Love, Tale
113 ...confiden
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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113 ...confiden

"Shut up." Tale proceeded to putting food on her plate.


"If you are going to look like you just killed Batman at least have a drink." Su Yan sneaked up behind Precious who had found a crate to sit and cry on.

"Leave me alone."

"I can't do that," he picked the second crate that was laid carelessly on the floor and sat. "Talk to me."

"I did that to her. The last thing Tale needed was to be put in harm's way and I did exactly that. Right in front of it.... and then I hid, just like the coward that I am. I stayed hidden until they were almost going to shoot her."

Su Yan was silent. He had a feeling it was the best thing to do in the moment.

"Those guys laid hands on her, and I didn't do anything. I didn't get a scratch and..."

Su Yan realized more had happened that he wasn't aware of. Though he knew the summary of it, he didn't know they had hit Tale or gone as far as pointing a gun at her.

"It wasn't your fault. It's over now. Also, if you had been alone and harm had come knocking and something terrible had happened, Take wouldn't be okay. You and I both know, it takes Tale to stop Tale."

"I'm so sorry," Precious said starting another crying session. "I'm so sorry for all the trouble and getting you involved."

Su Yan pulled her into his arms giving her a much needed hug. "We've all been through it, and we made it through. Ignoring her isn't the best, she's worried right now and believes she upset you. Talk to her, for her sake."

Precious nodded against his body and wiped her eyes as dry as she could.

"Good girl,"

"I'm happy she's got you. I really am."

"I can say same. Now why don't we go eat, it's been a really long morning."

He walked back into the house still holding her, assuring her again that it was all going to be ok. Deep on the inside, someone was about to die. He was going to make sure of it.

Su Yan got into the living room fake smiling, whatever he was cooking up right now Tale couldn't tell but her focus quickly shifted to Precious.

"Are we still friends?"

"Well that depends, are you taking me to Paris to have ice cream?"

"I'd go pack a bag for both of us right now" Tale stood up and moved like she was going upstairs to fulfill that before turning back and laughing. She let her relief show.

Precious allowed herself a smile. "I'm sorry I acted off, was beating myself up for what I let happen to you."

"I'm a stubborn ass remember,"

"Oh don't we know it." Woo Jin added.


"I will be right back." Su Yan announced. He guessed he was easy to read after all for Tale looked extremely worried and seemed to know what he was going to do.

However she asked softly, "Where are you going?"

"None of your business," He sounded rude and should have known better. She was in his way before he could blink. For someone so small she was never afraid to get in the way, put herself in harm's way. A picture of her at the end of gun hit him cold again and he wasn't about to let it go.

"Woo Jin do something," Tale commanded.

"I would but then I'd be the one doing the dying," he proceeded to ask Su Yan a question in Mandarin and Su Yan response made her know it had something to do with what had happened hours ago for he pointed at her and looked even more upset and scary than normal.

Tale ran to the door as fast as her legs could carry, locked it and kept the keys in her hands, she would do it the old fashioned way and keep it in her bra but she realized she wasn't wearing one. So she rested in the fact that Su Yan wouldn't strong arm her into giving him the keys.

When he raised a brow at her in his usual manner she gave herself a 30% chance of coming out winning this.

"How are you so confident?" Woo Jin asked shaking his head at her. He had never seen girls who were always AIA (available in action).


"Shut up Woo Jin. What did you tell him?" Tale stomped to Precious side looking six feet two.

"Nothing, everything. I rambled on, I'm sorry." Precious apologized quickly for she wasn't about to get into this now.

"Gimme the keys," Su Yan told her.

She only needed a second to think. "Fine," she dropped the keys on the floor for him to pick it up. Turned around to go upstairs. She had only walked up five steps before she screamed holding in-between her breast and pressing down.

Before the other three had time to react to her actions, she turned around with her hands still holding her chest, a blank and scared look on her face, before she could hit the floor, Su Yan dropped all he had in his hands to catch her.

"Tale what's wrong?" he asked, his eyes serious and worried.

He didn't have time for this, he carried her up ready to drive her to the hospital.

Woo Jin who was pondering all the events happening, stood to help. When Tale was safely in the back seat of the car, Precious sat with her still confused and doubtful.

Su Yan ran back in for his keys, and that was when Tale gave herself a break from her acting.

"If you say a word, I'd kill you myself," Tale warned her best friend before coiling herself up to deliver more effect.

Precious who was shocked and relieved could only hide her smile as Su Yan drove them to the hospital.

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    《Love, Tale》