Love, Tale
114 ... paradise
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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114 ... paradise

...hide her smile as Su Yan drove them to the hospital.

A few hours later when Doctor Thompson had been forced to hurry up with what he was busy with to attend to Tale, Su Yan stood close by sincerely worried.

Tale was immediately moved to a private room that looked a lot like the one she had stayed in the first time she got admitted.

He only needed to look at Precious who was more calm than usual in situations like this to know it was all fake but he missed out on it completely.

"She seemed fine this morning, what did you do to her?" Thompson queried Su Yan like he was a child.

"She got a bit stirred up I admit."

"Not even a little bit, she shouldn't be stressed in the weeks to come. My advice, move out," Thompson added as way to lighten the mood.

Su Yan missed that for he was actually nodding in agreement swearing under his breath.

Take looked at the ceiling trying to stop her mind from wandering too far. She looked like she was desperate for relief making her situation more believable.

Thompson pressed down on her chest and asked if she felt any pain, she didn't. She may have healed a lot but she didn't even pay attention to it anymore. But Tale had to keep the class act up so she nodded and said it was only a light pain.

"Okay, I'd be right back but in the mean time I would need you both to let her be," Thompson directed.

Tale held on to Su Yan before asking Thompson if he could stay. "Please, I want him here," she added.

"Okay, I guess it's okay. He looks at you the wrong way, feel free to call me."

Tale sat up finally looking at Precious and talking inaudibly.

"Okay, I would be right back." Thompson assured them both.

It happened fast, Precious followed Doctor Thompson out of the room, taking the key out of the keyhole from the inside and locking the door from the outside. She kept the key safe in her pocket and ran after him to explain the situation and save him the trouble.

"What just happened?" Su Yan tried to open the door and that's when he finally realized it was all a lie.

"I'm okay," Tale stood up from the bed. "I'm fine, I just needed to get you off track. I needed you to stay calm"

"How did that work out for you?" He asked folding his hands waiting on her to realize he was never calm when she was hurt or in pain.

"I know you get worried a lot, quite a lot about me, especially when I get like this. I wanted you to see, really see that nothing else matters," She stood close enough to him to wrap her hands around his waist. "Nothing else matters Su, I'm okay. I'm alive. You didn't loose me." she placed a kiss on his chest, if she could reach his lips easily she would have kissed him. "Forget the details," she continued. "forget all that happened, focus on the now. No need to cause more pain than what has been delivered already."

For someone who had plenty to say, he was short of words. "They could have killed you," he stated his fears.

Tale nodded. Flashes of what had happened assaulted her again, she could feel the fear she felt when it looked like this was the end for her. And blood, she felt it when it started dripping out of her head. What made her stay strong, she had no idea.

For the first time since the incident she felt like crying, Su Yan saw her eyes get wet and once again let down his guard. "I'm so sorry, I really am," He was sorry for not being there, he was sorry for acting out, he was sorry for what had happened to her.

"I'm sorry too. I should have hidden better."

"You did everything you could, you saved yourself and Precious," He touched the bandaged wound on her forehead. "Does it hurt?"

Tale nodded but smiled. "It's okay, it will heal soon."

"You are one hell of an actor," Su Yan commended her.

"You are very much welcome. Even precious bought it. I'm so good." she praised herself some more.

"Can we get out of here?" Su Yan asked.

"Yes please."

"Don't ever do this again," Su Yan pleaded before releasing her.

"Don't put me in a position to do it again."

"I won't buy it next time."

"You will but I'd let you win this round, you know because I'm kind hearted and loving."

Su Yan shook his head and smiled his smile. "Precious all is well now, open up."

Precious who had been eavesdropping quickly unlocked the door. "Did it work?" she asked looking from Su Yan to Tale.

"Yes!!!" Tale screamed clapping and smiling.

"No, but for the sake of peace. Yes" Su Yan added.

Doctor Thompson walked their way at that time. "All well in paradise?" he asked.

"Yes and yes," Tale assured him.

"So no need for medications?" he asked to be sure.

"Not even a little, thank you Thompson" Su Yan replied taking the man's hand in his for a shake and to thank him for everything.

They all walked down the hall together heading home.

The three of them fell in a conversation about the entire event and Tales classic act on the drive home...

"I'm good like that," Tale praised herself again.

"No you are not." the other two chorused.

When they all got home she realized it was only Woo Jin who had caught on to her prank. He saw her warn Precious but decided to let the drama run its course, another part of him wasn't ready to protect Su Yan from any danger that may have occured from him running off on his own to go deliver punishment to who was on his blacklist. Tale once again proved to him she was something special, just by being herself.

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    《Love, Tale》