Love, Tale
115 ...lion king
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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115 ...lion king

...Tale once again proved to him she was something special, just by being herself.


Su Yan helped Tale clean her wounds at noon and proceeded with a new fresh bandage to wrap it up, she didn't need the bandage anymore but her clumsiness lately was driving him crazy and he wasn't about to let her scratch the wound accidentally. It was only healed on the surface and could still bleed badly if touched the wrong way.

Tale sat down still waiting for him to finish. "What if I end up with a scar too?" she asked like she had been thinking about the question.

"Well then, we would just have to audition for the next Lion King movie," Su Yan answered rather seriously which made Tale laugh. She knew his heart was always in the right place.

"I know you are joking but I'm game."

"Oh I'm sure you are," Su Yan smiled as he finished off dressing her wound.

"Thank you," Tale said staring at his face. She was here while her house was getting fixed one way or another and it's been only a week. She was sure she won't want to go back to living there. She wasn't going to force herself to get over the memory her once safe haven now brought. So she was already thinking of moving to a new apartment and Su Yan's home brought her much comfort while she did that. His presence made it all better. They were all living together now and everyone adjusted as quickly as the changes had been made. The girls shared Su Yan's room upstairs while the boys took Woo Jin's room downstairs... She would tell them her plans for a new place when it was right.

"What are you thankful for now?" he asked.

"You. Just you," she said softly.

He kissed the part of her forehead that was free of any injury... It would have been more easier to go in for a kiss but the most contact they've had was back when she gave him a tight hug in the hospital the week before. He was all for taking it slow, really slow but he would be a liar if he said it wasn't killing him.

Precious got down finally, she woke late as last night was a struggle getting any sleep

"Morning." Tale greeted her friend while following her to the kitchen.

"Shut it please," Precious pleaded with Tale. She was moody for no reason in particular even if she had so many reasons to be.

The school had called her yesterday and her mood had gone even further downhill. The entire case was now a hot topic back in school and Precious more than anyone else wanted it all to just stop or go away. But that couldn't happen, the school authorities were determined to take full control of the situation and tackle it.

"What's wrong?" Tale asked.

"I wanna disappear, I really do."

"You can't do that though,"

Precious looked angrily at Tale for stating the obvious. "Can you leave me alone, please."

"Okay," Tale was helpless, she knew when to not be herself. "I'm in the library if you need me."

Precious didn't answer as she poured herself a drink.

"Breakfast is in the microwave," Tale added. Precious ignored further.

Tale took a deep breath and walked away to the library trying to concentrate on just doing little activities that wouldn't give her the time to worry. She thought about following Su Yan to work but this was only his second day back and she wasn't going to distract him and pull him off track again. She had done that so much already.

"Hey," Su Yan appeared at the door after a few minutes of her staring at the blank computer screen.

She stood up slowly and walked to him, he met her halfway across the dark room. "You look casually good," she complimented him. He was dressed in all black and kept it really simple with a basic tee shirt and denim. He had let her raid his closet for his tee shirts since she preferred it to the clothes he so thoughtfully bought for her. She wore it well and even better.

"I'm trying to keep up with you," he teased.

That made her smile briefly. "Don't be late," she whispered.

"I won't, I promise." He gave her a kiss again almost at the same spot he had done so before.

Tale wasn't buying it this time, she pulled him down for a kiss, gently, smoothly she ran her tongue on his upper lip urging him to get into it.

Su Yan lifted her up off the ground, backing them up till he felt the table, he set her gently on it before continuing what she had started. He felt like he just stepped on a live wire and he wasn't mad at it.

They kissed until he was tempted to take the shirt she was wearing off her, feel more of her body. When she wrapped her legs around his waist and bringing their bodies even closer he could tell she wasn't wearing much underneath the large tee and that sent tiny waves to his head and through out his body. At this point it would take her only to stop what could possibly happen.... Or his best friend.

Woo Jin knocked on the already opened door for the sake of being polite. They had to get to work either way. "Break it up," he added with laughter on his voice.

They did when Woo Jin knocked for the second time trying to be as annoying as possible.

"You should go,"Tale whispered.

"I dont want to, but yeah I should."

"Woo Jin came at the right time,"

"Screw him," Su Yan replied, his eyes closed still. He buried his face in her hair, it kept getting wilder by the day even if it was pulled away from her face.

Tale pushed him from her lightly to urge him to leave. "I'd be here when you get back,"

" I could tell him that," Woo Jin added from where he stood.

Su Yan smiled, nodding in agreement. He dropped a quick kiss on her cheeks before finally turning to Woo Jin and throwing him the finger.

"You are welcome," Woo Jin laughed.

Tale followed them both to the door and waved them good bye... She looked around for Precious and when she couldn't find her assumed she must have gone back to bed and decided not to worry her one bit.

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    《Love, Tale》