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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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Hades POV

I learnt a lot over the past couple of days from Tartarus, Erebus, and Nyx.

1. I the ruler of the Underworld a separate dimension and realm that is separate to Gaia and the world.

2. I apparently have the ability to copy affinities or domains and have obtained the ability to make minerals and ores from Tartarus. Which is cool and is helping me in loads of building materials.

3. It is easier to populate the realm with minerals and ores then make it myself. I got the idea from Minecraft as the realm is using its own energy to make the materials I just populate it. Apparently Tartarus himself did not know this and said it would still be pointless as I would have to go mine the materials. I like adventure and want to get down and dirty with the mines.

4. The Underworld does not have a ceiling Tartarus put it there to give the illusion that the dimension lay underground.

5. All the beings in the Underworld besides monsters dwell in caves because they are just using the place till Ouranus's prophecy is complete and Kronos is overthrown. No one apparently wants to live here.

6. The Underworld which I will change the name because frankly, it is not under the world. I think I will call it the END sounds ominous and cool.

7. When a fire is lit in an obsidian like material from the END or obsidian materials blessed in my name a portal like the one I used to escape Kronos is formed. A pure black portal with a purple haze is formed and releases an ominous sound when activated. This portal connects Gaia to the END and you travel eight times faster in the END then in the overworld.

8. There are no trees so I made some, but I can't get the colour right. They always come out Blue, Purple, or Red. They are huge, and super convenient to make tools from. I do not know why, but whenever I hear someone sigh in my vicinity I feel like they are thinking of me. Erebus has told me that I was being weird for digging and crafting my own tools.

My sister and Nyx have been nagging me, "Digging and building are not things that a king should do." "Why do you even need a fishing rod for there are no fish?" "What do you need buckets of lava and water for." "What is Redstone?" "Why are you building a dragon aren't you working on your house?" I may have been sidetracked when I thought of building a sculpture of a dragon.

9. I can populate my realm with Minecraft ores like Redstone and Laplace which I can actually use to enchant and create armours. I found I can create any item in Minecraft in the END. I think it is the realm itself that is helping me and anyone, in the END, can use the Minecraft system. The only thing that is different is that there is no inventory, but I made shulker boxes. Shulker boxes shrink down to the size of half a Papermate pink eraser when not placed down.

10. I have a weird sense of clothing. Apparently Jeans, Sneakers, and polo shirts have not been invented yet or people just like tunics and chitons.

Nyx and Hestis keep pointing out my clothes are weird and they are not. I point out Togas offer no coverage of the body.

"Tunics are so much more freeing and comfortable. Your clothes do not allow as much space provide the space our clothes do" Hestia

"You don't have pockets when you realize their importance you will change your mind." Hades

"What use are pockets when you can into existence anything you desire." Nyx

I had no argument to back that up, but when I do I will come up with something.

Hestia POV

It has been a few weeks in the END as my brother has now been calling it and it has for one word been weird. Weird can be good or bad, but I find him weird in a good way. For the first few days after my brother populated the realm with trees, I would say I have honestly not seen someone so excited for just a plot of land. I would think he would just will the buildings into existence, but strangely I also felt enthusiastic as well. I guess his enthusiasm is contagious. He started to punch a tree to get wood.

The house he built was huge, instead of a house, I felt as though it was big as Mother's temple. The house itself had four floors and a basement. Each floor was twenty meters tall and each floor had ten rooms filled with a unique environment. There were two hearths one on the first floor which by itself was normal even though it was fifteen meters tall. But the other hearth in the third-floor library hearth was blue. There are so many books I wonder what's in them. He called this a starter base, I don't know what his main temple will look like.

Brother is fun to be around. He is always making me laugh and having these unique ideas. He acts like a child almost all the time focusing on one thing and sidetracking to another. He brings excitement to this place. When we came this place the people were gloomy and drab and now everyone feels like they are having fun.


Hades has to be the strangest god I have ever met. He would be having a conversation with Erebus or my son Morpheus and he would suddenly get lost in thought and get an idea and immediately try it out.

He changed the name to the END. It made some sense to change the name, but the END does not make much sense. Where did he even get the name from it felt like he was referring to something?

He made this substance called glowstone because it was too dark. He lit up an entire pathway to his house. To call it a house would be an understatement. When we looked at the temple sized building it was aweinspring, to say the least. the glowing dust inlaid floors and the curvature of the walls. Each room was unique and he made this all by hand. Was that a black dragon sculpture behind the house. He is so strange and exciting. I then saw his garden surrounding the dragon sculpture with blue fire surrounding it. It was inspiring in its own way while we live in caves he starts building this in days. While we try to wait out the Titan he thrives in an environment that is just a wasteland. I guess it was the reason the END chose him was he doesn't see this place like we do.

What was weird was as soon as he was done with the house he started to create more gigantic sculptures and gardens as though he was an artist. Like when one project is done he moves onto another. He gave each of us somethings he calls a shulker box and an ender chest. Each was ingenious in their own way allowing us to store items in them and no one can access the ender chest, but ourselves. This could be a way to hold our symbols of power it was incredible. He just comes up with these ideas and continues to build or craft them. He was fun to be around and even the furies liked him even though they don't like anyone. Fufufufu it looks like the next couple of years will be fun

General over a hundred years POV

Some people felt ashamed, some felt excited, and some felt like this was the type of person they wanted to follow. The last group was just Thanatos as he only lived in a cave and the END as it was now called was all he knew. He did not realize how weird this guy was. Everyone found him interesting. All titans and gods were perverts in some sense always seeking sex and power. They strove for only recognition. He released the Hekatonkheires and the Cyclopes as well. The Cyclopes rewarded him with the Helm of Darkness allowing him to become invisible, intangible, and the abilty to create absolute fear and illusions into his enemies. The Hekatonkheires also awarded him staff which would be able to easily channel his energy easily into a destructive force. They were also inspired by his buildings and wanted to create as well.

This Hades just was different. He was exciting to be around and always rambling on random topics. He would disappear to mine and craft items in the middle of a conversion. He would make buildings that should have no place in Ancient greek and people were just as confused on the purpose of them, but they were different. Through the years he built cities and homes for the residents of the END. He was able to make an automated road builder in the END even though there was no reason in the eyes of the residents. Soon they too saw this as their home and some would even be inspired to build things as well. Competitions for best builds became an event. All sorts of ideas and themes came about. All categories from scary to food.

Like this, a hundred years passed.

"Fufufufufu it looks like your siblings have been released from Kronos by your brother Zeus, Hades." Nyx

"Brother we have to go see our family they may need us" A worried Hestia answered.

"I have other siblings? And who is Kronos again?" Hades

Facepalms go around. How can our king be such an idiot?

Rhea POV

"My Children where are Hestia and Hades."

"""Who""" A confused bunch.

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