Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
1297 Serving Meals
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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Author :凤炅
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1297 Serving Meals

"What did my Imperial Father say to you?" He asked as he took her hand and went to the pavilion to sit down. 

"He just asked me about our situation and how we met, and other things like that." She smiled and said: "I don't think he is as unkind as you made him out to be."

He pursed his lips and didn't say anything more about that, instead, he said: "Before you went to the palace you only ate a few pastries, are you hungry? I will get someone to bring you some food." As soon as he finished speaking, he called out. Shadow One and Gray Wolf who were following them at some distance away came forwards immediately.

"My Lord."

"Tell the kitchen to make some food and bring it over." He ordered in a deep voice.

"Yes." Gray Wolf replied then turned and left while Shadow One stood guard outside the pavilion.

Not long afterwards, food was placed on the table in the pavilion. Feng Jiu, who had removed the face veil, accompanied Xuanyuan Mo Ze as they ate together in the garden. The news had spread through the palace and many concubines in the palace were surprised and curious when they heard the news. However, they didn't dare to provoke the girl in red. 

More accurately, they didn't dare to provoke Xuanyuan Mo Ze. He was someone who dared to confront the Emperor. If they had the chance to move forwards, they might be killed and no one would uphold justice for them. 

While living in the palace, Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze lived in the same part of the palace, but not in the same courtyard. 

In the evening, a palace servant came to the courtyard where Feng Jiu was staying at. Feng Jiu, who wasn't wearing her face veil, was talking to Xuanyuan Mo Ze at this point in time. 

 "Miss Feng, His Majesty would like to see you."

Feng Jiu glanced at Xuanyuan Mo Ze then stood up: "I'll go now and will be back soon." When she turned to leave, he held her hand. 

"I'll go with you."

The palace servant lowered his head and braced himself: "Crown Prince, His Majesty said that if you were to follow, he will make Miss Feng stay in the palace for ten days to half a month and not allow you to take her back to your residence with you. "

In actual fact, the Country Ruler's words were: "If he dares to follow like a worm, tell him I will make his woman stay in the palace and he won't be able to see her for ten days to half a month!"

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard the palace servant's words, his face turned gloomy.

Feng Jiu chuckled lightly: "It's okay, I will go and take a look, you stay here and wait for me! Otherwise, you could return to the residence first."

"I will wait here for you!" Xuanyuan Mo Ze said as he took a step back. He thought perhaps there wouldn't be any problem after all. 

"All right." Feng Jiu replied then followed the palace servant outside. 

When she arrived at another part of the palace, she was quite surprised to see that there were at least a hundred small dishes placed on the long table. Her eyes flickered as she looked at each plate filled with an exquisite delicacy. 

Even when she was at home she never told the servants to prepare so much food, and they were such exquisite delicacies as well. There were many dishes she had never seen before and she was getting a little hungry looking at the food. The Country Ruler who was seated by the long table took a look at her. When he saw her staring at all the food, unable to move her eyes away, he snorted: "What are you waiting for? Come over here serve me while I eat!""


She stared at him in amazement: "Serve you your meal?"

The palace servant at the side stepped forward cautiously and said in a low voice: "Miss Feng, whatever His Majesty points to, you pick it up and pass it to him."

Her expression was strange as she glanced at the Country Ruler sitting over there. She thought about it and stepped forward: "Your Majesty, what would you like to eat? Show me and I will pass it to you to eat."

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