Love, Tale
109 ...pointless
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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109 ...pointless

...\"Fast response, faster back up.\" he sped up hoping for the best.



They were now inside the house, Tale could hear her flower vase been smashed and her TV been broken as she tried to contain her emotions and focus on staying alive.

\"Just breathe, just breathe,\" Precious repeated to herself as their footsteps became louder by the minute. They were standing now at the door to the room where they hid, calling out Precious by her first name.

\"I told you I would get you for messing me up. You failed me; it's time for a payback. Open the door we don't have time for this,\" he commanded.

Precious looked at Tale who was still surprisingly looking calm. \"I'm so sorry.\"

\"Naah, this is a worthy story to one day tell our kids.\"

\"If we make it out alive,\" Precious whispered.

\"We will, we have to. Plus there are like two men heading this way who I think can throw a punch or two, we just have to trust they will get here in time ok.\"

They held hands as signs of struggle sounded on her door and once more a gunshot sounded breaking the door lock

\"Check everywhere.\" Oke ordered.

Tales room was turned upside down as she and Precious watched their footsteps from under the bed. One pair of boots came to stand under close to the bed as he bent down and saw Tale.

\"Here we go,\" the face they couldn't see clearly yet spoke. Found her he announced as he roughly dragged a kicking and screaming Tale from under the bed. \"Is she the one?\"

\"Let me go!\" Tale kicked in between the man's leg as he let her go crouching in pain but there were three others and she was sure she couldn't fight them off.

\"Get the hell out of my house you assholes,\"

\"Be nice,\" the one she assumed was Oke spoke calmly as he walked towards her.

Tale grabbed her night lamp and held on tight.

\"Where is your friend?\"

\"I don't have friends,\" Tale stared him down.

\"Hand her over and we let you go.\"

\"You can as well go to hell where you belong because she's not here.\"

\"Well then you brought this on yourself.\" Oke pointed a gun to her face.

Tale felt fear like a second skin but now what? She couldn't just give Precious up.

\"What do you want?\" she asked still holding the lamp

\"Your friend, now!\"

\"Is that any way to speak to your elders?\" Tale teased him as she held tighter on to her lamp.

Oke looked back to his friends laughing and turned back to Tale but he was blinded for a second as her night lamp came crashing on his face. Blood rushed down his face, angering him.

Tale ran, she wasn't sure where but she had gotten to the door when a pair of hand grabbed her by her hair and pushed her forward to the door frame. The pain on her forehead settled in fast and blood dripped down her face.

\"Now we are even,\" Oke took her by her hair dragging her up to stand. The fear she felt hid themselves away as she turned her face to him.

\"Kill me now or else,\" Tale said boldly.

\"Enough!\" Precious came out from under the bed.

\"I thought you said no one else was there,\" he queried.

\"Let her go, she has nothing to do with this,\" Precious pleaded.

\"Now she does, first you fail me and now this bitch gave me this,\" Oke pointed to the wound still dripping blood on his face. \"You two are dead. Let's go.\"

Tale took the last strength she felt to kick Oke and he retaliated, slapping her across her face causing her to drop to the floor.

\"Tale, enough,\" Precious knelt down beside her begging her to stop fighting.

\"I'm fine,\" she smiled weakly Her head ached and bled.

\"Let her go, take me.\"

\"Well well well. Look who has a girlfriend. I never knew you were into women miss Precious.\"



Su Yan drove madly to the estate as he packed close to the gate and ran. He wasn't going to let them know he was coming.

\"Will you slow down?\" Woo Jin ran behind him trying to keep his pace.

Su Yan entered the house without warning. Voices sounded from tales room and he moved forward without thinking

\"Oh hell\" Woo Jin cursed as he followed Su Yan closely. He wasn't sure who to protect. If Su Yan got hurt, his parents would have his head, if tale got hurt Su Yan would be devastated but he didn't want Precious hurt either.


Someone threw a quick punch. It was Su Yan as he sent one of the men guiding the door to Tales room to the ground. Su Yan kicked him to deliver more pain

Who is that? Oke asked ready to fire blindly into the air when Woo Jin reached for him taking the gun away from him and smacking him hard across the head with it.

Su Yan who was dealing with the third and fourth men sighted Tale on the floor and in a moment of panic he reached for the gun in the waist of one of the men fighting him and shot him in the leg.

Tale slipped into unconsciousness as Precious pulled her away from the ruckus to the other side of the room.

\"Tale? Su Yan she's unconscious\" Precious screamed.

Su Yan punched the fourth man who refused to let go harder as he fell to the ground finally. Woo Jin took over tying them up.

\"Tale? Su Yan was by her side in a flash and when he saw blood, he panicked. \"What happened?\"

\"She wouldn't stop fighting them, she was trying to protect me.\"

Getting angry was pointless now, he knew that. So he picked her up to go clean her wounds.

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    《Love, Tale》