Love, Tale
111 who“s counting...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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111 who“s counting...

...She couldn't tell if any one of her neighbors had called the police or it was Su Yan who had done so, either way everyone came out of this alive and that was all that mattered..



Su Yan gave up his room for the both of them and Precious was grateful that they had someone other than Tales parents to call on in a time like this.


\"Take a shower and stop looking like that,\" Tale threw a towel at Precious who was lost in thoughts. She just had a long bath and felt a bit relaxed.

Precious gave her best half felt smile and walked to the bathroom to just get it over with.

Tale opted for an over sized tee while Precious found comfort in a small night gown that Tale never worn.

It was now four A.M and Precious kept tossing beside Tale in the king sized bed that swallowed both of them. Sleep eluded them both but they tried to find peace and strength to fall back asleep and failed. It was impossible despite the beautiful atmosphere Su Yan's room surrounded them in.

\"Wanna talk?\" Tale asked finally when she couldn't keep silent anymore.

Precious took a few moments before replying. \"I don't know how I feel?\"

\"I know. I doubt the boys have ice cream but let's go the kitchen and see if what we could find or anything else.\"

Precious grabbed a blanket and was already on her way to the door before Tale was done talking.


\"What do we have?\" Precious asked once they were in the kitchen.

\"Pasta I think,\" Tale searched the fridge as she answered. \"Some leftovers and wow, they got pizza.\" Tale opened it. \"Well, half of it.\"

\"Which is it?\"

Tale looked at the box for the answer. \"Chicken barbecue and pepperoni.\"

\"I'd take that.\" Precious took the large sized pizza box and set it on the kitchen island.

\"There's yogurt,\" Tale announced.

\"No way, we want something sweet.\"

\"No ice cream.\" Tale announced after a while of looking around closing the fridge with her leg. Walking to the wine rack she picked up a bottle of wine. \"Heat up the pizza, while I figure out how to open this.\"

The two women spread the blanket Precious had so graciously carried along with her and sat on the kitchen floor with what they found as both of them talked about random things. Precious finished her first glass of wine and poured herself another, Tale followed suit.

\"I think we might need to open another bottle soon enough,\" Tale announced.

Maybe it was the pain that the danger she feared had come knocking and had almost cost her another person's life or the relief that her fears were now finally behind her. She was freer than ever in a long time. So at four am on that Tuesday morning Tale and Precious sang loudly and danced to songs they both sang terribly but didn't care. They were already tipsy from the little wine they had.

Woo Jin hearing the noise gave up trying to sleep and walked to the kitchen to see for himself what was happening. Su Yan came out of the study at the same time.

\"What's happening? Woo Jin asked.

\"We are celebrating,\" Tale was using an empty wine bottle for a microphone.

\"Yes, they tried to bury us but they didn't know we are seeds.\"

\"Wow that is inspiring. Michael Jackson was a legend,\" Precious nodded in agreement.

\"They are drunk?\" Woo Jin pointed out. Neither he nor Su Yan had any luck sleeping but this was a fun sight.

\"No we aren't, we had pizza and a glass of wine, right Tale?\"

\"You mean two bottles of wine.\" Su Yan picked up the second almost empty wine bottle from the floor.

\"Two, one, who's counting?\"

\"Right, times up.\" Su Yan was going to drag her to bed when she ran to the other side of the kitchen

\"I don't want to go to bed.\" She protested.

\"Tale? Don't!\"

She mellowed down. \"Will you stay with me, cuddling with Precious is lame.\"

Su Yan smiled for the first time that morning and nodded, \"Yes I will if that's okay with Precious.\"

\"Yeah sure, I need some of that.\" Precious announced pointing to Woo Jin bare chest who hadn't worn a shirt out of habit. She was really drunk because she walked to Woo Jin and wrapped her hands around his neck and Tale was too drunk to think it was anything more than what she saw.

\"Alright that's okay, let's go,\" Woo Jin led her to his room and did his best to tuck her in bed ignoring the feeling of wanting to hold her close.

\"Pick me up,\" Tale requested walking back to Su Yan, he obeyed carrying her up and leaving her to rest on his right shoulder… she was snoring soundly before he got her to bed.


Su Yan tucked her in thankful that he hadn't lost her that morning. He couldn't imagine how he would have reacted to such situation and he prayed he never finds out.

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    《Love, Tale》