Martial Peak
Chapter 1393, Wei Gu Chang’s Anxiety
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Martial Peak
Author :Momo
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Chapter 1393, Wei Gu Chang’s Anxiety

Needless to say, this person was from Myriad Beast Mountain, and although no one present was wearing any robes or markings that could identify them as being from Myriad Beast Mountain, people would easily be able to see their origins as long as they weren’t fools because these people’s main method of attack was by controlling Monster Beasts.

Such an obvious trait could not be concealed.

The Blue-Eyed Blood Toad this old man was sitting on was a powerful Ninth-Order Monster Beast, and combined with his own techniques, this human-beast combination was powerful enough to take on Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivators. Everyone present also knew that not only was this man’s outer appearance ugly, his mental state was also quite distorted. While being petty and lustful, he most enjoyed torturing and humiliating beautiful women, often to death, deriving some kind of sick, vindictive pleasure from such acts.

If Wu Yi really fell into his hands, she would certainly experience a fate worse than death.

“Heh heh, those two girls both have good strength, if this old master can capture them, they can be made into two good Blood Slaves!” Nearby, a middle-aged man covered in a blood-red aura flashed an evil grin and was undoubtedly from Demon Blood Temple.

“There’s no point talking about any of this until we find a way to break through this barrier!” Xie Li chided, showing a disgruntled look. Their group had barely made any progress trying to destroy this Mountain Defending Array, so what use was there discussing how to carve up the benefits behind it?

The old man from Myriad Beast Mountain cackled, “Originally this old master didn’t want to use this trick, but since that little bitch wants to seek death, this old master can only offer a helping hand, haha!”

Saying so, his expression suddenly became solemn as Saint Qi burst from his body. At the same time, the cheeks of the Blue-Eyed Blood Toad beneath him swelled up and a low croaking like the sound of a frog rang out.

Suddenly, the surrounding World Energy aura became turbulent and began gathering towards the man-beast pair.

Xie Li’s eyes lit up as he stared at the old man’s movements for a moment before asking, “Do you plan on using the Blood Toad Poisonous Smoke?”

Hearing this, the other Origin Returning Realm masters all looked startled and turned shocked gazes towards the old man.

The old man from Myriad Beast Mountain just coldly snorted and said, “Blood Toad Poisonous Smoke is my baby’s unique skill, but the number of times it can use it in its lifetime is limited. This old master is putting forward such effort, so I hope friends will not continue to conceal their cards as well!”

Finished with his explanation, this old man suddenly spat out a blood arrow. This blood arrow shot forward towards the Dragon Cave Mountain’s Mountain Defending Array. Simultaneously, the Blue-Eyed Blood Toad blew a jet of black venom from its mouth towards the blood arrow.

When the blood arrow and black venom mixed together, they instantly transformed into a dark fog that bombarded towards the barrier’s light curtain.

*Ci la la…*

A sound reminiscent of something being corroded filled everyone’s ears in the next moment as the light curtain surrounding Dragon Cave Mountain began to flicker and at a speed visible to the naked eye, a gap was melted in it.

This gap was large enough to allow a person to pass through, and although it quickly repaired itself, it still demonstrated the great power of this blow.

Over the past two days, no one had been able to open even a tiny hole in this barrier, but now this old man from Myriad Beast Mountain had done just that.

Even if the barrier was quickly restored, this blow had depleted a significant amount of the Mountain Defending Array’s power, so if a few more attacks of similar intensity could be unleashed, perhaps it really could be broken.

After using this technique though, the old man’s complexion became slightly pale and the Blue-Eyed Blood Toad he was riding also seemed a little emaciated. Without saying a word, the old man took out a jade bottle from his Space Ring, poured out a blood red pill, and tossed it forward. The Blue-Eyed Blood Toad spat out its scarlet tongue and caught this pill, swallowing it down in the next moment, its blue eyes flashing a look of enjoyment as it did.

For the Blue-Eyed Blood Toad, this blood red pill was undoubtedly a great supplement.

“Excellent,” Xie Li laughed loudly while carefully concealing his shock, nodding in approval as he declared, “In that case, this Xie will not hold back either.”

Saying so, he quickly summoned a small dagger-like artifact that radiated a silvery luster and potent spirituality.

“White Rainbow Dagger!” When the old man from Myriad Beast Mountain saw this dagger, he could not help calling out in surprise, “I never expected Brother Xie would possess this kind of barrier breaking artifact. It seems that Brother Xie’s opportunities in life have not been small.”

The other Origin Returning Realm masters present also turned greedy looks towards this White Rainbow Dagger, as if they had all heard about it before.

Xie Li chuckled and said lightly, “Rather than an opportunity, I simply obtained it by accident.”

As he said so, he poured his Saint Qi into the White Rainbow Dagger with a solemn expression. Naturally, no one believed Xie Li when he said such words; as far as they knew, this White Rainbow Dagger was an artifact specifically designed to break Spirit Arrays and barriers, and its grade was also extremely high, reaching the Origin Grade Mid-Rank. Perhaps such an artifact was not considered much when considering the entire Star Field, but on Shadowed Star, it was incredibly valuable.

After all, when something is rare, it becomes precious.

Moreover, this White Rainbow Dagger should be an heirloom from some small family. As for why it fell into Xie Li’s hands, that was unknown, but it was likely that Xie Li had forcefully obtained it at some point in the past.

Nevertheless, this was someone else’s problem, so although everyone felt Xie Li’s actions were somewhat shameful, they did not bother commenting out loud.

A moment later, Xie Li activated the White Rainbow Dagger and the tiny dagger transformed into a mass of silvery light in a flash and vanished in place, reappearing just outside Dragon Cave Mountain’s Mountain Defending Array in the next instant.

With a loud bang, the White Rainbow Dagger plunged into the barrier, penetrating it without any kind of difficulty. While seemingly not having any effect, everyone present could tell that the spirituality of this grand Spirit Array had been greatly damaged.

The reason why this White Rainbow Dagger was known as a Spirit Array breaking artifact was because it utilized a trace of Space Force to penetrate any kind of barrier and directly disrupt Spirit Arrays from the inside.

Such artifacts could not be refined by Shadowed Star’s current Artifact Refiners, making this White Rainbow Dagger a relic from ancient times.

Sure enough, after Xie Li drove the White Rainbow Dagger back and forth a few times through the Mountain Defending Array, the light curtain became somewhat dim.

Seeing this, Demon Blood Temple, Sea Heart Sect, and Lu Ye’s Origin Returning Realm masters all began displaying their own methods which they would normally try to conceal to attack the Mountain Defending Array.

Anyone who could reach the Origin Realm was no vegetarian, everyone present had experienced countless life or death battles and been on countless adventures, so it was only natural for them to possess some hidden means or treasures. However, these cards normally remained hidden and were only brought out as last resorts.

With more than thirty Origin Returning Realm masters acting together, it became a spectacular display of force that even a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master would have to tread carefully before.

Seeing this, the remaining Saint Kings also began taking action and for a time, this hastily organized coalition of forces’ momentum became greatly inspired.

Under such a violent attack, the Mountain Defending Array began to buckle, causing everyone to become even more excited.

At the same time, in Heavenly Fate City, atop a certain building fifty kilometres away from Dragon Cave Mountain, Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu were sitting opposite each other, each of them holding a glass they occasionally raised to their mouths, seemingly lost in thought as they casually drank.

Behind Qian Tong, Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er stood together with anxious looks upon their faces.

Feeling the violent energy fluctuations coming from Dragon Cave Mountain, Wei Gu Chang finally could not bear it and shouted, “Elder, please allow this disciple to go!”

Although Dong Xuan’er did not say anything, it was clear to anyone that worry filled her beautiful eyes.

Qian Tong just smiled lightly however, put down the glass in his hand, and turned to Wei Gu Chang, “What can you do even if you go?”

“Although disciple has only recently broken through to the Origin Realm, I can still offer some kind of help to Brother Yang. At least it’s better than just sitting and watching!” Wei Gu Chang declared forcefully.

Qian Tong raised his brow, grinned, and asked, “Do you think this old master is just sitting here drinking and having fun?”

“Disciple wouldn’t dare!”

“You don’t dare to even admit your own thoughts?” Qian Tong didn’t seem to mind.

Wei Gu Chang wore a look of struggle on his face for a moment before it became firm, cupping his fists and saying, “Elder, please forgive this disciple for speaking with disrespect!”

“Good, speak,” Qian Tong gently nodded.

“Elder, without even mentioning Brother Yang’s life-saving grace for both Xuan’er and myself, just him being willing to risk entering the Emperor Garden last time to rescue Elder should be enough reason for Elder to not stand idly by. What thing is Xie Li? In order to deal with Brother Yang, he even declared he was separating himself from Shadow Moon Hall. Is our Shadow Moon Hall a place anyone can join or leave as they please? As for that dead Xie Hong Wen, hmph, everyone is well aware of his nature. Even if Brother Yang had not killed him back then, this disciple would definitely have done so one day! Elder, please allow this disciple and Xuan’er to go kill Xie Li! Even if Xuan’er and I have only reached the First-Order Origin Realm, killing Xie Li will not be a problem!”

“Bold!” Qian Tong roared loudly, but with a wide smile on his face. Obviously, he didn’t feel that Wei Gu Chang was simply speaking nonsense and acknowledged his strength. “Then tell this old master, what justification do you want to use to kill Xie Li? Because he arbitrarily decided to leave Shadow Moon Hall?”

“Is such a reason insufficient?”

“Even if it wasn’t, it would be the Law Enforcement Hall’s responsibility to handle this matter, it is not your place to intervene.”


“I understand. You don’t have many friends, but Yang Kai is definitely one of them, naturally you don’t want to just stand back and watch this, but… he was the one who requested Shadow Moon Hall to not interfere in his grievance with the Xie Family.”

“It’s not just the Xie Family that is attacking Dragon Cave Mountain though! Demon Blood Temple, Myriad Beast Mountain, Flowing Cloud Valley, and Sea Heart Sect are all particip…”

“Yes, this old master is well aware, which is why I am so interested in seeing what kind of method he is going to use to resolve this disaster. If he can really turn danger into safety this time, haha, this little brat would be too amazing.”

“And if Brother Yang can’t?” Wei Gu Chang did not seem to have much confidence in such a possibility, the gap in strength between the two opposing forces was too great. As long as they weren’t blind, anyone would be able to see that Dragon Cave Mountain was completely outmatched.

“Calm down, do you really think Old Ghost Qian is really just observing the situation?” Fei Zhi Tu, who had remained silent this whole time, shot a mild glare towards Wei Gu Chang. He had not wanted to intervene, but this little boy was being a bit too noisy and spoiling the mood while he was trying to watch the good show in front of him.


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