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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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3 The Underworld

Hades POV

"Well, at least we are not surrounded by stomach acid." I noticed that the Underworld was literally flat like a blank canvas ready to be painted. I also noticed I smelled really bad and I mean really bad and I was naked and Hesita was not. How long have I been naked and why isn't she naked?

"Is there anywhere to find a bath here?" I asked Hestia.

"If we were to find Erebus and Nyx we could ask them for asylum as they are the only ones to currently living in the Underworld besides Tartarus as most stay away because of them. Kronos fears his rule would be in jeopardy if he would be in conflict with a primordial, but the primordial fear him as well because of his scythe which is the only weapon that is powerful enough to harm them as it was imbued with the power of Gaia. We also may find a bath with them, brother" Hestia explains.

So politics is bullshit and there is basically a cold war between the Underworld and the Overworld that's just great. So if we meet with Erebus and Nyx we would also be seen as assets for them.

"Oh well let's meet them and see them and lets finally have a bath and some clothes." Hades

"Why don't you make some clothes with your divine power when you learned how to make food. I always thought it was a personal thing" Hestia

"Why would it be a personal thing you just showed me how to use my domain not how to make things with my divine power. And you thought it was a personal thing I was born the day I met you how would it be a personal thing." The void must have really messed me up if I forgot about clothes.

"Well, I was wearing clothes and assumed that you would wear some too and ask me about it. I don't know any better since I am the little sister." Hestia

She pulled the little sister card on me, and now I have no comeback. I better make some clothes then. I guess I'll make a basis white polo, jeans, and sneakers and I put them on.

"So you agree that you are my little sister then huh" Hades

"Only when it is convienent" Hestia

"Fufufufu you two are funny, but who are you and why are you here?" The Lady of Mystery

Behind us appeared a beautiful woman who was covered in darkness and shadows. She honesly looked like Hela from the MCU.

"Lady Nyx we are here to seek asylum, I and my brother are children of Kronos. I am Hestia and this is Hades. We have just escaped Kronos's stomach and wish to live in the Underworld" Hestia

"Can we ask you for a bath because frankly I rather not talk to a beautiful woman while smelling like a pigs intestine" Hades


In the Underworld, it is perpetually dark. My husband and I were discussing for the nth time of what an idiot Gaia was for empowering Kronos's scythe. There is honestly nothing we could do about it. We cannot exit the Underworld and he cannot come here but is it what I want. I want to be able to roam the world again and with Kronos as king I cannot. Even Gaia fears that scythe as it none of here children that Ouranos imprisoned have not been realised. The Titans are allowed to run rampant and cause nothing, but destruction. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt such power suddenly appear in the Underworld. That should not be possible, the Ancient Laws dictate that no one should be able to cross realms without permission from its ruler. With Tartarus ruling the realm, technically, it should not be possible for a primordial to appear.

I went to the source of the disturbance and noticed two beings arguing with each other about baths, clothing, and who was older. It was honestly funny. They introduced themselves as Hestia and Hades and wanted to seek asylum.

"Can we ask you for a bath because frankly I rather not talk to a beautiful woman while smelling like a pigs intestine" Hades

I honestly laughed at that.

I took them to our home which honestly was a cave in the underworld. A big cave but a cave it still was. They bathed and I decided to introduce my husband to them as well as Tartarus or at least a form of him. They told me what happened to them and how they were eaten and how they escaped. I felt disgusted by Kronos as I have ever felt before. I had no idea he was capable of such an atrocity. I also felt intrigued by Hades as he felt strangely at peace being here in the Underworld. Everyone tries to stay away from the Underworld, but he seems so intrigued by it.

I asked him why. He replied, "This place is a blank canvas with nothing, but our imagination to paint it." That was a weird phrase as I have ever heard. He seems to want to build things here, honestly, I never bothered as I only sought a temporary location to live here while I would think of ways to deal with Kronos. And he wants to make an upsidedown Mega tree of Doom on the ceiling makes no sense to me.

I asked him to show me his powers and he started with the flame, then a portal which he used to get here. He then said now he can control shadows and darkness as well as feel everything in the Underworld. That should make no sense unless he was related to Tartarus as he is the Underworld. I asked Tartarus this and he said that the Realm only recognizes those that are qualified to rule it and he was only temporarily in charge and not truly in charge as he was the most suitable at the time. He explains that it finds Hades much more suitable and if acknowledges it he would be its king.

That explains so much as how Hades was able to access the Underworld as it has chosen Hades to be more suitable than any of us. We each saw this realm as a means to an end, but he saw it as a true home. And as king we would be seeking Asylum from him as he has the ability to kick us out of the Underworld.

Hades POV

So I finally got a bath. I can't remember ever taking one, but knowing about it is nice. This is the first time I looked in a mirror and I finally got to see what I even looked like and I looked good like Captain America good except I had brown hair and purple eyes. Not going to question it at least I don't look like the Hades in the Percy Jackson Movie that guy just had issues on issues.

I met Erebus and Tartarus and showed them our abilities. Apparently, the Underworld was welcoming me. Tartarus isn't actually the Underworld just one of its residents that became its ruler not by choice, but by its need for a ruler and it has now recognized me as its ruler which is awesome in my opinion. While in the books it sounded like it was part of Gaia, but it actually is its own dimension in the sense it is not connected directly to her. It is its own every expanding world and Tartarus kept it a secret for himself all this time. No one can spy here or even come here without my permission. Within this realm I am more powerful then them apparently this day keeps on getting better, I first escaped Kronos's stomach, had a bath, and finally gained a realm.

I talked with the Primordials and told them I had no reason to kick them out and since I had nothing better to do I started to build my starter base. I didn't want to deal with Kronos at the moment and I needed a place for me and Hestia to stay in my new realm.

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