Love, Tale
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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The next morning Tale was up bright and early. Her wound was healing properly but today they needed to put on a show so here she was in the bathroom putting plaster on any part of her face she deemed fit.

When she strolled downstairs to the kitchen woo Jin had a questioned look on his face.

"How do I look?" she asked

"Like you are crazy, what did you and Su Yan do last night?"

"What?" She looked confused, then she got it. "Oh my! Nope. This is for our visit to the school today."

"Do you have to?"

"I guess not but I want to. What do you think?" She asked smiling.

"Convincing. Bravo" he clapped his hands to backup the compliment he just paid her.

"Thank you!" She still had no plan if she was being honest but no one was loosing another night of sleep on this situation.

Precious came in just same time as Su Yan did moments later.

"Christ what happened to your face! What did you guys do last night?"

"We didn't do anything for heaven's sake! Why do you both think we would be...rough?" she asked shyly.

Su Yan turned her towards him not surprised. He had seen her from the corner of his eye layering up bandages on her face and got the idea. "Pain?"


"It's not too late to change your mind and let us tag along"

"No it's not, but I won't though. Time to get ready for work," she replied.

Tale put everyone in their place and had them doing what she wanted that morning before they all headed out of the house.

She may have a fake bruised face but she made sure her outfit gave off a rich girl vibe thanks to the closet of outfits Su Yan had so graciously gotten her.

Precious looked nervous and understandably so.

Su Yan dropped them off where Tale ordered him to and now they were on their own now...

"You sure about this?" Precious asked with a worried frown.

"We are getting it over with today," Tale assured her one more time.

School had just gone on much needed break so.the grounds were almost emptied out.

The two women walked down to the department of himanites saying little to nothing to each other. Precious looked lost in thought but aware of everyone who passed by her greeting whoever did so.

When she got to the Head of Department office she needed a moment but Tale wasn't having it as she opened the large door leading to the office. Precious followed immediately out of lack of choice.

"Miss Precious, we have been expecting you," Mr Onyi who was the HOD spoke smiling from one corner of his mouth.

Precious greeted him well and introduced Tale.

"Oh I see, what happened to your face Miss?" He asked once he got a good look of Tales face

"A fun story," Tale said fake smiling.

"We need to talk, in private" Mr Onyi said slowly letting Tale know she was to leave.

"She can't leave, she's very much a part of this as I am."

"Okay then, have a seat" he rounded the table and sat down.

"Why am I here sir?" Precious asked anxiously.

"First off, on behalf of the vice Chancellor of the school we want to say sorry about the incident that occurred not too long ago. We are glad no one got hurt."

Tale coughed.

"She did. She almost lost her life. Because of the incident," Precious spoke quietly, lacing sadness on every word she spoke.

"You didn't come to us with the situation and that where you lost it. We are in the news now, because of this" Mr Onyi talked after being silent for a minute causing Precious to frown in disgust. How could he say that, she thought.

"With all due respect, we all know nothing was going to be done if she has reported it. This is the system your school runs by and any honest person that walks this ground is either crushed or like in my friends case, almost killed." Tale spoke slowly not taking her eyes away from his.

"We didn't come here for coulda woulda shoulda. The damage has been done, the people who did this will suffer their fate I made sure of it,"

"Who are you again?"

"A nightmare, if things don't get done right," Tale replied boldly.

"Whatever was said in the news about your school, it isn't our problem, you fix it and leave us out of it. I will not seat here and have you fault her for trying to save her life." Tale continued.

"You care about an image and would place it over a life. Doesn't take a genius much to figure out you lack a lot of things here. Your image should be the last of your problems,"

"Miss with all due respect, you have no say," he tried to shut her down.

"I am the one with a bruised face, damaged property, assaulted and almost killed. Your case is with me... And the state," the look on his face now made her know she was on the right path.

"The governor knows about this and will be chasing this further if you make one wrong move." Tale stood up. Precious did same, silently watching and completely speechless.

"Have you ever been at the receiving end of a gun sir?" Tale asked politely but with a tone that made the man simply shake his head.

"I thought as much. Happy holidays sir." She walked to the door leaving Precious to follow.

"One more thing. Any more of these kind of meetings will be handled by my lawyer who will now be representing Miss Precious, my dear friend here. Don't let it get worse. An image over a life..." she shook her head and smiled before finally opening the door to leave..

"Have a lovely holiday sir," Precious greeted him finally and followed, shutting the door quietly behind her and taking a deep breath.

Her heart was racing, with excitement or fear. She didn't know, she didn't care so much.

Tale did what she never would have done for herself... She was saving her...again.

"Tale, wait up!!!"

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    《Love, Tale》