Love, Tale
117 ...temptation
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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117 ...temptation

...Certainly there was an explanation for this, and he couldn't wait to hear it...


"This doesn't happen often," Su Yan pushed past Woo Jin to the room to see what had made Woo Jin stop in his tracks. "Tale?" he whispered close to her waking her up instantly.

"You are home," she sounded happy and relieved to see them.

"What happened?" Woo Jin asked with concern.

Tale looked at Precious who was sleeping peacefully before getting up and asking the two men to follow her. They obediently did without another word.

"She got drunk, really drunk." Tale said pouring herself some water.

"Well we better go fruit juice shopping to avoid all temptation." Woo Jin joked.

"We will," Su Yan took it seriously in his usual manner.

"It's a joke bro, no one is filling our kitchen with Apple juice."

Tale smiled before continuing. "She got completely drunk, beating herself up about this entire situation, I don't know what to do to make it better."

"She will be great, we are here for you both," Woo Jin reminded her again.

Su Yan pulled her close to him and the doorbell rang at that time. It was dinner.

"You are spoiling me, if I become lazy, you have yourself to blame," Tale announced once the table was set. Su Yan had banned her from cooking and she didn't fight it so much, she would have enough time to cook in the future.

"I doubt you can ever get lazy," Su Yan robbed her head scattering hair in a few places.

When they were done eating Tale took a tray to Precious and stayed till every bit of it was gone.

"I'm sorry for rubbing my sadness on you and probably the boys too,"

"Oh you have done so on the boys," Tale told her, lying down to look at the ceiling.

"Are they home?"

"Yes, upstairs getting ready for bed. I guess we would be sleeping here tonight."

"No, you should be with yours," Precious replied.

Tale laughed giving Precious a suspicious look "Oh you aren't joking. I'm not leaving you alone."

"I'm serious, you stay with Su Yan and I'd stay here. With Woo Jin," Precious sounded casual. She had nothing in mind but she wanted the calmness Woo Jin brought her, she wanted that.

"Are you sure about this?" Tale asked again.

"Yes I am. Besides you can't tell me you don't miss Su Yan a little."

"I'm living under his roof, he is in my hair twenty four seven, how do---"

"Here we go..." Precious rolled her eyes at Tale telling her to shut up.

"I hate you."

"Same here sister, do it for me though."

Tale looked like she was in serious thought about it.

"You know most girls will jump at the chance to sleep with their boyfriend's than their annoying and sad best friend." Precious said slowly so she could think about it properly.

"Fine, you win." Tale replied as she stood up carrying the now empty tray back into the kitchen. She marched upstairs to deliver the news of the new sleeping arrangement for the night that Queen Precious had just kindly proclaimed.

She was lost in thought as she opened the door without knocking. What did they say about two being better than one, that was how she felt staring at the two men who were half naked. They both turned expecting her to say something but not a sound was heard. She stared at them a moment longer before stepping back and closing the door.

"I'm sorry, should have knocked." she announced from the other side of the door.

Su Yan opened the door to see her still standing in front of it. "Hi," he smiled looking down at her.

"Precious wants to know, actually she has demanded that Woo Jin stays with her tonight and me, her humble servant stay with you, because apparently that's what couples do," Desperate to take the heat off her she blurted it out in a rush.

"I'm fine with that," Su Yan pulled her inside the room.

"What plans do you have for me?" Woo Jin raised his brows at Tale.

"Don't come at me, Precious is the right person to answer that. Don't hate the messenger," Tale raised her hands up in surrender.

She walked to him putting her hands together to plead. "It's just for tonight, and it looks like she really thought it through. Say you will do it."

"He will," Su Yan answered for him.

"It can't hurt, I'm down." Tale was too happy for her own good giving him a hug he couldn't refuse.

Su Yan shook his head at the sight. "I'm down at the library, don't be afraid to come worry me when you feel like it." Su Yan gave her one last smile before leaving.

Woo Jin claimed he had something to do and Tale was left in the room alone.

She got ready for bed and when she got out of the shower her phone rang, it was her parents. She picked it not knowing what to expect.

"Hello ma," she greeted her mum.

"I just wanted to find out if you are okay?" Her mum sounded concerned. She haven't told them yet about the recent incident that happened and she wasn't going to do it on the phone. Tale also didn't want to tell the full story for the fear that her parents may tell her to avoid Precious at best.

So she smiled and told her mum she was okay and would be dropping by the house any day next week.

They might not be in support of her life decisions but calling to find out if she was okay was a good start.

"Good night mum," Tale replied after her mum said a word of prayer for her and bid her Good night.

Tale settled for a silk set of PJs, the short was short but it was better than her usual ugly tee she had been wearing. It was her idea of being covered up and she hoped it was enough. She released her hair from the rough bun she had put it to pack it up properly for the sake of comfort.

She needed to check up on Precious one last time before bed, she trusted Woo Jin to take care of Precious for one night but she needed to see how Precious was doing for the sake of her sanity.

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    《Love, Tale》