Love, Tale
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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108 ...santa

A loud sound came from outside their door jolting Precious from sleep at two in the morning. Either someone was really at the door or her nightmares had gotten worse.

The thud came again along with the sound of struggle. Someone was trying to open the door and they weren't alone.

Precious looked to her side to see Tale sleeping soundly but stirred a little at the sound made outside.

"Tale, wake up," Precious tapped her awake as Tale pushed her hands away.

The third bang came in louder than the first two waking Tale up finally. "What's happening?"

"Ssshhh," Precious warned as she covered her mouth telling her to be quiet.

"Who are they?" Tale whispered.

"Oh I don't know Santa and his reindeer's!" Precious replied.

"Not the time. What do we do?"

Tears were starting to form in Precious's eyes. "Do you think we should call the guys to get help?"

"No we would wait them out. They can't get in." Tale sounded very sure and she hoped she was right.

"Madam Precious. We know you're in there." Oke teased.

"He's the one. He found me."

"Who? Your student?" Tale asked.

Precious nodded hugging her legs in front of her.

"We are safe precious, calm down" Tale rubbed her back like that would help.

"No, what if they get in."

"They wont" Tale repeated, hoping her words were strong enough to manifest itself.

The two women sat on the floor curled up in their bedroom as the men outside tried their best to get in.

It was now fourteen minutes and now more than ever they kept pushing at her door and hitting it with whatever they got to get inside the house.

"I'm calling the guys," Tale had crawled to where her phone was when the sound came halting her. A gunshot was fired at the door as they passed their first barrel.

"Oh my god Tale, I am so sorry. I am sorry."

"Stop it, we have to act fast now," Tale crawled back to the door of her room and locked it before calling Su Yan

"Common pick up, please pick up." Tale pleaded. "No answer," she looked up at Precious with a realization in her eyes that it could be possible they were alone in this.

"We are dead," Precious rocked back and forth on the cold floor crying now, they could put a call to the police station but they knew Su Yan and Woo Jin would have been a better option.

"Snap out of it and put a call to Woo Jin now," Tale ordered as she redialed Su Yan with a silent prayer in her heart that he picked this time around.

"Okay. A shaky precious turned on her phone and waited for it to come online.

"Su Yan? Oh my Su Yan. He picked precious. Su Yan this is an emergency call the police now."

"Hello," A sleepy Su Yan didn't get the message clearly.

"Su Yan wake up!" Tale whispered a little louder.

"What's wrong?" He asked more awake.

"Wake up!!!"

"Tale, what's going on?

"We are in trouble. Some guys are trying to get in and they fired a shot, we think at the door and now they might be in the sitting room soon enough."

"Stop, where are you hiding?"

"We are in the bedroom. The door is locked but there's a chance that they might be able to—"

"On my way," he dropped the call before any further time was wasted.

"He's going to get us help," Tale finally looked up at Precious.

"Let's go hide in one of the cabinets in the kitchen, its empty and we can fit in," Tale suggested rather seriously.

"Why didn't we think of that?" Precious asked in the same tone.

"Fear I guess. We would be okay."

"After you," Tale added telling Precious to lead the way. They had only gotten to the door when something came crashing down. The iron bar at the door came down.

"We are dead. We are so dead!" Precious held her head in her hands shaking with fear.

"Will you stop," Tale pleaded.

"How can you be so calm?"

"I am far from calm but I know help is coming. OK? Under the bed now."

The two of them rolled under the bed and waited, for help or danger. They could only pray the former came first.


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Su Yan rushed down stairs to his friends room, the monitor they had set up for Tales house was left in the living room and had been blinking away along with the alarm for god knows how long, the day before had been hectic for them both and they had passed out once their heads touched the pillow.

"Woo jin! Wake up. Tale is in trouble," Su Yan shook his friend out of his sleep

"Gosh dude, what is it now? Woo Jin screamed in mandarin.

"Woo Jin! Tale and precious!"

"Oh! What's wrong?

"Get dressed, they need our help."

Woo Jin was quick to change. As he got out his system and hacked the camera system outside Tales house as Su Yan brought his car around.

"What is it like?" Su Yan asked.

"Four guys, armed." Woo Jin answered a little angry at himself for not keeping the monitor beside him.

Su Yan dialed the commissioner's number

"The commissioner? Why?"

"Fast response, faster back up." he sped up hoping for the best.

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    《Love, Tale》