Love, Tale
119 ...cry
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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119 ...cry

...later they were both sound asleep I'm each other's arms.

The night passed rather slowly for Precious, when she found herself awake for the second time that night she knew it was going to be hard to fall back asleep again.

Carefully she stood up from the bed and passed Woo Jin's mirror on her way out. Tale had worn her nightwear the wrong way. Least of her problem right now she decided.

Woo Jin slept, no so calmly but he was asleep. She grabbed a small blanket that had been left behind by Tale and walked out quietly.

There was so much lying ahead of her, both with her job and the case. She wasn't concerned about saving her job, what she craved for now was peace. Peace of mind and finding that wasn't going to be easy, the real question was, what did she plan to do about it? How could she get out to the end of this and still have her head up high?

"Are you going to get the cup of water or not?" Woo Jin whispered loudly scaring her to the bone.

Precious dropped the cup she held shattering it all over the kitchen floor. "Where did you come from?" she asked annoyed.

"I didn't scare you, you are just jumpy," he replied as he stepped back and got a broom to clear the mess just made.

Because not wearing slippers inside the house was a norm, Precious had to stand where she was rooted to the spot.

"You obviously shouldn't move," Woo Jin reminded her speaking with a little anger in his voice.

"This is all your fault!" she shot back.

They weren't aware of the noise they were making until Tale and Su Yan came to the kitchen themselves.

"What now?" Su Yan spoke first.

Tale without looking down was heading to Precious side to deliver any form of comfort she could.

"Stop! Look at the floor," Precious yelled out.

"Don't move," Woo Jin warned her. "There are a few pieces around you."

He got around her and double cleaned where she stood freeing her of the position she had to freeze in.

"Can one of you tell us what is going on?" Su Yan asked.

"Precious couldn't sleep, I came to help but scared her and she broke a glass," Woo Jin explained.

"What's wrong?" Tale sounded a bit tired.

"Nothing," Precious shrugged.

Tale laughed and turned back to Su Yan. "She sounds like me when I am refusing the help I so desperately need." She turned back to Precious.

"This nonsense ends now! I don't care what you have to do to make it stop but you do it, or you do it. You are not in this alone, look around you." Tale raised her voice now, anger slowly crept on every word she spoke, but it came from a place of love. "Some have it worse, you don't. You really don't. We will fight this thing and we will come out winning. Your Job? Girl we would bully people into giving you a new job, I'd be right by you, with my jobless ass fighting for you." Tale was on a roll and like they all knew everyone kept quiet out of fear of annoying her further.

"Screw the situation, it's messed up but I wouldn't sit by and watch you sink, we don't do that here. You are

going to stop downing on yourself or so help me God," she rubbed her face. "Just stop dammit!" Tale was now upset.

Su Yan was once again amazed at Tale. He concluded that he was never going to find out the limit to her strength, she got soft over little things but would face a hard situation head on without fear. Like facing a gun and still fighting to save herself.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Precious sobbed as she sat the kitchen island and bowed her head.

Tale refused to move to give any form of comfort, this had to end the hard way. When Su Yan was going to do it, she pulled him back with stood blocking his way.

"Let her cry," Tale said to everyone's hearing.

"Gosh I hate you," Precious said raising her head up with tears staining her face.

"No, you don't," Tale smiled finally. "We are ending this today, we have to show up and we will do just that."

"What time?" Woo Jin spoke finally.

"No time," Tale replied not looking away from Precious. "This is just me and her, you two don't need to be involved until I say you do." Tale spoke like she had a plan.

When she sensed an argument she turned to Su Yan, "Focus on your job, you have been slow on that mostly because of us," she turned back to Precious. "This is you and I and we are not loosing."

"We were there when it all happened, you need us." Woo Jin further protested.

"I stand by my statement, and we have recordings. Anything else?" Tale asked with a tone that told him he better not say another word.

"Fine. Whatever you want."

Tale finally walked to Precious putting a hand of comfort on her folded one. "We go this, I promise."

Precious nodded and hugged her friends waist tightly for extra comfort.

"Time for bed," Tale announced. "And make sure you get some sleep." It was only two a.m. so there was enough time to still get some rest.

Like an obedient child Precious stood up and walked to Woo Jin's room, he followed closely watching her.

It wasn't until she heard the door to the room close that Tale moved from where she stood to go back to bed herself leaving Su Yan still surprised at her take on the matter.

"Do you have a plan?" Su Yan asked when they were getting back in bed again.

"No," Tale answered honestly. "But I will figure it out, I always do. I will make sure it comes to end."

Su Yan was going to finally protest but she was already finding comfort in his arms. He had no choice but to cuddle her up and keep his thoughts to himself.

"Just trust me," she finally said after a little moment of silence. "I promise, there would be no reason for you to worry," she kissed his chest and laid back.

"Okay. Okay, you have my support." He replied stroking her arm, "But you call me once things get uncomfortable."

Her quiet snore was his answer. She was already sleeping.

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    《Love, Tale》