Love, Tale
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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....He couldn't imagine how he would have reacted to such situation and he prayed he never finds out.




"Rise and shine" Su Yan opened up the curtains by one pm that afternoon causing Tale to frown. Light was let into the dark room at once jolting Tale from her sleep.

Tale responded to that by placing the blanket over her face. "Go away you monster," She didn't remember much after her kitchen therapy drunk moment with Precious but by seven am when she turned around in bed it was Su Yan's face she saw, close up he looked so innocent and beautiful while he slept, it was almost impossible to believe hours before he had anger spilling out of him and throwing punches to the man who had touched her. His scar was in the open and she was going to stretch her hand to feel his face but for fear of waking him she turned her body fully towards him and buried herself as close to him as she could and settling her hands around his waist. She felt his hands making small movements around her waist while she drifted off to sleep finally.

"Doctor Thompson is here, you have to get up." He cut into her thoughts.

"Why is he here?" Tale finally sat up looking more confused than ever, her hair was roughly braided in to four cornrows and that was the only thing helping her from not looking like a ragged doll.

"You need a checkup," he replied hoping she didn't fight it.

Tale couldn't argue mostly because she was surprised. She didn't think she needed a doctor but Su Yan had already thought it all out. "Give me a minute," she rinsed off her face in the bathroom sink avoiding the plaster on her forehead. It was still aching if not worse than earlier.

She let Su Yan lead her to the study where Doctor Thompson was already checking on Precious with a nurse standing by.

"Hello doctor Thompson,"

"How are you?" He asked her not looking away from Precious.

"Get in, I'd be right out if you need me," Su Yan spoke low so only her could hear before closing the door behind him.

"I'm doing okay, mostly." Tale finally replied. The nurse with him sat her down and opened her bandage to reveal her wound and Tale winced in pain. It was quite a nasty cut but it was going heal.

The nurse checked it out and saw it wasn't so deep so she proceeded to cleaning it very gently.

Doctor Thompson was done with Precious who was surprisingly quiet and came to her. "Let's see," He checked the wound himself and decided she needed a stitch.

"Su told me what happened; sorry you had to go through that."

"Its fine, we are alive and that's what matters," she smiled at Precious who still looked void of emotion.

He cleaned her up checked her vitals, stitched up her wounds and gave her same drugs he had given to Precious to help them rest if they needed it.

What? Precious asked when Doctor Thompson had left them alone in the study.

"I didn't say anything, what's wrong with you? Tale asked smiling.

"Nothing at all,"

"How did you sleep?"

"What do you mean, I slept on the bed and he took the floor,"

"Who took the floor?" Tale asked confused. Precious wasn't her normal self and she didn't have a clue why.

"I don't know, I need to go lie down." Precious replied angrily.

"Okay you should rest."

She looked like she had something to say but didn't so she turned on her heels and left. Precious had discovered the backyard that morning when she woke up and was surprised Tale hadn't talked endlessly about it, it was beautiful there and whole lot of green.

Precious sat on one of the chairs facing the fence and cried. She felt guilty about all that's happened and she didn't even know how to express herself.


"What's wrong?" Su Yan asked when Tale finally came out of the study looking like she was about to cry.

"I think Precious is mad at me."

"That's impossible, why?"

"I wish I knew, Woo Jin did she tell you anything last night?"

"No. You both were drunk remember and did all the talking." Woo Jin was already starting on the food, he was hungry and still tired.

"Did something happen between you two?"

"No." That was the truth, nothing had happened between them. A lot happened that morning, rest was all they needed.

"Then I'm all out of options," she raised up her hand in surrender

"Those can't be the only options, calm down." Su Yan shook her lightly.

"Well they are to me."

"Babe, sit down. You need food and rest," he said.

"But I just woke up!" she sounded frustrated with the situation. Her head was hurting and she needed drugs.

"You need more rest." He led her to the table and sat her close to Woo Jin. "Make sure she eats, everything."

"What are you doing?"

"Sit down, I'd go talk to her," he assured her

"Are you sure?"


"Sit down," With a gentle hand on her shoulder he guided her to sit back down.

"Watch her and feed her if you have to," he instructed Woo Jin again


"You heard the man." Woo Jin gave a now familiar smile.

"Shut up." Tale proceeded to putting food on her plate.

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    《Love, Tale》