My Vampire System
116 From the big four
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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116 From the big four

The travel to red zone took longer than to the green zone on their map. It was located quite a while away from the Shelter, but the area it covered itself was fairly large as well. It would take 2 hours to travel and 2 hours to go back.

With breaks, it meant they roughly had around 6 hours of time to gain crystals. After all, their abilities weren't unlimited. Eventually, the body would use up the MC cells they had, and they needed a period for them to recover back.

When leaving in the morning, it looked like their group wasn't the only one heading for the Red zone. There was a total of four other groups altogether.

"That's our competition," Erin said, looking towards one of the groups who walked in front.

"Which one?" Layla asked.

"You see the boy at the front with the Red hair, it's the trait of the Redshield family. All Originals who learn their magic acquire the ability of fire."

"You mean he's from one of the big four. I didn't realise there was someone in our school like that." Layla replied.

"Although he isn't anyone special from the family, he is still from one of the big four and the numbers on yesterday's scoreboard proved it."

"The ability of fire, huh?" Vorden looked at the red-haired student for some time trying to think up of an idea.

But the one that interested Quinn wasn't the fire user. Instead, it was Logan who was also apart of one of the groups heading to the red zone.

While the rest of Logan's teammates were walking through the sand. Logan was sitting on top of a strange contraption.

It seemed like a moving chair. A personal device that he had built for himself. The legs moved like that off a Dog, while the top half was just a normal chair. Inside the chair, he was sitting with his eyes closed, sleeping peacefully.

'I wonder what his ability really is?' Quinn thought. It had to be impressive to be able to get the second-highest score. Throughout the whole time to two of them were together, Quinn still hadn't figured it out.

And for some reason, Quinn felt like it was Rude to ask. Most high levels would keep their abilities secret. If two people were to get in a fight knowing their ability beforehand was a huge advantage.

While the rest of the groups continued to move forward though, Erin's group had decided to change direction slightly heading off to the left.

"I can't believe we're wasting time, dropping these two off here!" Erin shouted.

"You don't need to babysit us," Quinn replied. "If you care that much about getting ahead of the others rather than protecting our weak asses, then go ahead and leave."

After Quinn's words, Erin did just that and decided to head off back to where the Red zone was located.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Vorden asked.

"Don't worry about it, if trouble comes our way, I have a trick up my sleeve to fight them off," Quinn replied. "You see that building up ahead, it looks like an abandoned well of some sought. We will wait for you in there, and come get us on the way back."

Before leaving, out of Peter's large rucksack, they handed Layla a few food pills and bottles of water that was placed in Layla's small bag. It would be just enough for them while they were away out hunting and if they needed some more, one of them could always come back and get some from Peter.

"Boss, it looks like the group have split into two, maybe the strong ones are heading to the Red zone. Who should we follow?" One of the men said to Ben.

"We stick to the plan." Ben said, "Our group won't be able to compete with all those bigshots at the Red zone. It was never our intention anyway. I managed to do some research on their group yesterday. It turns out that their group had two Level 5 powers users and wait for it… Two-level ones if you can believe it."

"Seriously? They must be like the only Level ones in their whole class.

"Well, now it makes sense why they have split off from the group. They would probably get in the way if they were to fight. If we take their crystals they got yesterday, then we will climb up from the bottom of the leader board. We should be able to finish off at a decent position for the test."


Back at the red zone, Vorden and the others had finally arrived. Most of the groups had spread out from each other, making sure that they didn't get in the way of each other's hunting process.

The red zone was filled with Wingedlizards. But the area was also slightly different compared to the rest of the sandy desert they had encountered so far. The area was filled with several large rocks that contained large holes on the inside.

The holes were where most of the lizards would stay. But there were a few resting on top of the rocks as well. They were quite large in size and were about double the size of the Teetheworms from earlier.

Before hunting one of the beasts the group stayed and watched patiently for one of the other groups to attack first. A single person would walk up to the group of lizards and send out an attack catching the attention of a single beast.

Then the person would lead the lizard to the group, and they would all attack it at once. They were being cautious not to attract the attention of all the lizards after all. While attacking the lizard, it seemed to be a much more difficult foe compared to the Teethworm.

The lizard would constantly block attacks from the beast weapons and certain abilities using the wings attached to its arms. Eventually, they would manage to defeat it.

But while the other groups struggled, one was finding it easy. And that was the one with the flame user named Berg.

Berg's flames were stronger than the beast wings, and it didn't matter what it did, it would be set aflame, and sooner or later the beast would die.

Watching this Vorden had an even bigger smile on his face. "Now only if there was some other flame user in our group."


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    《My Vampire System》