Lust Knight
174 Smooth Progression
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Lust Knight
Author :LamenThief
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174 Smooth Progression

As much as Neola and Kylee really wanted to use the three hours they had in the Purple World with Lucien, they were unable to follow their Master's pace.

Of course, they were still satisfied and enjoyed sleeping on Lucien's chest with a happy smile on their faces.

Lucien thought about leaving the girls sleeping in the bedroom they used to have fun, but in the end, he felt it was best to take them to his bedroom.

Some of his wives were already waking up, but that would not be a problem. His bed is enormous and can fit all of them.

After looking at his lovely beauties sleeping in his bed, Lucien returned to the barracks in the normal World.

He gathered all the troops and explained the situation to them. All the women were surprised in a good way. They could get stronger and also enjoy the heavenly treatment that only his wives could.

Lucien also told them that Neola and Kylee would continue to be part of the troops as before, but now they are also his wives.

The women were not jealous but motivated to try their best. Lucien is already very good to them, but if they tried harder and stood out just like Neola and Kylee did, they could be able to spend more time with their beloved Master.

Since no one had anything against the new training methods, on the contrary, they couldn't wait to take their clothes off and jump on Lucien, they went to the big bathroom.

Even though the bathroom was large, they still needed to divide into six groups of one hundred women. It would seem absurd for anyone to think of a man giving pleasure to a hundred women per session, but that was not a problem for Lucien.

He found it very pleasant to have sex with all his troops. They were very healthy women, and his life mana improved their bodies in every way possible, even making them more beautiful and younger looking than they were before.

The water from the large bath pool washed away the mess he made with the first hundred women, and then he continued with the other groups.

Lucien not only came inside them but gave them a lot of pleasure. A large majority were virgins and didn't have his tattoos, so Lucien didn't need much to please them fully.

Of course, that was the first session of many that they would have throughout their lives following him. So, Lucien started slowly, and over time, he would focus on them in smaller groups each day and even individually sometimes.

Still, he used the rest of the daytime and most of the night so that all the women in his troops had some sex.

When they were well satisfied and filled with their Master's love, Lucien prepared to return to Purple World, but then Lust asked to speak to the troops.

They gathered in the training court, and Lust explained to the women about the Black Mark, that she would soon be teaching to Rose.

Lust explained that the mark would not harm them, and would only make them have no hostile thoughts towards Lucien and his family.

Lucien didn't have a tattoo connection with the troops, but he could feel that they would always be loyal to him, so he didn't want to require them to have the mark, of course, that didn't apply to male troops.

The women were again impressed with how well their Master treated them, but as the mark would not harm their bodies, they actually wanted it, mainly to strengthen their bonds with him.

Lucien had nothing against that, so on the next day, Lust taught Rose the Black Mark's enchantment, and she began to cast it on the female troops.

The spell is very complex and consumes a lot of mana, but Lucien was always with Rose, helping her replenish her mana with Bloody Kisses, which they both love.

It took two days for all the female troops to receive their Master's mark as Rose was the only Mortal Realm mage in Lucien's group.

Neola and Kylee didn't want a Black Mark as they already have Lucien's tattoo.

The event of the female troops getting a "Mark" from Lucien, was known by the male troops. They wanted to get more of Lucien's recognition, and attention as the difference between their progression and that of the women is quite significant.

Of course, they know that Lucien would not have sex with them, although some of them want it. Still, showing more loyalty could only bring them more benefits.

So the male troops also asked to get the Black Mark before Lucien even suggested it. Impressively, Enzo also asked for the mark willingly.

He was too focused on becoming stronger and following Lucien's advice about being a good man so that his future wives were always happy and safe with him.

Also, he was a little sad when he heard that Neola and Kylee have Lucien's tattoo and not a Black Mark. Still, it just gave him more motivation to become someone like Lucien, someone who could benefit his future wives a lot.

But it also showed him that maybe Neola and Kylee were already too far away from him. Some men have a particular preference for virgin women, and Enzo thought that if he got much more powerful, he could find other girls, pure and beautiful, to him to create a great harem like Lucien.

Another two days were necessary for Rose to cast the Black Mark on the six hundred men of the male troops. Despite being a lot of work, she was delighted to receive so many bloody kisses from Lucien.

On the fifth day, Lucien sent Ron to prepare a big party for all his troops to help improve their relationships even more. They were all very polite and respectful to each other, so everything happened smoothly.

The next few days, the training had a big increase in Its performance. The male troops were increasingly encouraged to become stronger, while the female troops had an explosive increase in their physical and mental capabilities.

Then two weeks have passed. The troops had more battle simulation exercises where the difference between the female and male troops was increasingly significant.

While only the strongest and most talented men in the troops managed to reach the A-rank with the help and training from Ron, most of the female troops reached in the S-rank, after having more sex with Lucien.

Also, the most talented of them were already at peak of S-rank, receiving some extra attention from Lucien.

Lucien's wives have also had great improvements. Most of his girls were in SS-rank, except for Kara, who has not had sex with Lucien yet.

Still, she went from someone without combat capabilities to a maid with the power of an A-rank with just pats and drinking the delicious milk that she loves so much.

Jeanne was not yet ready to take the last step with Lucien as she was still very concerned about Mason and her family's problems. Still, due to also receive pats and other caresses, in addition to Lucien's essence, she went from the A-rank to the peak of S-rank.

The girls began to experience changes in their bodies while some of their bloodline abilities were stimulated by Lucien's demonic energy even before they reach the Mortal Realm.

A new tail started to grow next to Anne's original tail while Mia managed to use the Wind Slash, impressing her Mother, who was working hard to master the skill after she reached the Mortal Realm.

Marie and Lena had more and more control over the water element, which is actually the base element of the ice element they normally use.

Scarlett, Olivia, and Ghilanna were very close to reaching the Mortal Realm. Olivia was slowly learning to control her Dark Magic, taking classes on magic with Rose and Angela.

Lucien thought Maggie would be the next to achieve Mortal Realm because she was one of the first girls to start having sex with him, but Lust explained that it doesn't always work like that for everyone.

Maggie's sight bloodline abilities had already appeared before Lucien even met her, so she wasn't feeling any major differences in her body other than improvement in her fire mana and physical capabilities.

Of course, she was still getting stronger and stronger and was already very close to reaching the Mortal Realm.

But Angela has also received her bloodline ability before Mortal Realm. The mature ice wizard has been training her magic for many years and is an amazing and experienced wizard.

Like her daughters, Angela also began to have more and more control over the ice until she reached the point where she easily controlled water and turned it into ice as she wants.

When she reached the Mortal Realm, just like Rose. Angela had a huge increase in her mana capacity and her ability to control the water element increased.

Now she could create and manipulate large amounts of water and ice from about half a mile away.

Angela created ice birds to tease her daughters, and incredibly, she managed to make them three meters wide and could even climb on the back of one while making it fly.

She was thrilled, not only to have a significant improvement in her magic but also to have made the right choice by accepting Lucien as her husband.

Life with him is always incredible, and he not only gives her a lot of love and affection but also allows her to achieve power that she would never have achieved alone.

Lucien was also very happy for Angela, as well as his other wives getting stronger. He wants the best for them, and that they are always satisfied.

The girls who had not yet reached the Mortal Realm were increasingly excited to become stronger. They want to always be at his side to support him, and they know that they need to be powerful to help and protect their beloved husband.

So, they continued doing their best. The days continued passing. They all had daily routines that consist of all types of activities, like having sex with Lucien, combat training, and classes on magic.


Lucien, like Ron, understands the benefits of always having good information about their enemies. That is why Ron always keeps his spies looking for new and updated information for Lucien.

Some spies were even sent to the Light Empire while most were focused on keeping information for Portgreen city up to date.

Of course, Ron's spies, despite being very skilled, had their limitations, and therefore a new report took about a week to reach Lucien.

Over time the delay for information has been improved to five days. Ron is always using the fastest spies and started giving them stamina potions. Normal horses couldn't be faster than A-rank people, and they didn't have any better mounts.

Still, as Ron used many spies just to maintain this information network between Portgreen and Lucien, he had reports every day, when there were no new important events.

One afternoon, when Lucien was training his troops with naginatas produced by Rebecca for the female troops, a spy arrived at the training court.

Lucien thought this was strange because the spy who was supposed to report that day had already come in the morning, so it was a different spy.

The man quickly approached Lucien. He was having a hard time breathing because he had run much faster than he normally does, having arrived the same day as his comrade, who was one day ahead of him.

"Sir... I came as quickly as I could... I have news... important... Portgreen... is at war... mercenaries and adventurers..." The spy tried his best to breathe and speak.

Lucien told him to sit down and put a jug of water in front of him. "Calm down. Breathe first, talk later."

The spy started drinking water, and Lucien couldn't help but think out loud. "But didn't Black Hand have everything under control? Why would he start a war without a reason?"

The report from the spy that arrived this morning said that everything was calm in Portgreen. The adventurers were staying away from the mercenaries, and Black Hand was in complete control of the city.

But this spy stayed in the city one day longer than the previous one. Still, Lucien couldn't imagine why Black Hand would start a fight that would bring losses to both sides.

The spy finished drinking the water jug and quickly responded, Lucien. "It was not the mercenaries who started the fight..."

"Ivan has returned... His companions are stronger than ever. Some even say they are SS-rank and beyond. They began to kill the mercenaries without mercy."

The spy was still very shocked by the events in Portgreen. He thought Lucien would also have a surprised reaction, but Lucien was very calm.

In fact, he seemed to be smiling…

Lucien really couldn't help but smile while thinking aloud. "This is an excellent opportunity."


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