Love, Tale
118 Gotcha..
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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118 Gotcha..

Install see how Precious was doing for the sake of her sanity.

Silently Tale walked down the stairs to Woo Jin's room and out of habit opened it without knocking.

"Abuse of familiarity," Precious folded her hands frowning at Tale who looked unbothered about her actions.

"How are you feeling? Where is Woo Jin? He's not meant to leave your side." Tale queried while pretending to be searching for him. Woo Jin walked out of his bathroom then with a questioned look on his face.

"The man needed a pee break, calm down mama bear," Precious teased.

"What's happening?" Woo Jin asked a little lost.

"Nothing, just checking on you guys. Watch her, she's not allowed to leave the room anytime until the morning."

Again with the confidence and the command Woo Jin thought. "Anything else?" Woo Jin asked sarcastically.

"You two have a good night," She walked out of the room and immediately the door closed on her she had her ears on it listening for nothing in particular.

A few moments passed and the only sound Tale heard was that of Su Yan's voice.

"What in God's name are you doing?" he asked from behind her.

"You scared me," Tale whispered loudly frowning deeply at him.

"Why are you eavesdropping? That's a bit rude."

"Mind your business." Tale shot back at Su Yan. He dragged her by the hand back into his study when he was sure she's had her fill.

Tale followed for lack of a better word...

She was going to argue further again when Su Yan reminded her. "Did my sister speak to you anytime today?"

"Oh right, that." She had forgotten for a brief moment the encounter she had with his sister and when she did recall, it didn't feel like it was worth talking about in details. Tale thought for a moment that Su Yan wasn't looking friendly like his sister from earlier for he had a cold blank stare sitting on his face and Tale was left confused.

"Are you mad at me for not telling you about it?" Tale sat on the Sofa and he followed her to it. Out of habit, he checked her temperature with the back of his hand catching her off guard for a second. "How's your head?" he asked her.

"I'm healing fine, I promise." Tale smiled. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about your sister calling, at a point I did forget about it, and when I did--"

"I'm not angry, not even a little. Come here," He rested his back against the chair to give her more room to rest on him, Tale obliged and moved to his side and had his body to rest on, wrapping his free hand around her, he was reminded how small she was against him. That very familiar scent of her wrapped around him like a glove and filled the space he occupied.

"Your sister called, she only wanted to talk to you," Tale explained after a moment of silence. "Told her you weren't home yet--" she moved away from him to look at his face. "I'm sorry, I should have--"

He placed a gentle finger on her lips telling her to be quiet. "Nothing to be sorry for. Nothing" He repeated more seriously letting her know it was okay she didn't.

He wasn't mad at her, he was doing his best to imagine a better scenario between his sister and Tale. Ziyi had called again and when he answered he wasn't expecting a frowning and upset face to greet him. Ziyi had called Tale unmannered and rude, he hadn't believed a word of it and warned his sister sternly to not ever do that again. The shocker came when Ziyi had asked why he was defending a friend so much. He knew Tale wouldn't say they were dating but it never occurred to him that he wasn't ready to tell his family about his relationship either. He was wondering when he would be able to do that or was it too soon. He watched the Tape of the call between his sister and Tale to further debunk what his sister said about her.

"Is everything okay?" Tale asked, stopping his thoughts.

"Yes." He pulled her back to him

"You dont look so sure," She pulled away stubbornly.

"Would you want to meet my family?" Su Yan threw the question out into the dark cold room without a second thought.

Tale smiled widely before shaking her head. "No,"

He knew her reason would be valid but he wanted to hear her say it. Guilt was starting to form in him and he wasn't sure how to handle it.

"Because it isn't time, it's too soon. Granted you've met mine, had dinner, lunch, hell even Christmas," she laughed remembering it. "You were in the picture as a friend, not my boyfriend. And my parents will always see you as my friend until I say otherwise. And I'm not ready to say otherwise," She drew a little closer to him. "Let it just be us, you know asides our best friends, and Angel, without their opinions. Either good or bad, let's just enjoy being, us," she watched his face for any emotion.

"Just us?" Su Yan loved her sound of her last statement and agreed on it. "I like that,"

"We will tell them later, much much later, okay?"

"Yes ma'am" he smiled now and wasn't feeling the guilt he had felt earlier.

"Okay Bob the builder it's time for bed," she got up and extended her hands to him to get up.

"Can I cook tomorrow?" Tale asked as they climbed the stairs.

"No," he left no room for her to argue.

"Can we cuddle a lot tonight?" She asked

"Yes." he smiled.

"Su Yan? No!" she threw him a funny face walking fast to get ahead and into the room first before him. She closed the door on him and used her body as a barricade so he wouldn't open it from the other side.

"Say please," Tale directed.

"Please bunny, I'm exhausted," Su Yan complained.

Tale opened the door at the sound of that and apologized.

"Gotcha!" Su Yan mimicked her look as he walked to the bed to lay down looking like he just won the Olympics.

Tale looked stunned before applauding his little performance. "I'll get you back," She promised.

Su Yan laughed pulling back the covers for her to climb in, she did and snuggled close enough to him. Sooner than later they were bought sound asleep I'm each other's arms.

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    《Love, Tale》