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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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28 Angry

Hades POV

Today I am going up to Olympus with Persephone. It has been so frustrating recently with the number of deaths that I had to overhaul my system to accommodate for matters like this. How could I have possibly forgotten about mass plagues and diseases? I do not know how my family could be so stupid and inconsiderate of mortals. We were so busy in the END that I had no idea what was going on Earth. I feel as though I want to send them all to Tartarus for being this stupid.

"Hades you need to calm down!!" says a worried Persephone. The ground was shaking and causing earthquakes all around. My anger is getting to me and I need to control it.

"I cannot help it, my family has caused so many issues throughout the years and I am at fault. I should have paid more attention to their stupidity!" I replied. It is my fault for this mess as much as them. If I was more attentive none of this would have happened.

"I do not believe so, it is Zeus that has gotten out of hand, he is not your responsibility." Persephone tries to make me feel better, but it only makes me more miserable. I let Zeus do what he wanted and now this mess is partially my fault. It is time to fix things.

"Persephone, today I will fix the all mistakes I made. I allowed Zeus to get out of hand. I allowed the gods to do whatever they wanted. I have a responsibility to fix Olympus and its problems," I tried to explain it is my fault, but Persephone just gave me a look that reassured me and calmed me down. She has been doing that a lot lately, I have been noticing her more often now these days as she has been helping me to cope with all this stress. I don't know what it is but I like her company.

"Lets just go and fix them then, you just need change things one at a time. Now you know you made mistakes lets make them right," says Persephone as made our way toward Olympus.

General POV

As Hades and Persphone made their way up Mount Olympus, the council is already in their seats discussing the current situation.

"Demeter, we need you to use your power to vegetate the world, you know your responsibility," Zeus says angrily. Because of Demeter, there is no celebration on Olympus this year.

"Responsibility, responsibility, what do you know of the word, you sleep around so much as if that is your domain, sex!! I will not grow anything until Persephone is found," an equally angry Demeter replies.

"You dare, I should throw you out of this council and give your position to someone more deserving," Zeus contemplating the thought of getting rid of this nuisance. Just as he says this through the chamber doors open revealing Hades.

"No one is doing throwing anyone out until this situation is resolved!!" A very angry Hades replies.

Hades POV

I go to sit in my seat, but this time I am not relaxed or taking a nap for once. I look at the entire council with a glare that tells them to shut up. I just look at them each for a couple seconds as I contemplate what to say.

"I will only ask this once, how the fuck did this happen? If I don't hear reply there will be consequences," I only whispered this, but I know everyone heard and judging by the looks I am receiving they looked worried.

"How dare you just come here and demand answers, when have you ever been con..." I cut off Zeus.

"Shut up, I don't want to hear your bullshit. The last couple of months have been an eye-opener to me. Do you know what I learned? I learned that you all are fucking pieces of shit that do not know how to fucken do your jobs," I stare down Zeus and he can tell I am seriously pissed. No one said anything after that. I may as well continue to speak.

"I have just spent the last few months dealing with the influx of souls not knowing what was going on because of you fucken pieces of shits who call themselves gods. I had to find out about the cause of deaths from a mortal who had come all the way to the END for an audience with me. I don't want excuses, I don't want to know who caused this as I am pretty sure all of you are responsible. I want to know how this happened and I want to know now!" I am really pissed and released a bit of power and caused Olympus to shake.

Posiedon POV

A lot has happened in the last few years. I have been getting my act together to run my kingdom more appropriately. I even mended my relationship with Amphitrite and we now have a son named Triton. Everything has been getting better in my kingdom as the goddesses do not fear me as much. Though I still see a lingering gaze of disgust it will take a while for me to be forgiven of my actions. Management of my kingdom has been going better as I have decided to allow demigods to use my waters.

One demigod, Minos, had even asked me for help. I obliged and let his ships have an advantage in speed that allowed him to become a king. My worship has increased since then. I tried to get a city and had a competition for it with Athena. She had won that city from me, I am still pissed about that. To get back at her I slept with a beautiful woman in her temple though, her name was Medusa, though Athena turned that woman into a monster.

Though suddenly this year worship for me has gone down. I have come to Olympus finding the weather cold. Many humans have died and I do not know the cause. I was worried about what was going on. I sat in my throne to find out that Demeter's daughter had gone missing and Demeter had sworn to not grow any vegetation until Persephone is found.

Hades had come into the council room angrily. I have only seen him this serious when Hestia was captured during the war. He looked intensely at us, I can tell all the younger gods are shocked and intimidated. They have never seen an angry Hades before, they have only seen Hades sleeping on his throne or reading. Gods don't even sleep, but somehow he does. Hades is so calm and serious making his gaze even more intense. He may be driving fear into the younger gods even without his helm. Athena broke the silence and was the one to answer him.

Athena POV

Frankly, I have never seen Hades this mad before. He is always a fun and happy type of person. His gaze shut up app the gods and no one dared speak. Knowing him made it more unbelievable for him to be angry. I guess Demeter really screwed up this time. I waited and seeing as no one was going to answer him, I might as well. I started to speak and this drew Hades's stare to me.

"Lord Hades, this all started when the daughter of Demeter, Persephone, went missing. Zeus assigned Apollo to look for her, but he did not and was distracted by Aphrodite. No one was searching for her, this caused Demeter to swear on Styx that until Persephone is found she will not grow vegetation on this land. Without her power the lands became cold and we are now facing this situation," with Athena ending her explanation, Hades only had a confused look.

"That is strange because Persephone has told me that she had permission from her mother to move to the END, in fact, she is outside the room right now," as Hades said this an uproar stirred within the crowd. An uproar that everyone right now hated, Demeter.

Demeter POV

Months without my daughter were daunting. I have been searching these lands looking for any clues on her whereabouts. Olympus had mocked me for it and when I asked for help all Zeus promised to help and assigned Apollo on the search, but what happened. When I looked for Apollo, I found him having sex with Aphrodite. I came a week later and he was having sex with her again. I asked about his progress on the search. What did he tell me, he told me he will start the search soon. Soon, he did not even start. I decided then and there that if no one helps me than I shall help no one.

Months pass and there is still no sign of her, I have grown increasingly worried. Who cares for these mortals, they whine and do not do anything besides that. My daughter is missing and they expect me to grow food for them. They are ungrateful for what I provide.

The meeting on Olympus had started early this year and Zeus is thinking of replacing me. I am actually worried because if I am replaced, no one will search for my daughter as I would be powerless.

Hades had come in and he was angry about the number of deaths. Well, who cares they are only mortals. His words may have cut deep, but his anger is something even I cannot trifle with. I remain silent in hopes someone will calm him down or else I might find his gaze on me. As expected Athena speaks up and tells the situation to calm him down, but what I did not was that Persephone has been in the END this entire time.

General POV

"WHAT!!! You kidnapped my daughter. I will have your head Hades," Demeter exclaims as she tries to hit him with her sickle. Hades just slaps her and sends her back to her seat.

"Shut up woman, do you know the problems you have caused. Also, accusing me of kidnapping how dare you, I have not kidnapped anyone," Hades said angrily. He was both suprised beyond belief by how insane this goddess was as well infuriated of being accused of kidnapping.

Hades looks at Hermes and says, "You, idiot, get Persphone in here. I want to know the situation and how this fuckin started." Hermes was a little hesitant and that pissed Hades off, "What are you waiting for, are you not the god of messages get the fuck out and find her or I swear I will shove your staff up your ass you fucking donkey." Hermes without saying a word ran out of the room.

He was back in less than a minute with Persephone. Hermes looked terrified and did not want to anger Hades again. Hades looked at Persephone and told her the situation and to explain her side of the story, "Persephone, your mother has stopped growth on the world because she was searching for you. She belives you were kidnapped and was the one that caused this incident. You told me that you had permission from you mother to live in the END. I just want the truth and your side of the story."

Persephone looked horrified by what happened and how it was her fault for all the death. She began to explain her side, "Well it started one evening after I finished my work in making some fields around Mount Ida grow when Aphrodite came to me. She said that my mother gave me permission to live in the END and court you, Lord Hades. She said that mother would not bear to see me leave and already packed my things. So after that I went to the END and you built me a house and all."

""WHAT,"" an insane Demeter and an enraged Zeus exclaim.

"Wait, what court me, Aphrodite, what," a very confused Hades was for the first time contemplating marriage.

"I actually want to court you too lord Hades," now it was Athena that added to the confusion.

A betrayed look on Artemis was missed by the other gods as more confusion on the situation. The intense atmosphere which had taken root had dissipated.

Demeter though tackled Aphrodite and started to stab her with her sickle.

Aphrodite POV

My plan had been going great, drive Demeter insane, but there was one hitch, the Winter solstice. I may have gone a little far and been sleeping with anyone that would go on a search for Persephone.

I may have started this, but to see Hades be so dominating. Me likey. I miscalculated that Hades might be angry at the number of deaths. He is a god he should not be concerned with mortals. Apparently I was wrong and now the situation may have gotten out of hand. When Persephone explained the situation though, I knew I had to leave. As Hades was confused, frankly I did not see Athena actually fall for Hades though.

As I was leaving Demeter tackled me to the ground and started to stab me with her sickle.

"You bitch," I was bleeding icor now. This bitch, I had scratched her with my nails and punched her in the face.

"You dare, all those times I tried to find her or have someone search for you were stopping them werent you. You fucking whore!" Demeter wanted vengeance for the months of self-doubt had almost driven her insane. Demeter was relentless and started to hammer my face in with her fists. We rolled on the ground and I pinched her tits and forced a little distance.

"So what you crazy bitch, I did it what can you do about it. All was going well untill you wanted to kill the world," with that said Poseidon and Ares had to pull us apart. I might have spilt the beans and caused a lot of problems, but most of the blame lies on Demeter.


I have been watching a lot of Gordan Ramsay and Marco Pierre White on youtube and they partly inspired today's Hades.

Aphrodite and all the Olympians will get their due next time.

The situation will get resolved next time.

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