annoying to him.

Suddenly, the beast stopped its descent and spread its wings wide open, hovering by the clifftop in front of the young man

The beast looked like a large butterfly and was the same size as a regular human. Its wings showed beautiful rounded patterns. But as beautiful as its wings where the same couldn't be said for its head.

It had too many eyes to count and razor-sharp teeth, with what looked like foam coming out from its mouth.

"Will you please just let me go home!" The young man shouted and at the same time, the butterfly beast dashed forward.

Erin immediately went to cast an ice spike from below hoping to hit the beast, but that's when she sadly realised that she no longer had her powers.

It continued to go forward and the young man lifted the sword up and at just the right time. Pushed it down like a pin right on top of its head. Its wings had stopped in an instant and the beast was dead.

"Can you at least get the crystal?" the man asked. "It's located in the lower half of its body."

While Erin went to carve out the beasts crystal, the man continued to dig in the location. Just as the man had said the crystal was located in the lower half. As she wiped the black blood of the beast away using the grass on the ground, she noticed it was slightly clear in colour.

"What is this?" She said in shock. The clearer the outer shell of the crystal surrounding the energy inside, it meant the higher the tier of crystal. Right now what Erin held in her hands was a crystal with its first outer shell clear.

Which meant it was at least an intermediate tier beast. And the young man was able to kill it using no abilities and only beast weapons. Erin was starting to see the Pure organisation in a slightly different light right now.

Finally, the man had stopped digging and finally pulled out a large circular metallic device. Straight away Erin knew what it was because it was similar to the one she had used to arrive on this planet.

After pressing a few buttons on the side the portal opened up.

"Well, are you ready to meet your new home?" He asked.

Before she wasn't so keen but after seeing the young man's actions, she now stepped forward willingly.

Before they entered the portal though the man stopped her. "Take off the watch," he said.

"This, if you're worried about the school tracking me, they won't be able to, your member disabled it." Erin tried to explain.

The man then forcefully grabbed her wrist and snapped the watch off, Before throwing it onto the ground. "You're about to head into the Pure's base. We can't and won't take any chances."

After that, he pulled Erin into the portal and two of them disappeared out of sight.


The mass release part 2 has been delayed until tomorrow. I had a really busy day today.

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    《My Vampire System》