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Love Case : Justified or Dismissed
Author :Pakohoshino29
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6 A caring boss

" Hello yeah, mom..... What? I'll be there ok? " Ashton said on the phone and ran out of the restaurant.

Seeing Ashton's expression one could say that he is in a problem. After finishing her me Adrienne paid the bill and went to the law firm.


In Lance hospital

"Mom! What happened to dad? Is he alright?"

"He is fine. But the company against us are attacking your dad. This time we are lucky that it's not a big accident but...." Ashton's mom stopped saying and started crying.

"Mom, mom don't cry I am here." Ashton tried to comfort her mom.


Back at the law firm

Adrienne was studying the case carefully as she didn't had much time. It was almost evening but Adrienne didn't go home but was working on the case. She had already messaged Ashton to not to come to the law firm and take a half day off.

The next day

As always Ashton was on time for his work when he moved to his work place he saw through the glass that a beautiful girl was sleeping with her head down, her hair touching her face gently.

Ashton couldn't resist himself and entered in her cabin.

"Um.. damn how do I wake her from her sleep? She is looking so damn cute while sleeping and her.....Wait what the hell are you thinking Ashton Lance? Gee don't think like Kevin!" Ashton thought

As he was unwilling to touch her for waking her up he knocked her table twice.

Adrienne who had actually just took a sleep now was awake and said "Yeah....what happened? Why are you here?"

Seeing her eyes anyone could've told that she desperately needed sleep.

"Ms. Adrienne I think studying about the case you fell asleep. I think you should go home and take some sleep." Ashton said while trying not to look down her face.

"Hmm, you are right I think I should go. So ok then bye."

"Wait! Ms. Adrienne please take my jacket with you. Your dress is....um ....a little inappropriate for going out." he said while putting on the jacket on her.

After that when Adrienne left Ashton started to work as usual. In lunch time he went to the same restaurant that he went yesterday( Why would he go to other restaurants anyway when there is his own restaurant. Yes he owns the restaurant)

"Hey, I didn't pay for tomorrow's meal right? " Ashton asked the employee after finishing his meal.

"Sir, the girl who shared table with you paid your bill." the waiter answered gently.
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    《Love Case : Justified or Dismissed》