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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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2 The Stomach

New God POV

'Well I'm fucked' was the only thought I had as I was in this woman's arms.

The woman said, "Hades is just a been born first Hestia now him, will all my children be devoured by you."

'Well, my name is Hades, like that makes total sense like the god Hades ruler of something or the other.'

What gigantic ugly man said next surprised me.

"He has more power than a primordial, he shall be the one the prophecy states will overthrow me, and as king you shall obey and give me him." As Kronos said this he grabs me and eats me in one bite.

Kronos POV

Rhea is giving birth to another child. I will not have my rule threatened no matter what. When she birthed me the boy I felt power from him the likes I have not seen since my father Ouranos. And that is a troubling thought I must have him now. As I lay eyes on him I see intelligence in those eyes I cannot allow his existence.

"He has more power than a primordial, he shall be the one the prophecy states will overthrow me, and as king you shall obey and give me him."

As I eat him and feel him in my stomach I feel intense pain not like when I ate my daughter. It felt like my power was waning like each passing second I was losing power.

A month passed, I felt weak like I was becoming mortal. Is this the prophecy was this how I would be defeated. I summoned Prometheus and demanded his sight of the future. He told me my last child shall be the one to cut me into pieces as I did with my father. And Rhea was once again pregnant and my pain subsided. I do not know what happened to the pain, but it means he is not the one of prophecy.

Hades POV

Well, everything is black yay.

As I was being swallowed somehow I felt invigorated with power and grew to an adult. I hope Father chokes on me that bitch. As I hit liquid I can't help but think this is stomach acid, but instead of burning me, it was giving me power. This was interesting, so very interesting I felt the more I was in the acid the more energy I felt.

Then I noticed something I saw a flicker of light. I had to swim to it and the closer I got I heard soft whimpers in the distance. I started to swim faster and faster as I felt more and more invigorated by this acid. Then I came across a little girl on the edge of the stomach on like a platform. There I saw a girl holding a flame and crying.

Time to pull off a Ben Kenobi. If only I had Jedi robes.

"Why, hello there," I said. The girl was startled and looked a little panicked and jumped looking for a place to hide. I was wondering who this is until it really hit me this was my sister Hestia. I tried to remember history, but was coming up black then I remembered from the Percy Jackson books I read and realized I was Hades god and ruler of the Underworld, Lord of the dead, the rich one. I was the son of Kronos, king of the titans.

Hestia POV

It's so lonely. Why does father and mother hate me? I remember gardening with mother when father came with Prometheus to our garden. All I rememberers mother and father shouting at each out and then father swallowed me.

I fell into acid it was so painful. I found the edge of his stomach and tried to tunnel my way out. I only got so far to make a platform after a couple of decades. With his stomach healing at a faster rate then I could tunnel it was hopeless I could cauterize the tunnel I created, but I could go no further. After decades of being so lonely, I just cried. I forgot how much time passed.

Then out of nowhere, I heard someone say "Why, hello there" I turned around and found a man I did not know I tried to hide, but there was no cover. He just stared at me with interest and then at my flame. It was like he was thinking deeply the.

He said, "Huh, guess that means your my sister Hestia."

I have a brother I guess father ate him too. I won't be lonely anymore. And over the week I began to teach him about the world and the titans and domains while getting to know him. He had a carefree attitude and was kind to me. He was so funny making jokes like I was the little sister even if I was older. He said it was a matter of height, not age. Which made no sense, but the arguments were funny.

To pass the time I showed him how to feel for his domain after he asked and how to control its power. He was able to use fire which really surprised me and made me happy that I could share fore with someone. Over the next weeks, I showed him how to feel it and control it. He then somehow had another power and it was over space and time. I do not know how that works, but he said it may help us escape. I did not want to get my hopes up and tried to help him master it as fast as I could. After a couple of months, something happened he opened up a portal. It was pure black while having a purple haze around it. He said to jump in and this was our means to escape. We did not know what where it leads, but anywhere is better than in our father's stomach.

Hades POV

Well, I am now Hades and I have a little sister I have to embrace the role of being a brother. Was I a brother before I try to think, but sadly I cannot remember. It's sad, but I cannot dwell on the past I must move forward and I have a little sister to watch out for. Over the weeks we joked and I tried my best to cheer her up. It looked like it was working.

As time passed I asked her about the history of the world and who ruled it. I asked about her powers and how to control mine. She was so happy that I had the fire, but was more surprised when I had the domain of space and time which is awesome as I was thinking of making a nether portal or something to escape. Over the months I finally was able to make a portal, it looked like a mix between the end and a nether portal, but it would have to do. Once I was able to make a portal big enough we jumped into it. I looked around us it looked like we were in across the nether and the end dimension. My sister told me we were in the underworld because she could see its entrance which was a major hole in the distance. My only thought was how this was going to be my no home and how much I want to build here. I want to build a mansion, no a tree a world tree. No a gigantic space station. I want to build a garden, no a library like the world has never seen. I could not decide, but I power and the desire to build like no tomorrow. The possibilities are endless and from what I feel this dimension was ever-expanding and with it my desire to build. My favourite video game was Minecraft and now I had my platform, privacy, and power to do what I want. I can't wait to begin my adventure.

General POV

What Kronos did not know was in the void. The once orb by continuously absorbed energy gained in the void now absorbs energy without him realizing it. By swallowing Hades, he unknowingly gave his son the opportunity no Titan or god has ever done before. He had given the ability to absorb domains. Allowing him to obtain the ability to control time and the means to escape with his sister.

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