Love, Tale
107 kill myself...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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107 kill myself...

"Good, let's do this." Woo Jin was pumped.




"What exactly are we doing?"

"Firstly removing every thing that could possibly hurt her."

"Yeah, still I ask what exactly are we doing?"

"She's going to have to fall and I'm going to catch her."

"Then you both get hurt," Precious frowned.

"I'd cushion hers," Woo Jin replied surely.

"Hm, well what do you know? Superman is indeed real."

They got to the spot under the tree and found little to no stones. It was all mud and dirt.

"Tale?" Woo Jin called out for her.

"Yeah, I hear you,"

"You can move now, move forward to the top of the tree."
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"Are you sure about this? Precious asked.

"Yeah, not that I don't trust you right now but I am with Precious on this," Tale added

"Trust me, Precious back away," He backed her away to the distance he felt was safe enough before going back to stand on the spot he believed Tale was going to land.

"Ready when you are,"

"I am going to die!" Tale lamented.

"No you aren't just move," Woo Jin assured her.

She continued forward as the tree pulled more from the roots.

"Not to be negative girl, but you need to lay off those late night meals," Precious tried to lighten the mood and it worked.

"If and when I get down from this tree, you are going down punk."

Woo jin smiled, Tale wasn't focused on the tree in that moment due to Precious's comment and in a flash the root of the tree pulled out further while the tree came down along with her screaming.

"When the tree gets lower you are going to have to let go" Woo Jin told her.

"Are you out of your mind?"

"It is your only chance and I promise to catch you."

"Ok fine, here goes nothing."

The tree bent further down and when it was at 7'o clock she let go screaming as Woo Jin prepared to catch her. She fell right into his hands bringing the both of them down onto the muddy ground as mud splattered everywhere not excluding Precious.

"Wow, it worked!" Precious said cleaning mud from her face.

"You didn't know it would?" Tale asked still lying on the ground with Woo Jin's arms around her.

"Hit or miss." Precious wiped more dirt from her body.

Tale freed herself from his arms picking up a handful of mud and rubbing his face with it. without wasting any time she picked up a second handful and threw it at her best friend.

"This is what we get for saving your ass?"

"What in gods name!" Woo Jin lamented cleaning the dirt from his face

Tale stood up from the ground completely stained. "Revenge!"

"What did I do?"

"I hear mud is good for the skin--"

Mud landed on the side of her face making her freeze.

"It is on bitch!" Precious

Few moments later they were all drenched from head to toe in water as they washed away dirt from their body. Woo Jin had once again been roped into a situation he wasn't used to.

"I've got three missed calls from your man" Woo Jin looked at his phone when they got back up

"I got two," Precious said looking up from her phone.

When they were looking at her expecting a reply Tale shrugged. "What? My phone is switched off!"

"Yes, how dare you!" Precious attacked. "I was worried you had jumped off a mountain or gone on a self exile."

"You really thought I was gonna leave you? Not with all my clothes and shoes."

Precious laughed finally feeling relieved that everything was ok.

"Woo Jin how about we treat you to dinner. It is the least I can do."

"No I'm good." He started to refuse.

"I'm not, let's go." Tale hooked her hands with his and pulled him towards his car. "We are treating you to dinner, no options"

"Yippee! Superheros need to eat," Precious announced.

"You didn't do anything at all, and I call shotgun." Tale settled down in the front seat and fastened her seat belt.

"I took pictures! And I got wet for you, what more do you want."

"A baby." Tale grinned and winked at Precious in the rear view mirror.

Woo Jin shook his head smiling once he got the underlying meaning of what they were saying.



When they pulled up in front of the house almost an hour later they saw a very disturbed Su Yan pacing.

"What the hell!" Su Yan let his worry show

"Well we have an explanation." Tale said calmly.

"She does, we don't " Precious corrected while opening the door to get inside the house. She was cold and needed to get rid of the dirty clothes.

"Precious thought I went missing, she called Woo Jin to help out," When Su Yan looked at her wet clothes. "Yeah don't get me started on that. Lets go in."

"Woo Jin said you had a long day," Precious tried to help take the heat off Tale. "So no hard feelings, your girl is safe and I and Woo Jin are OK, thanks for asking."

"I was getting to that."

"No you weren't."

"Sit down, we need to change, then after you can rip me a new one." Tale cut in.

Moments later they all sat down to eat with a much lighter mood because Tale had forced Woo Jin to switch his wet shirt for one of her large T-shirts that had Hugs and Kisses along with a small Teddy Bear drawn across the chest area. Precious made it her duty to take group pictures to make him suffer more.



"You look hot," Su Yan mocked him when they got back home that night.

"Shut up." Woo Jin shut the door to his room, smiling when he was finally alone. He looked like a dork, but he didn't mind at all.

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    《Love, Tale》