Lust Knight
155 Four some Reason, I love it R-18
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Lust Knight
Author :LamenThief
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155 Four some Reason, I love it R-18

Lucien hugged Angela, and they started to kiss passionately.

He started to focus his demonic energy into her, and as Angela was already very attracted to Lucien, his tattoo began to appear on her lower belly area.

Lucien opened the portal with Angela still in his arms, and he walked into it with Marie and Lena following behind him. While inside the portal, Angela continued to kiss Lucien while trying to remove her clothes.

A few minutes later, the portal opened below the ceiling of Lucien's bedroom, and they fell onto his big bed.

Lucien rolled his body over Angela and started kissing her breasts while he put his hand inside her panties and started to caress her pink flower.

"Mmm... So good..." Angela started to moan because Lucien's touch was a thousand times better than when she played with herself alone.

The flushed expression she made even though she was a mature woman is the kind of stimulus that drove Lucien to be horny as fuck.

He continued to stroke her pussy with his fingers while sucking on her big breasts. He bit and played with her cute nipples while her moans were music to his ears.

"Angela... You are so beautiful... I wanted to eat you since the first time I saw you." Lucien started to take turns kissing her body and her lips, driving Angela crazy.

She started to feel like she was going to have another orgasm, but she didn't want it to be with his fingers.

"Lucien... I want to come on your dick… Mmm... Please stick it inside me." Angela spoke between her moans.

Lucien knelt on the bed and smiled at Angela. "I would like you to call me a husband now or hubby if you prefer."

She tried to make a fake upset expression, but that only made her look cuter. "You really don't respect the ceremonies, do you?"

He started to caress and squeeze her soft thighs. "In the future, we can have as many ceremonies as you want, but now you are my wife, so it is okay."

Angela blushed even more and looked to the side while talking in an embarrassed tone. "H-hubby…"

Lucien didn't require the girls to call him anything in particular, but when mature women like Cassidy and Angela called him hubby, he really liked it.

He leaned over her and started kissing her delicious sweet lips. "Good wifey, I will give you everything you want."

He kneeled again and started to take off his shirt, but Lena quickly moved to help him. "Let me help you, hubby."

Lucien raised his arms so Lena could take his shirt off and then kissed her, mixing the flavors of mother and daughter lips in his mouth, which made him even hornier.

Then he held out his hand to Marie, who was already naked, and she hugged him and kissed him too. Now he had the three sweet flavors in his mouth.

Marie and Lena took off Lucien's pants while kissing his body, then he got on his knees and gently removed Angela's panties.

Angela was very shy and put her hand in front of her pussy, trying to hide it. "L- Hubby, I... I'm sorry... I know it's not ideal because I... I'm not a virgin anymore."

Lucien leaned over Angela and started kissing her lips affectionately. "Bullshit. That is not important. What matters is we love each other and being together."

She was so happy and continued kissing him. "I'm glad you don't care about that... But I want to give you something special. Something unique for our first time."

He continued to stroke her body and began to kiss her neck and shoulders.

"Being with you is fantastic, Angela. You are so beautiful and charming. You are also cute, which I love very much. Every second with you is already special."

Angela giggled as she felt tingling from Lucien's kisses on her body. "I was happy that you think so... But I…"

Lucien was a little confused. So, Angela guided his hand to her pussy, but she went a little lower until their hands reach her butthole.

Then she spoke in a very timid and cute tone. "I never even played here… I… I heard from the other girls that you like it..."

He smiled happily. "I will be honored to eat your beautiful sexy ass, my sweetheart."

Angela turned her face away as she blushed even more at Lucien's obscene words.

Lucien knelt again above her and put his hand on her leg. "So get on all fours so I can enjoy the view of your hot and sexy ass."

He helped her get on all fours and couldn't help but smile, seeing the big and cheerful butt in front of him.

Angela provocatively rubbed her ass against his hard dick. "Do... you like it?"

Her cute and shy way of trying to tease him made Lucien smile. "Of course, I love your ass. You are lovely, Angela."

Lena, who was next to Lucien, quickly brought his cock close to her mouth. "Let me lubricate it so that it enters smoothly into mom's ass."

Lucien really had perfect control over his body and didn't even need to use saliva for that kind of thing as he could easily use his pre-cum as a lubricant.

But the girls would not miss an opportunity to suck his dick. Lucien also couldn't deny that thrusting his dick in Angela's butthole with her daughter's saliva seemed very erotic.

He let Lena suck and lick his cock while using one hand to squeeze Angela's ass and the other hand to hug Marie around the waist while they kissed.

Being together with a mother and two daughters like this was extremely erotic for Lucien.

He couldn't help but remember what it was like to be with Cassidy and Mia like this and conclude that he has some kind of fetish related to mothers.

Lena finished covering Lucien's cock with her saliva and started licking his body. She loved every part of him more and more.

He stopped kissing Marie and focused on Angela. He first put his finger in her cute pink asshole.

"Mmmmmmm…" Angela couldn't help but moan as she waited eagerly to feel his big dick inside her.

Then she felt Lucien hot meat rod rubbing her ass. Waves of pleasure ran through her body causing her to feel like she was going to lose her energy.

But then Lucien's steady hand on her waist made her sure he would hold her in any situation.

Lucien positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to Angela's butthole. "I'm sticking it in."

As Lucien started to open the entrance to Angela's ass with his dick, her expression changed several times quickly.

First, she was smiling, happy for their union. But then she opened her mouth when she felt that his dick was too big and was stretching her ass.

She feared it would hurt, but the deeper Lucien slowly trusted inside her, the more pleasure she felt.

Then the pleasure made her body feels warm as she felt Lucien hot meat rod inside her.

Angela even forgot to close her mouth, resulting in her now having a delighted expression with her tongue sticking out.

Lucien continued to slowly push his cock inside her ass. "Ohhh... Angela, you're squeezing me so hard... It can only be described as heavenly."

He pushed half his dick inside Angela before he thought he had already reached her limit.

His dick had grown a few centimeters after his transformation, so Lucien had to be more careful not to hurt the girls.

When Angela felt Lucien's cock deep in the bottom of her ass, it felt hard for her to breathe. She felt completely filled. It was a wonderful feeling, and she loved it so much.

She felt she would fall on the bed if it weren't for Lucien to keep holding her.

Lucien waited a few seconds to let Angela's asshole adjust to his dick before he started moving.

Lena again saw an opportunity and wasted no time before lying down under her mother and starting to suck Lucien's balls.

Marie was also getting her share of attention by always getting kisses from Lucien. She loved kissing more than anything.

"I'm going to start moving, Angela." Lucien gently caressed her ass, then held tight on her waist and began to move his hips back and forth slowly.

"Mmm... So... Ahhhhh... Good... Uhhhh... Just like that..." Angela could only moan, feeling Lucien's cock stretching her ass.

Lucien was receiving great pleasure from Angela's ass squeezing his cock. He felt her pink insides throbbing.

He gave a few deep thrusts, then pulled back until he saw half the head of his dick come out of her ass.

Her pink entrance began to close, so he opened it again while thrusting his cock deep inside her butthole again.

Angela continued to moan as she covered Lucien's bed with her saliva because she could keep her tongue inside her mouth.

"Ahhhhh… Hubby!! Just like that… Mmmm… I love it…" Angela wanted to say obscene words, but she only knew the little she read in books.

Of course, that was not a problem as Lucien and Lust really have a good imagination for lewd words.

"Do you want me to keep fucking your butthole? Harder or slower? Deeper until I reach your bottom?"

Angela blushed but tried to play his game. "Yes, yes, fuck my ass as hard as you can. You can go as deep as you want inside me. I will take your big dick."

Lena chuckled while she tried to continue licking Lucien's balls, she had an excellent view of his cock penetrating her mom's ass.

"I didn't know that mommy could be so naughty. Hubby, you are really the devil for corrupting us like that."

Marie blushed as she continued to kiss Lucien's chest. She thought this situation was wrong in many ways, but it also felt so right and natural for them to be together.

Lucien started to increase the speed of his thrusts inside Angela. "Tell me, my dear. Where do you want me to cum?"

Angela didn't think twice before answering. "Inside! Please, I want it inside... Shoot your hot cum inside my naughty ass."

"Your wish is my command, my lovely wifey." Lucien held Angela firmly by the waist and thrust his cock into her close to her limit, then started to cum.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! So hot!!! So good!!!" Angela felt Lucien's hot load fill her insides.

The pleasure was so much that her pussy already dripping love juices started to squirt while she had a great orgasm.

Lucien didn't hold himself and came a lot inside Angela, which resulted in his cum quickly filling her completely.

He started to remove his cock from inside her, and his cum began to leak from her ass.

Lena couldn't resist that fragrant white liquid she loved so much, so she started drinking the cum that came out of her mother's ass.

Lucien did not want to leave anyone out, so he guided Marie's head to his cock while he came a little more for her to drink.

Angela thought she needed a rest after so much pleasure, but as soon as Marie finished cleaning Lucien's dick, he started rubbing it on Angela's pussy.

"Wait! I don't think I can do it again that quickly." She was still feeling her orgasm, and her pussy was dripping love juices while her ass was warm with all of Lucien's cum inside her.

Lucien smiled. "You are going to have to help me now because my hands will be busy."

"Girls, stand on all fours beside your beautiful mom," Lucien said to Marie and Lena to stand beside Angela, and they quickly took up positions.

Then he started pleasuring their love holes while thrusting his cock into Angela's wet pussy.

Angela didn't think she could continue, but as soon as she felt Lucien's cock inside her, her waist started to move instinctively against him, wanting to take his cock deeper and deeper into her eager pussy.

"Ahhhh… Yes…"

"Mmmm… Just like that, hubby…"

"Ohhh, yes… I love it so much!!!"

"You are so cute, my lovely wives."


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