Love, Tale
121 ...long sho
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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121 ...long sho

...."Tale, wait up!!!"

Precious caught up to her right outside the school entrance.

"You walk fast, will you slow down!" Precious pleaded.

Tale looked at her silently almost void of expression.

"What was that back there? And what happened?" Precious asked out of breathe.

"I know right, I couldn't stand him and he had one chance to say the right thing and he blew it." Tale answered.

"Why are you in a hurry?"

"Because!" she laughed now releasing her breath. "No wonder they were on to you. They are worried about the school image."

"Obviously, its all business here and God forbid I ruin it for them,"

"Yes, but I hope it's over now on this end,"

"Me too..." Precious paused... "Or we will get the governor involved. She mimicked Tale.

Tale laughed as Precious joined her.

"Damn, that felt nice to say."

"You surprised me today, I almost thought you knew the governor for real,"

"What if I do?" Tale asked still laughing.

"Tell him I said hi and we need health care,"

"Amen baby!" Tale added "Let's go home, this was fun."


Su Yan and Woo Jin had barely gotten into the house when a happy Precious ran to the door to deliver the good news of the day.

"Welcome, welcome welcome," she repeated smiling from ear to ear.

"Y'all I'm out of the danger zone!" She announced. Following them closely as she spoke. "You guys needed to see the look on the face of my HOD when Tale served her words cold." Precious rambled on. "She not only put my HOD in his place but I think she made sure they didn't have to worry me again for the time being. How cool is that!" She was over the moon excited.

"Where is Tale?" Su Yan asked when Precious gave them a minute to say a word.

"She went out," Precious replied absent minded about the effect the statement could have and it did have.

"What?" Su Yan went into hyper drive, calling her phone as he headed to the door.

She picked on the first ring.

"Hello dumpling,"

"Don't call me that, where are you? It's seven pm" he announced.

"Exactly it's seven pm, not late at all and I'm safe," Tale assured him.

"I'm coming to meet you."

"No you're not. I am on my way home and will be fine."

"Five minutes." He told her through clenched teeth.

Actually it's going to take thirty minutes," she replied laughing.


"Su, I am on my way home. I promise." She assured him

"Fine" he dropped the call and set a timer giving Tale an extra one minute to get home.

"What?" He turned around to see Precious and Woo Jin looking at him crazily.

"You are even crazier than I thought," Precious said.

"Don't patronize me," he warned. Picking up his jacket, he marched upstairs to go change.

"What is his problem?" Precious asked.

"Work stuff, it will be alright," Woo Jin peeled off his jacket before going to the kitchen for a drink.

"Is it something we can help with?" Precious asked innocently. She felt happy tonight and here they were having another problem arising.

Woo Jin turned towards her smiling tiredly . "No love, it will be alright." Kissing the top of her head, "I'm happy it's over for you."

Su Yan wasn't happy today.

Why did he ever decide to be all hands on in the family business. He should be in a office, his office. Away from the labor, signing papers, meetings with associates, parties, drinks, award shows he never understood the reason for, assistants at his beck and call. More parties, luxury! Away from the sun and harsh weather.

He was tired and even if it has been a long time coming, today had just been a sucky day.

The locals were upset they weren't giving enough jobs on site. They wanted more and he wasn't going to give it to them but he had a feeling it was going to backfire.

And now Tale was nowhere to be found, checking his phone again she had twenty five minutes to be home. He quickly entered the shower. Water, he needed cold water.

"I'm home!!!" Tape yelled from downstairs moments later

Precious greeted her with a smile before pointing upstairs with a face that made the wide smile on Tales face disappear

She took the stairs two at a time and entered without knocking.

"Su?" Tale called out.

He came out of the closet wearing a pj trouser.

His hair was out of the way thanks to it being wet. She gave him a hug and stayed there.

"I'm sorry I stayed out too long, I didn't mean to worry you,"

She thought he was upset because of he.

"It's not you Tale. It's not you," he hugged her back.

"So you are not mad at me?"

"No, but I missed you." And that was the gospel truth. Her fake bandages were gone leaving only the real one

"And a little scared something may happen to you. All this is still new and you went on a hero mission today,"

"That can't be it, you look worried over something, tell me." She pressed on.

He was loosing his touch, was he easy to read now or that was just Tale.

She sat down making him sit beside her.

"Work, the locals again. They want more job on the site." He summed it up for her.

"Let me guess, there isn't more work on the site to be given out?"


Tale drew close to him and pulled his head down on her shoulder making him rest there for a while.

"It will be okay, I promise," her voice was quiet in the dark room.

He knew deep down there wasn't much she can do but those words meant she cared and that was enough for him.

He had been more upset when he came home and she wasn't there, he just wanted her around. Her presence made him feel better by a long shot. That scared him but for now he refused to feel that fear and just be.

I got us all something. I'd be back" she ran to the door excited before stopping.

She came back to him kissing his forehead and his scar before settling on his lips.

"It will be okay alright." She said again. Not giving him time to respond she finally dashed out to go get what she was so happy about.

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    《Love, Tale》