Lust Knight
4 Lust Contract part 1
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Lust Knight
Author :LamenThief
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4 Lust Contract part 1

Lucien went on the dark corridor without looking back while the servants closed the big door.

He was heading towards the summoning chamber. In those years, all the chosen ones rehearsed the contract ritual so that there will have no doubt at the right time.

As he walked, Lucien couldn't help but wonder what Lust would be like.

"Will it accept someone like me?"

"Will I become one with it?"

"Her or him?"

It didn't take long for him to arrive in front of a metal door with a red circle in the middle. Inside the circle are a red pentagram and several signs that were also present in several old books where Evil King found out about the great demons.

He pushed the door slowly, but it was still very noisy as everything was quiet in the darkroom. He entered cautiously and closed the door, which again made several creaking sounds.

Lucien knew that he should sit and meditate in the center while being chosen by a great demon. But he couldn't help thinking that it would be different because there was only one left, Lust.

But he still wanted to pay respect for the ritual, so he took off his shoes and sat in the middle of the circle in the center, making a lotus position. Then he closed his eyes and started to regulate his breathing.

Lucien couldn't see, but the ghost of a beautiful lady was beside him since he entered the room.

Lust had not yet revealed her appearance to him because she is very cautious with her hosts. She never had hosts that lasted more than a few years as everyone sooner or later started showing symptoms of going crazy.

But she was having trouble to resist because she found Lucien very attractive. She couldn't stop looking at those beautiful blue eyes and long red hair.

"How can he be so fucking damn handsome?!"

Lucien is not very big, but he still has good muscles, from training so hard. And his figure is really hot at 1.7 meters tall, which Lust found more than perfect.

Lust involuntarily put one hand on her waist and the other on her breast only to remember that she was still just a ghost now.

She really wanted to be able to hug Lucien and make the contract right now, but she managed to hold on and follow her plan to begin search out everything about him before accepting him as a host.

While Lucien meditated patiently, he heard a voice. He didn't know it now, but that voice will be etched into his soul for eternity.

"You look very calm, but I can see your insecurity."

Lucien was delighted by the sweetness of the voice but tried to remain calm and did not open his eyes. He spoke softly and respectfully.

"I'm not sure if we are quite compatible."

Lust couldn't help but laugh at the boy's courage to openly speak that he wasn't sure if a great demon is compatible with him.

"Hahahaha... Do you think I'm not worthy of you?"

Anyone would be frightened by this question come from a powerful creature as a great demon. But Lucien is a good observer, and he knew from her tone that it was a joke and she wasn't serious.

"Of course, if anyone here is not worthy, it is me..."

"I have no experience in these... delicate matters..."

Lucien was having a hard time explaining his point while Lust kept laughing. Then she blew a fog that filled the already dark room.

"I will be honest. I've had a lot of problems with previous hosts, so I'll check every part of your body and soul, so I don't regret choosing you later."

Lucien still had his eyes closed and nodded while showing his agreement.

"Looks good. Go ahead and see everything because I have nothing to hide."

Lust liked the answer but didn't know if he didn't believe that she could read his memories or was not afraid that she would know everything about him.

She flew towards him, still invisible. She brought her hand close to his head and then gradually entirely entered into Lucien's body.

Lucien shivered and then started to feel pain all over his body as Lust turned over every part of him. She was doing it in the most delicate way possible, but this process was much more invasive than what the other great demons did.

He would soon pass out from the pain, but he made no sounds while holding on, making Lust impressed. She wanted him to pass out for her to complete the process without any problems, but as he was holding on, she had to think of something.

So Lust took Lucien's mind to dreamland where they could talk while she was still studying his entire body. But as a side effect of the fog that Lust launched to ease the pain, his mind becomes confused.

A short time has passed physically. But Lust played several jokes and games with Lucien on his mind for several hours. She had not yet shown her face because she had not yet allowed him as a host.

After reading all his memories, she can't help but be happy. She saw that Lucien always trained so hard even though he is not very strong. And he did everything to avenge the mother who now he discovered that is alive.

Lust always had hosts who thought a lot about power and pleasure. But everyone went very wrong, so she thought it is good to try someone with different goals.

And Lucien would be perfect for that. He would do anything for his mother, so Lust thought about using that will to make him follow all of her orders. So they could overcome the problems that her peculiarities would bring.

Of course, she would like him to be stronger, but that would not be a problem as she is one of the great demons with the greatest potential for power.

If his high willpower and his determination to rescue his mother be enough for him to stand firm, they would have a high chance of becoming very powerful together.

That and the fact that he's so fucking hot made Lust decide to accept him completely.

Lucien's mind became very tired from the whole process and the dreams that Lust made him have. Then she let him sleep in peace for a time while he rested the head on her lap.

After a few hours, Lucien started showing signs that he was waking up. His mind was still very confused. Before opening his eyes, he started to smell something good. It actually smelled wonderful, and he was getting intoxicated.

He felt that he was lying on a fluffy pillow and reached out to feel that soft texture. But then he felt something like soft skin and understood that it is someone.

He was still dizzy, so he wanted to sleep more in that soft lap that he didn't think much of whose it was. Then he hugged the person's waist and snuggled his head close so that he could smell that wonderful fragrance better.

"My mom also smelled good... It would be so nice if it could be her here..."

Lust felt good when Lucien grabbed her waist, but when he spoke kindly about his mother, she couldn't help feeling guilty. She used so much fog, which made him look drugged. She tried to wake him up with pats and kind words.

"It's time to wake up... You have to make a contract with me so that we can someday rescue your mother."

But Lucien just snuggled closer and sniffed her body. Lust was enjoying this different treatment.
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All men always saw her as a sexual target. But Lucien just wanted to be on her lap and smell her.

She actually liked many kinds of desires and was frustrated with men always wanting to just fuck for a few minutes before they couldn't take it anymore. So she found it pleasant to just be together like that for a long time.

But she still really wanted to have sex with him. These affectionate actions are like foreplay that would only make the whole thing hotter.

After almost an hour, she stopped just patting and started kissing his ear. She was already wet just from the way Lucien continued to sniff her belly.

But they had a long journey ahead, and Lust wanted to make the contract quick to bind them to each other. Then they could be doing naughty things all the time.

As Lucien was still in a drugged state, Lust had to do something harder. She reached out to his groin and grabbed his cock. She can't help but be surprised by the size. It was big, even without being fully awake.

"WOW! You will give me a lot of fun with this huge piece..."

Even Lucien being dizzy, he couldn't help but react with such a great stimulus. He held Lust's small hand as he hurriedly stood up.

When he opened his eyes to see who is the hand's owner, he was stunned. What he saw was the most beautiful woman he could ever imagine.

He stared at that blond angel without knowing what to say or think. Then her smile grew bigger and more radiant. She is so sexy that she didn't look like an angel but a demoness.

"Yes... a great demon... Lust?"

Even though she expected such a reaction, Lust was still proud to be able to make such a substantial impact on Lucien. When he spoke her name, she couldn't help but smile.

She really liked how Lucien said her name. She is Lust after all and wanted everyone to desire her. Someone as handsome and cold as Lucien was like a drug that Lust wanted to consume entirely.

"Who else could I be?"

Lust spoke seductively, making Lucien blush a little. He always avoided contact with other people besides his mother and did not know how to deal with this charming woman.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disrespect a magnificent great demon like you."

Lust started to laugh because she found Lucien's respectful behavior hilarious. He hadn't even realized he was still holding her hand tightly.

"You don't have to act like that to me. I am the great demon of Lust, not Pride."

Even after Lust told him to act more normally, Lucien was still very nervous. Lust was the best chance to he becomes strong and saves his mother, so he didn't want to offend her. He realized he was still holding her hand and released it quickly as he tried to act more naturally.

"Were the dreams real? I mean, we were on my mind but acting on our own?"

Now that Lucien was starting to calm down, he also began to remember everything. First, he entered the room, and after losing consciousness due to the pain, he started having strange dreams where Lust talked to him without appearing completely.

He continued to stare at Lust because she was beautiful in a way that he couldn't even breathe adequately close to her. She had a thin and very delicate body, but with breasts that looked large even behind the white dress that she was wearing.

Lucien was sure that he felt that breasts naked on his back in one of his dreams, but now he didn't know what it would be like to touch the real ones. Lust was enjoying that look of appreciation and can't help but comment.

"Do you want to know what about the dreams? About those breasts that you keep staring at?"

Lucien made a worried expression like a child caught while doing something wrong. But before he could apologize, Lust kept talking.

"You don't have to be ashamed of looking at them. After all, they will only be yours after we make the contract."

Lucien swallowed a good amount of saliva involuntarily while Lust continued to smile proudly. He composed himself and tried to ward off strange thoughts while focusing on the contract that is his primary goal.

"So, you agree to make the contract with me?"

Lust did not answer but walked towards him. She stood in front of him, and the difference between their height was visible as it is almost ten centimeters.

Then to Lucien's surprise, she stood on tiptoe and gave him a big wet kiss on his mouth.

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