Love, Tale
110 ...alive
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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110 ...alive

... So he picked her up to go clean her wounds.



The cold water barely touched her face when she opened her eyes as her vision became clearer. \"Su Yan? What happened? Did we win?\" Her mouth tasted of blood.

\"Drink this.\" Su Yan held a cup to her mouth as she took a sip. From the blaring lights outside she knew the police were now here.

\"You fought them? Why on earth would you do that?\" Su Yan questioned once he felt she's had caught her breathe.

Tale looked at him smiling as she tried to sit up and failed. Her head ached badly and there was now a bandage on the wound that was on her forehead.

\"I fought them to stall them a little and also, now the story will always be I fought off four men, and lost but still…\"

\"What if they shot you,\"

She remembered the gun that had been pointed at her earlier on and shivered at the thought. \"But they didn't,\" she held out her hand to him and he took it. \"I am Ok. Asides from the headache I feel.\"

He was angry but not sure who it was directed to. They should have gotten there sooner and the situation would have been better. \"I'm sorry I wasn't there earlier,\" Su Yan apologized.

\"No, I'm sorry for not calling you in time and Thank you for getting here just in time.\"

Woo Jin entered the house at that moment. \"Hey Tiger.\"

\"Hey Woo Jin. How are you?\"

\"You are the one to ask?\"

\"I promise I am fine! It's called a victory scar,\" Tale said pointing to her forehead.

\"It's called nothing, you will not be having a scar,\" Su Yan replied with controlled anger. Tale nodded for she understood why he replied her so.

\"They would be punished for what they did,\" Woo Jin announced.

\"Where is Precious?\"

\"Giving a statement,\"

\"I want to do that too\" Tale stood up slowly.

\"Why are you happy? Su Yan asked confused.

\"I don't know\"! Tale said trying to hide her smile and failing. \"It's just the rush of it all.\"

\"You could have been hurt!\" Woo Jin repeated what Su Yan had said in his absence.

\"No!\" Tale turned to the both of them looking like she was about to school them. \"I knew you were coming. If I hadn't done what I did, they might have been done with us before you both got here, I did what I believed I had to do to stall them,\" Tale said slowly to make sure they got her point and saw it from her own point of view only looking from one man to the other.

\"You are right.\" Woo Jin agreed. Su Yan looked at him frowning as to why he accepted defeat in less than a minute.

\"You guys saved us. That's all that matters.\" She bowed slightly to Woo Jin before taking Su Yan hand in hers. \"You saved me, again. I knew you would and for that reason I had to at least fight.\"

When she was sure she had won the argument she finally went outside to give her own statement. Precious quickly gave her a hug on seeing her before letting her speak.

\"Is this your friend?\" A police officer asked.

\"Yes, definitely.\" Precious held Tales hand.

Tale was asked a few questions which she answered smiling and demonstrating what had happened. This had been a wild experience and she wasn't wishing it would ever happen again but now she was counting her wins and grateful for being alive.



When Su Yan led both women to his car an hour later, there was no protest. Precious had had enough for one night and she couldn't argue even the tiniest thing at the moment. Tale still had a throbbing headache and a bandaged wound on her forehead, she understood that they couldn't sleep at the house right now with all the mess and the blood on her bedroom floor. She was so happy she didn't have a carpet laid out because she couldn't deal with that kind of stain.

Su Yan buckled her seat belt and did same for Precious while Woo Jin secured the crime scene the best way he could with a few officers helping him out.

\"You left your entire wardrobe at my place,\" Su Yan reminded Tale. \"You both can change up when we get back to my place.\" She had completely forgotten about leaving her things at his place.

\"Thank you.\" Precious was the one who spoke. The both women drew close to each other for comfort.

\"Let's go.\" Woo Jin entered the car this time taking the wheels as he drove back home.

As it had begun the entire estate fell back into silence as they drove out of it. Every one had hidden in their houses when the gunshots were fired for their safety. Tale understood it, this was real life, if you get shot at chances are you will die and she wasn't about to let any of her neighbors get gunned down by lazy students who hid behind a gun for strength.

She couldn't tell if any one of her neighbors had called the police or it was Su Yan who had done so, either way everyone came out of this alive and that was all that mattered..

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    《Love, Tale》